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Here are just a few examples of recent designs from the Keep Calm-o-Matic creative community.
What is The Inspiration Room?A global effort designed to influence, affect and involve creative communities in the development of a world standard for inspiration, particularly in the fields of advertising, design and film. In many relationships it can be tough to hold on to all those amazing feelings that turned your light flirtation into a flourishing romance once the two of you have been together for some significant time.
Although some couples decide to “take a break” while they try to wrap their head around their own emotions and it works for them, the odds are stacked against you and a clean break leads to less mess.
Some idiots dudes are always shouting the motto, “Bros before hoes.” If you and your friends are referring to your girlfriends as a “hoes” you definitely need more help then this one article.
The friends you make in high school often stick around through thick and thin well into the rest of your life.
The whole “hoes” part of “bros before hoes” suggests that your friends don’t need to respect your relationship choices nor the girls you choose to date.
So you’ve already learned the DOs and DON’Ts of breaking up with her, but how do you think she’ll react? Do Be Prepared for a Process – A common first-timer misconception is thinking that break ups are always a one-step procedure. Don’t do it in writing – This means no txt msg brk ups, no facebook chat convos, and no e-mails. Right, if you just filled in the blanks like this when talking to someone you’d sound like a loser.
See how the first statement might piss someone off whereas the second one gets a point across. Your ex-girlfriend is going to hook up with other guys and you need to get over it already.
Grow Your Talents – The more hidden interests, pursuits, passions, skills, and abilities you have the more intriguing you become.
Dress Better – Maybe this will be the year you eliminate the smell-test from determining your outfit for the day. Stop Being so Shy – Most guys see an uncountable number of cute girls each day that they’re dying to say something to. Curse Less – It’s always fun to find a girl who can let the bad-words fly like she’s one of the guys, but you should let them make the first move on this front.
As if figuring out flirting, relationships, and hooking up wasn’t complicated enough, sometimes something comes along and mixes up the whole process. Have a general idea of what your vision is going into the convo but be open minded to whatever her thoughts on the situation might be. If you know you want to break things off before you talk about it, go in ready to break things off.
If you two think you want to try going long distance, work up a plan for how you two see yourselves communicating, keeping the passion alive, and how you’ll know if you want to break things off – thinking about it before hand will give you a much better chance at making it work. Or if you have no idea yet what you want out of your relationship this summer or how you want it to work, that’s okay. But the best trick to remember, whether it’s a dream date you concocted or just a casual hangout, is the rule of beginning and endings. Every situation is going to be different so you’ll have to figure out exactly how to make these starts and finales enthralling yourself, but a few general tips can help. Wrapping up: Turn up the heat and be warm in your demeanor – tell her you enjoyed yourself. Click through to see more designs, create your own, share designs and purchase customised products. Fourteen year old boys (not yet men) are shown as a scout with a perfect attendance record, a boy with a video game high score, a boy measuring a frog’s jump, and a boy with a life-size Lego Pharoah. If you’ve hit a rough patch, trying to figure out how you’re really feeling can get pretty confusing – you definitely still care about each other and like each other a lot but you’re young and does this relationship need to be so serious right now?
So before you two start experimenting with your relationship status read these reasons for splitting up rather than putting things on pause. And even if the name of the site does reference the idea of “staying hooked” with a girl you like, most high school sweethearts don’t last all that long.
Even if you think you know how she’s going to take this, break ups are the worst part of relationships and are riddled with landmines that might blow your face off when you least expect it. Even if this break up is charged with negative emotions – dishing out harsh words will only make you look like a douche. It’s tempting but you will be found out and it will come back to bite you in the ass later on. I know they are all tempting options but you will be deemed an outcast if you don’t at least give her a call.
Sometimes you get so wrapped up in what it is you’re fighting about that you forget this is someone you actually care about. A good rule of thumb is not to call her by any word you wouldn’t use in front of your grandma. But try and use the general principle behind I-statements to express yourself when tensions rise in a relationship.

