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When I was viewing all these websites, I was looking at them through the eyes of a new reader having found a new author.
Tim Ferris – A best-selling nonfiction author about lifestyle design and living outside the typical rat race. Anytime he talks about himself, it’s always in the context of sharing results or antidotes that his readers can take away and implement or learn from. Gretchen Rubin (The Happiness Project) – Best selling nonfiction author about happiness and its effect on people’s lives. Happy and fun is the theme of Robin’s website, and like Tristan there’s no question who her target audience is.
The website of Sherrilyn Kenyon has a very foreboding feel about it, which no doubt resonates with her readers because it represents the tone of her books well.
Being a widely known author, she has a countdown clock until her next book release in the top right. Very prominent on this website is a personal introduction video which kicks off his engagement and connection with you nicely. Do take some time to make some notes and how you can increase the value you provide your audience. There was no interesting or compelling content that I could read to build trust with this author. Sometimes the author was talking exclusively about writing, clearly directed at other writers. In between books Tim shares some of the best information, stories, case studies and experiments I’ve seen come from any website.

From weekly articles providing tips and information on happiness and the impact you can have on others. It’s a cool, fun website that has energy and you feel you can really connect with him through his about page which includes a personal video and fun facts. Robin knows her target market is children and parents, but understands that parents and teachers are the ones that buy the books. This is a good way of keeping your readers coming back again to check on how much time remains.
Andy has been a published author for over a decade now, yet is embracing the online world of today and tomorrow to build his platform and audience. He clearly knows the importance of building his email list of super fans with a very enticing subscribe form on the left which is designed to be consistent of his visual branding. I made a list of the author website examples that I thought had credibility and provided readers with great content.
If I don’t “buy in” on the author and see value being provided, I’m certainly not going to visit Amazon and part with my hard earned green.
Different authors both traditional and independently published who clearly love what they do and are creatively and cleverly getting their messages out there. Purple Cow is a term marketing maven Seth Godin talks about in his excellent book called Purple Cow. A significant effort has been made to provide value with the addition of teachers notes and activities.
There’s been great care taken with the layout of the website and offers entertaining content such as videos and teachers resources.

If you scroll down you’ll see a slick book trailer, a gallery of images of her characters, video, audio and free downloads. I must say, most of the websites weren’t memorable and I won’t be returning to visit them. Nothing about their website gave me the impression it was worth me spending my precious, limited and valuable time (or anyone else’s) checking out.
For the most part, writers aren’t your buying audience and are only looking for info that will serve them.
In this case, create a valuable destination for your reader which compliments their love for your books.
You can click on the ‘read more’ button to see a video of Gretchin’s introduction to what you’ll get inside. Andy provides regular videos, interviews, articles and has a podcast show, all serving as different touch points for finding new readers.
Parents and children aren’t interested in the difference between a pronoun and how to use them.

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