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Hello Guys, Welcome back to Selenium tutorial today we will see some new topic which might help you in some cases where you have to handle with  dates. Today I was automating some of my test cases and I got one requirement where I have to validate some record with date and time.
1- Decide which date format you want, then we can use SimpleDateFormat class to do the same. I have passion towards automation testing since couple of years I started with Selenium then I got chance to work with other tools like Maven, Ant, Git, GitHub, Jenkins, Sikuli, Selenium Builder etc. TVTropes is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License. On a smaller scale, Dipper refusing to help save Waddles because it would blow his shot at Wendy causes a despondent Mabel to lean against the Shack's totem pole and refuse to leave. Big "NO!": Mabel's reaction when she loses Waddles to Pacifica in one of the alternate timelines. Bittersweet Ending: Dipper Did Not Get the Girl, but he's learned his sister's happiness is worth the sacrifice.
Burn the Witch!: People with Torches and Pitchforks try to find Mabel after she pretends to be one. By the Lights of Their Eyes: Occurs when Dipper and Mabel time-travel into the port-a-john. Call Back: The Time Baby was mentioned in the Freeze-Frame Bonus document in the last episode. In the end credits, we're reshown the three scenes from past episodes where the Blendin made background appearances.

Chekhov's Gun: Soos speculating on what it would take to trigger the rigged dunk tank target early in the episode.
Continuity Cavalcade: Dipper and Mabel's fight over the time machine ends up sending them tumbling around the background of the show's first three episodes. E = MC Hammer: How Dipper tries to figure out how to avoid hitting Wendy with the baseball. Epic Fail: The Dipper's worst throw missed the bottles entirely and sent a whole bag full of baseballs into Wendy's face. Friend or Idol Decision: Dipper does find a way to win the stuffed animal for Wendy and prevent Robbie from asking her out, but it requires Mabel to lose the chance to win Waddles, making her miserable.
Heroic BSOD: After losing Waddles, Mabel goes through one that lasts at least a day, a week, and a month. In the Hood: After Dipper shows him up, Robbie hides his face in his hood, his nose still sticking out. The second time it was said by Dipper, with pure despair in his voice, after losing Wendy to Robbie.
Not Helping Your Case: When Blendin tries to point out that it was Dipper and Mabel causing all the chaos he's been blamed for he calls Waddles the pig their leader.
Necessary Fail: Turns out in order for Dipper to not hit Wendy with the baseball, Mabel has to lose Waddles. Protagonist-Centered Morality: Dipper and Mabel steal Blendin's time machine and end up ruining his life and causing all sorts of Time Paradoxes. They don't express any regret or guilt for it, and Blendin's arrest and trial are both played for laughs.

Rhetorical Question Blunder: Blendin admonishes the twins for stealing his time machine, telling them "Do you have any idea how many rules you just broke?" Then he adds that he's actually asking that, because he wasn't there to document their rule-breaking. Self-Fulfilling Prophecy: Blendin is sent back to prevent a series of time anomalies that occurred only because Dipper and Mabel got their hands on his time machine.
Pioneer 3: Forge ahead mighty oxen for a new life awaits us on this (with emphasis) Oregon Trail. Throw the Dog a Bone: Dipper has to let Wendy get hit by the baseball so Robbie can ask her to go steady, but Mabel has Waddles make a fool of Robbie. Time Travel Episode: The main plot focuses on Dipper and Mabel traveling back in time to change the day's outcome. Time Police: Near the end of the episode, two of them show up to arrest Blendin because of Dipper and Mabel abusing the time travel device. Torches and Pitchforks: These are broken out when Mabel declares herself a witch to the guy running the pig stand.
Tyrannosaurus rex: The twins almost get eaten by one when they briefly ended up in the Cretaceous period.
You Can't Fight Fate: No matter what Dipper does, Wendy keeps getting hit with the baseball.

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