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Bear in mind that unlike most other gay dating sites, you relinquish nearly all control and just have to rely on the site's matching system. We recommend completing the profiling, checking out what it says about you and the sorts of people it recommends for you.
There appears to be a good range of members, many of them with photos and filled out profiles.
As such, you'd probably have quite high expectations of a site that has been so successful in mainstream online dating.
We built several profiles and although we had some success in attaining suitable matches, other profiles were simply told that no-one was suitable for them.
Bear in mind that a limited number of results means that you may not be matched to many new people, either. By upgrading to one of their monthly plans you get many more features such as send and read messages, chat room access and no ads. Problems everyday and management does nothing to correct it and often takes retribution on those who point it out.

I confirm that I understand that it is illegal in the United States to write a review about my own business, or to write a review that is false.
Whilst it looks fairly professional and stylish, sadly it does not quite fulfil the expectations. Unlike most of the other sites reviewed in this category, joining takes some time as you have to complete a detailed personality profile. This means that you could end up with very few contacts if others don't match with you. Whether or not the other members are able to respond, even if you pay for the service, is also a concern. As such we felt a little bit like our mother was choosing our dates for us and that it wasn’t really allowing us to find people who were not the usual sort of person we might go for.
As such it’s hard to recommend this site as good value for money because it is so limiting and comes at a high price with no guarantees of success. Plus, you're unable to browse and search through profiles, which is often the most fun and rewarding aspect of online dating.

Therefore, make yourself comfortable, take the phone off the hook and make yourself some tea or coffee before you begin.
This will probably be enough to encourage quite a lot of people to hand over their credit card details there and then.
You'll also find an informative help section and a reliable and swift email support desk, should you have any further questions. It could end up costing you quite a lot of money to find that special someone, so if you do sign up then be prepared to be in for the long (and expensive) haul.

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