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Three years ago I was blessed beyond words when I married a man just like what you described! I know my calling will fit this statement exactly the way it is outlined…7 ways to know your in a relationship with a Godly man…If he has these qualities that I so desire then it will work out as exactly as planned! Even when you know things sometimes it’s hard when you are actually going through a situation because sometimes you tend to want to make things work by compromising who you are and what you know. As clear as he was about initiating the relationship, he will be equally as clear about the direction of the relationship too.
Not only does he encourages you, but also prays with and for you with anticipation of great results.

He’s a firm believer in avoiding even the appearance of evil.   He chooses rather to maintain a life of integrity and character.
However, his love for you is unhindered by them all.   The love he has for you goes deep down to the core of who you are and not his expectations of what you can become. I thank God for giving me and leading me to a Godly man even after my disobediences from past relationships.
Had to stop seeing him when I offered to follow him to his church but he turned me down saying it will inconvenience him. If that’s what you are looking for, become the God focused woman that will draw him to you!

For him, patience really is a virtue.   He is willing to forgo a moment of pleasure for a lifetime of it later. When what you want contradicts what God has said, without question, he sticks to what God has said.
I haven’t found mine, but my life as a single Christian remains rich and full of love.

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