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It’s not possible to predict all the scenarios and responses you could get from the above questions, so what you need to remember and use are your listening skills. Next time you find yourself in a situation where you have to have some good conversation starters, prepare yourself as best you can before the event of meeting so you don’t have the pressure of starting from scratch. Your ability to confidently talk with anyone of the opposite or same gender, will occur once you shy away from clichés, cheesy pick up lines and gain confidence in who YOU are as a person. If this is your very first date with someone you have not met before, you can explore our First Date Advice. All right fellas, as promised, here are are some fun ice breakers that you can use to spice up your interactions.
I’ve gotta go, I left my underwear out to dry and girls have been stealing them lately. What are some funny conversation starters or smooth pick up lines that you have used or heard used with success?

If you enjoyed this article, be the first to receive our top 'hottest' content (it's free). Here are some ideas to keep in the back of your mind to help you the next time you want to approach someone and engage in a conversation but aren’t sure where to start.
Conversations tend to begin with an open-ended question so begin by asking something on which you can build the conversation.
That is what you have in common – the industry or trade or the topic of the conference. Love yourself and others will easily like you for who YOU are and what you can offer them.
Some of them are quite situation specific but there are a few gems that you can use right out the box. Instead of reading a list of potential and generic topics and questions, this article gives you steps on which you can come up with your own so that it’s easier to adapt to various situations.

Difficult conversations will become an issue in the past and you will look forward to socializing frequently. I hesitate to call these smooth pick up lines because the idea is that a pick up line indicates an ulterior motive… to pick up. In a matter of minutes you can familiarize yourself on a variety of subjects to give you a starting point for making small talk. Rather, the best way to flirt with women is to have no ulterior motive, to be fun playful and attentive to other people enjoying themselves.

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