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Good looking woman in suit using headphones and posing while standing against a white background. Nowadays short hairstyles are in trend due to which you will mostly find the hairstyle for short hair. No, I'm not in denial, because the women in my family live to be as old as the Great Basin Bristlecone Pine in the Southwest United States.
So, when I think about all the things I need to do in order to age as beautifully as my grandmother did (she took up waterskiing on one ski at the age of 59. Nature, which I worship by attempting to paddle board off of Catalina Island, enjoying the brisk, fresh, cold salty water every time I fall in (Fortunately, I wasn't eaten by a massive oar fish).

The Breath in my own body when I'm holding the plank pose in Pilates, feeling the strength of my core and its connection to my breath. Being present in The Moment when I braid my daughter's hair; strong, rough and thick as ropes in my hands.
The delicious Taste of a perfectly aged Pinot Noir I drink as I prepare Dijon-rosemary rack-of-lamb. The Humility I feel when I face a disappointment or a rejection and have to be patient with myself as it passes through me like a storm heading for the coast. Aging well is all about our spirit and how it informs our attitudes, our health, our relationships and our minds.

I'm far from perfect, frequently fumbling the ball in the end zone, but each day I get up and try again.
She drove capably till the age of 96), one of them is to commune with all powers greater than myself (and no, I don't eat hemp and wear Birkenstocks while perusing the "Former Lives" aisle at the Bodhi Tree bookstore. There are various medium length hairstyles for men from which you can adapt one which you like the most.

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