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Cuz I don't want somebody, loving everybody, a shy is the kind of guy that will only be mine.  Being shy can make sometimes make dating seem impossible but it doesn't have to be.  Think your natural-born bashful tendencies are keeping you single? If you’re a shy guy, you’ll need to start projecting self-confidence when dealing with men, even if you don’t fully feel it yet. Just as you should fake confidence and retrain your brain, you should also strive to become your best self.
Okay, this next piece of advice may feel counterintuitive to everything else included in this article. While there are some men out there in the dating trenches who are addicted to chasing bad boys, there are plenty of other healthy and happy men who are ready, willing, and able to appreciate a good man. The new songs from Eddie Jobson melt into the Bulgarian folk tradition seamlessly and though a complex melancholy permeates the album, Voices of Life ends up being just what its title says.
I have the first two Mysterie De Bulgares albums and I prefer their versions of Polegnala E Toudora, Pilentze Pee and Kalimanko Denko. As a shy guy, it’s up to you to get out there, practice your personal dating and flirting style, and make yourself available to these amazing men.
There is still far too little of the vast Bulgarian repertoire available in the West, so it is somewhat a shame that they chose here to re-record several of the same songs from the first two albums. However, there are some great songs on this album, my favorites being the surreal Utopia and Sestro Dobriano.

A confident man can comfortably make eye contact with a cute stranger, offer a friendly smile, and strike up a casual conversation without seeming phony or full of himself. By looking, acting, and talking as though you know who you really are and that you are comfortable in your own skin. First of all, your interest in him and his life will be a refreshing change of pace from all the other self-absorbed guys he’s ever dated. When in doubt, the following five tips should help ease your dating anxiety and help you ultimately woo the man of your dreams. So while you may need to work on your level of self-comfort and confidence to get a man’s attention, always remember that your natural-born bashful tendencies will be appreciated by the right man.
It’s up to you to do the work, become your most confident self, and play to your inherent strengths. Sure, this was not authentic folk music, but rather polished Communist-era arrangements, but the unusual singing techniques and strangely sexy dissonances was a pleasant surprise to music listeners abroad. In particular, the version of Polegnala E Toudora presented on this work is wonderfully emotional, and I feel the ambient quality of the recording enhances the experience.
It’s true what they say — practice makes perfect, so the more you put these new behaviors into practice, the more natural they’ll become. Every morning when you wake up, and also right before you go to bed, say to yourself, “Dating is…” and fill in the blank.
By the time you meet someone amazing, you’ll be ready, willing, and able to confidently and comfortably ask him out.

The three Jobson tracks are simply horrible, and totally incongruent with the rest of the album. Essentially, they are long, meandering synthesizer works with the Bulgarian vocals and instrumentation overlayed. Nonesuch has two, one a Communist-era work that is closer to the real folk tradition, and the other a thrilling set of ethnomusicological gatherings.
I was exploring deeper into other cultures when I came across this CD newly placed on the shelf.
After listening, I felt as if I had no need to acculturate myself with the Bulgarian culture any further. The music comes from the ancient land of Thrace, where the mythical musician Orpheus was said to have originated. This has been the first foreign adventure into cultural music since 2001 and I have found a new addition to foreign music.
The women's choir has the ability to bring a chilling mood to its listeners evoking the world of color, beauty, harmony, and religion. A song such as Polegnala E Toudora has the ability to sooth its listeners as well as other tracks.

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