Most likely, they have ideas that are out of your price range or unoriginal but they can at least steer you in the right direction. Even when it’s mutual, everyone agrees it’s “for the best,” and the two of you become friends afterwards – all breakups involve some element of heartache, distress, and discomfort.
Your former-girlfriend is someone who you have spent a lot of time thinking of as being “yours” and perhaps some period of time thinking that she would never be anyone else’s. Sure the way our culture is set up it seems like having a body like the guys that we see in the media would help us draw girls, but in reality it’s not often a make-or-break factor if there are other things someone has going for them.
You can start them any time of the year and if you slack off at one point pick it up again.
Sure there are a lot of deadbeat goof off guys that do get guys, but you’re bettering your odds in the long term if you learn something and have ambitions beyond the next set of Achievements on the Xbox games you got for Christmas. Even if it’s just a series of small silly things (juggling, hand stands, card shuffling, American Sign Language, or how to cook) they’ll come in handy somewhere along the way. Maybe when an article of clothing has a stain on it you put it in the wash instead of on your body.
Set yourself apart from most guys and say something to at least one girl you find attractive each day.
And holding in farts after a round of fast food when you’re around attractive girls is a feat even Hercules can only perform for so long. When alcohol is added to the mix things can go a lot faster than you intended, mess up your decision-making skills, or put you in some pretty awkward situations.
If you re in a relationship, in the coming weeks you may have to make a decision as to the future between you and your girlfriend.
He’ll think, “I don’t want to be tied down this summer, but I don’t want to break her heart and end things all of a sudden right now.” What happens after that is a guy slowly withdrawing and disengaging from a usually great girl just because he has his own hesitations and thoughts about the future. You may think you know exactly what she wants but sometimes opinions differ at these points in a relationship, surprising one or both.
It’s hard to be spontaneous for an extended period of time but if you can bolster your efforts on the bookends of your date whether it’s breaking out in dance, jumping into someone else’s photo, or stopping to smell the flowers – doing something unexpected and fun will make her excited to be with you. In a simple diagram it’s suggested that taking a can of Axe and spraying under the arms leads to being accepted in the company of girls.
Let’s break it down and see what’s worth keeping about this sense of bro-to-bro unity and what we can ditch.
Take the high road, keep your cool, and save your complaints to confide in your best friend afterward. As long as you stay firm in your decision, the true reasons you’re breaking up with her will be enough in the end. You can either learn to deal with them in a healthy way, or let them trip you up ever time. Take a step back from the situation for a second and remind yourself that this is not someone you want to hurt.
Things can get heated sometimes but if it gets out that you’re the kind of guy who calls his girlfriend dirty words you’re ruining your chances with any other girls in the future.
There is a chance you learned about these in a really cheesy fifth grade conflict resolution assembly.
Here’s the same complaint written first in a way that would only make a fight worse and then in a way that helps her understand how you’re feeling and want to change her behavior. So yes it can be a little freaky to face the facts that none of this is true anymore but there is nothing you can do about it. Maybe if everything you wear is always terribly wrinkled you finally learn to operate an iron.
Even if it’s just “hi,” or “I like your hat.” The more you do it the more comfortable you’ll get breaking out of your shell. The better you eat the better you’ll feel and that’s all a part of who you present to the world. It would be better if you put off drinking for a little while longer but we can’t make that decision for you. Right, it’s important to make sure the two of you are having a good time the whole way through, but she’ll remember the time she spends with you as absolutely magical if you can find a way to make the beginning and ending of your dates really enjoyable. If you show her that she does that for you, you’ll make her feel good and want to see you more.
Get a giggle out of her, send her home with a smile and she won’t be able to wait for the next chance she gets to see you. Feelings might linger after the fact and the two of your might talk, hang out, or even hook up afterward and you’ll have to do the whole break up all over again.
It could be someone’s jealous, other times one of you might feel neglected, maybe you’ve developed a ‘tude, or perhaps you both just disagree on an issue. This should change your behavior for the better so that you don’t break a heart you didn’t intend to. And although using them the way your guidance counselor recommended would make you feel like a complete tool, if you adapt them to the way you actually talk, they can be a big help.
