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Have you ever thought why most of your website’s visitors leave your website without buying anything?  Why you are not getting the sales you expected despite of having top rankings in search engines? Low conversion rate is the most common and most difficult problem which almost every online marketer has to face. Here in this article we’ll cover some tips on how you can use Google Website Optimizer to improve the conversion rate of your website. Similarly, you should test every page of your website at micro level like how many visitors go from home page to product page, how many visitors who reached product page have clicked at “Add to cart button”.
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I have seen big companies recently like clickbank testing their sales pages and merchant order pages.
Then edit the copy, retest, send more traffic, if it gets 7 sales with the same amount of traffic, then it is safe to say your next page is outpulling the other one great. Futhermore you can keep trying to test, and make more money by testing your newest successful page making more sales. I really do think that you have thought this through before posting, I hope that other people reading think the same. Did you know how high the expectations are when it comes to loading speed of a typical webpage?
51 percent of online shoppers in the U.S say that if a site is slow they abandon the purchase. When traffic was at the peak, 75 percent consumers would jump to competitor sites instead of bearing with a slow loading page. Heck even Google seems to like page loading speed so much that they have added it as one of their many ranking signals.
Today, I am going to list out useful website loading time measurement apps that will help you detect the page loading times of your website. You get step by step information of the time taken to start to render the loading of your webpage till the time it is fully loaded. Google’s Pagespeed Insights tool offers page speed analysis of both desktop and mobile versions of your site.
If there are elements on your page that you need to consider fixing in order to optimize your site’s speed, the tool lists all those, along with a link that shows you how to fix them.
The report also tells you what you have done right on your website that helps optimize its loading time. It gives you a score for your site’s loading time on a mobile as well as for the user experience.

It grades websites out of 100 based on overall performance based on one of the three predefined rules set. It gives you website performance grade (out of 100), number of requests, load time, page size and out of what percentage of tested websites is your website faster. You can track your performance history, test from multiple locations and share your results.
Get an extensive page load analysis that includes page size, load time, download speed and average speed. Along with a waterfall chart, you get a detailed analysis of the external CSS, Javascript and image files found on the page. It is a pretty simple tool that gives data time taken to resolve your domain to connect to server IP, time taken to connect to web server, redirection time, page size, download time and average speed of connection during download. The tool is pretty basic and it gives lesser information compared to the tools listed above.
It is similar to the above tool that lets you compare your site speed with competitor sites. So, these were ten loading time measuring tools that are available to you for free on the web. According to various studies, the average conversion rate for most of the ecommerce websites is 2-3 percent i.e.
Google website optimizer is Google’s free web testing and optimization tool that helps you to test different versions and designs of your page. Before doing any tests you need to find out the pages which are creating the problem, you need to find out the pages where most of your visitors leave your checkout process so that you can improve them. But at least you should have following funnels – Funnel from homepage to your cart page, funnels for a complete checkout process including and excluding cart pages, funnel for checkout process including and excluding payment options.
Conversion rate optimization is not an overnight process and finding a perfect combination requires lot of tests to be conducted and patience. Learning from my experiences and adventures in tech topics and running websites, I seek to spread tech tips, solve tech problems and help webmasters succeed since 2004. With passing years and staggering improvement in web-based technology, the average browser is accustomed to speedily loading pages and apps. For example, a page that took six seconds to load in 2010 suffered a -40 percent conversion hit, while the same loading time in 2014 results in a -50 percent conversion hit.
Back in 2010, they made an announcement that your site speed would affect your search rankings and its importance grows with the time.
One of our popular blog posts from the past lists 20 Quick Tips To Optimize Page Load Time.

You can even view the screenshots of loading stages on your website, under the option screenshot in the main menu. The mobile page loading time score is followed by useful tips that will help improve your mobile site’s loading time.
The only difference is you can run a comparison for site speed of ten sites simultaneously.
You can choose any one of them and have a constant check and diagnosis of your website’s performance in terms of loading speed.
Your site may load faster on your web browser due to cached content but it may not load that fast on your customer’s browsers.
So it is best if you have your website developer with you when running these tests on your site. Many times a test which is very successfully on micro level completely fails on macro level. If your website is lagging even a second behind the ideal loading time, you risk losing the interest of your potential customers.
Hence, website loading time testing tool can be a real eye-opener as to what your site’s real loading time is.
Since, the changes made to optimize a site’s loading time requires a lot of work it is not feasible to have the test done on your site every now and then.
But thanks to high SEO competition and ever increasing PPC costs more and more internet marketers are now focusing on conversion rate optimization to enhance the overall conversion rate of their campaigns and to keep them profitable. Take care of external factors which are out of your control and launch your tests according to it. Similarly if most of your visitors are leaving from product pages then you need to test your product pages first. In cases, where you add new images or plugins to your site, you must check your site speed using these tools, after changes have been implemented to your site. So keep on testing with different page combinations like from product pages to complete of checkout process, homepage to checkout process etc.

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