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DGLS offers frequent and varied opportunities for LGBT singles to meet and socialize with one another. We are a social gathering of single gay men, age 35 +, that come together to meet new people and to make new friends. If you hadn’t heard, Kerry Rhodes is a former NFL Arizona Cardinals player, who is currently a free agent.
Now, we aren’t suggesting you suppress your true self for anyone but we definetly have empathy and understanding for those who choose to.
Yes, if Kerry Rhodes is indeed gay, he could have used this opportunity to catapult his career into a movement! I caught wind of this Kerry Rhodes story a few weeks back, and I can honestly say that the guy who is doing the outing really abused the friendship he had with this guy.
With virtually no limits on who can join, the group is made up of a wide variety of individuals with different backgrounds, personalities, interests, and values. Join now, RSVP to the events we have posted, and above all else find time to attend the eventsa€”because someone here wants to meet you! We try to have weekly gatherings so that we can mix and mingle with each other for a better chance of getting to know one another. Earlier this year, pictures surfaced of him and a former male assistant who claimed that he and Rhodes had an alleged relationship.

He would have been the first Black male athlete in our current day of sports to publicly admit that he was gay.
I think its unfair and simply ludicrous to assume that the black culture (whatever it is) is somewhat not evolved… ironically if you look at european and indeed white american culture the same violent and ignorant resistance to queer culture is equally alive.
These men span professions ranging from business executives, artists, lawyers, doctors, software architects, realtors, educators, and countless other industries in between. More than anything else, we value members with a sincere desire to make this group a part of their social life.
But more accurately, the group is made up of people who take the time to attend events; in other words, the people who have made the group their own by being a part of it.
We also try to plan other fun activities during the month to appeal to as wide an audience as possible.
What I can say, however, is that the politics of Black people in general are of no interest to mainstream white-supremacist culture (e.g. However, his story brings a lot of questions and opinions about being outed, gays in sports and the ongoing debate over gay acceptance in the black community.
Some black gay men advertently decide they want to live private lives to avoid potential pain, rejection,or discrimination, in certain situations.
The pictures and video did appear to imply that the two were a couple but it is really all subjective.

The images can easily be perceived as a depiction of a platonic friendship between two men, perhaps one a mentor to the other.
As long as you engage in safe sex behind closed doors and remain informed about your status and honest with your partners about it , your private life is just that, PRIVATE.
The problem is, Kerry’s former assistant vehemently and relentlessly continues to claim the authenticity of their relationship, by broadcasting details of their time together to gossip blogs, along with the continual release of pictures to validate his claim.
Lets face it, the black community has not completely evolved on the topic of homosexuality. We thought it was important to convey that no person has the right to broadcast your truth, whatever it may be, without your consent. We have seen this happen before where a scorned ex lover retaliates by revealing the sexuality of their former partner without their consent.
In no way, will we ever negate the emotions of someone who is hurting and wants acknowledgement of the time they invested in a relationship, but there is something called TACT!

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