The strut in your step that comes from feeling healthier and more active will be enough to pieque some female attention.

We’re headed into summer when someone’s parents for some reason trust them alone with the house for the weekend or one group gets permission for unsupervised camping (read: drinking beer in the woods). It’s a quirky little psychology trick that can help you make the best impression possible with her. Any cracks in your argument and you can wind up staying in a relationship you shouldn’t be in, or worse with a clingy ex constantly calling you wondering when things are going back to the way they were. Do you believe it’s the thing to do because all your friends are doing it?Well, I’m about to spew my thoughts on how you can get yourself a fine woman, but I need to first provide a caveat. This adjustment is like getting fit – it’s not really about the outward appearance but the self-esteem boost that comes from the change. Whatever your situation might be the end of the school year can throw your romance a real curve ball. And lastly, realize you have options: multiple girlfriends, monogamy, fuck buddies, friends with benefits, marriage. It’s not a simple choice between being alone and having a single exclusive girlfriend that inevitably ends in marriage (although the popular media and most women may have convinced you that these are your only two options).Got it?
The ability to consistently pick up women through cold approach can take months to years to acquire.
Places like my hometown of Los Angeles are notoriously flaky, and it’s any wonder how people ever hook up.
Often, girls have several other options, so for them to want to continue seeing you means you need to fulfill their sexual and emotional needs and desires.
She may be tempted to seek out other men, or may be preoccupied with other life matters, or simply become disinterested in dating you. But then, I have the ability to walk into the real world and bring into my life the women I desire. Most guys have neither the ability nor confidence to consistently pick up girls in social settings, and might likewise have difficulty with online game. There is a flourishing world-wide community of pick-up artists that teaches guys exactly these skills, and despite the stigma, this community is actually a self-help brotherhood; speaking from experience, I know it’s truly effective if you put in the work. But I wanted more and better options, and so I spent the next 3 years working my ass off to understand and gain competency at CAPU.It seems easy enough. This phrase, coined by the community, encompasses everything inside you that makes you attractive to women.
It is pervasive in all you do, from your body language to texting to how you react to her tests.
Confidence, assertiveness, detachment from outcome, being present, sexual energy, power and clarity … to name a few aspects.
If any of these factors are lacking, girls are likely to move on to a man who has his shit together. Do you consider yourself a man worthy of the hottest, highest quality women on the planet, and are you willing to do what it takes to get them?
While you need to accept those parts of you that will never change, you must also do what you can to upgrade those areas that are correctable.3. You should always try to stack logistics in your favor such that dating becomes low investment for both of you.
Technically, I would place physical attractiveness here, but aside from that, this would include charm, lines, ability to banter and vibe, and smoothness of physical escalation.To gain competency at CAPU, you will need to invest no less than two nights a week, every week to begin with. You will need to hit the bars and clubs hard, figuring out why you’re not hooking the interactions or moving them forward. You will have to drop your ego and take careful notes of the limiting beliefs and excuses running around in your head.
You must push yourself past any approach or social anxiety, to become a person who is comfortable and relaxed walking up to and chatting with any random hot girl in any situation.There are many ways to approach a girl, but let’s focus on my favorite, the playful direct approach.
Using this, you show your intent in a fun way, and almost always if you practice it enough times, it will hit.
Approach a girl and say with a smile, “Wow you have really cute elbows.” Typically she will laugh and look at her elbow. If she’s wearing dress shoes or boots, look at her feet and tell her, “Those shoes are dangerous. For those who don’t know how to vibe or who run out of things to say, routines are extremely helpful.
Try out dozens of them until you find the ones that work for your personality.Vibing could take up an entire article by itself, but I’ll summarize it by saying being good with women means being charming and seductive. It doesn’t mean making friendly chit-chat that leads nowhere.For more tips, check out Man School.
Or worse, you blow it with a girl who wanted to kiss you.Here is a simple and innocent move that will instantly tell you if you're in the friend zone, or if she's waiting for you to kiss her.

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