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The PCL, specifically, is responsible for preventing the shinbone (tibia) from displacing to the back (posteriorly). The spectrum of injury ranges from partial sprain (grade 1 or 2) to a complete disruption (grade 3), which may occur in isolation or in combination with injury to other structures in the knee. Postinjury symptoms of knee instability usually depend on the degree of joint laxity and the athletic demands of the individual. 4 sagittal image is just lateral to the?ACL tear?and shows the expected low signal, triangular configurations of the anterior and posterior lateral meniscal horns (see fig. If an ACL injury is left untreated, repeated episodes of subluxation can inflict further intraarticular damage, with an increased risk of developing osteoarthritis. Grade 2 sprains include a lengthened ligament due to the ligament being stretched or partially ruptured.
Grade 3 sprains are characterized by a complete tear of the tendon or muscle, and function is usually impaired.

7) shows vertical high signal separation extending from superior to inferior surface of the lateral meniscus. Common mechanisms of injury include: Direct trauma, such as being tackled at the knee. But the following may help: Warm up and stretch properly before activity. It is important to perform strengthening and stretching exercises to regain function of the knee. If the PCL tear is associated with a tear of another ligament of the knee that can be surgically repair (the anterior cruciate ligament), then reconstruction for a PCL tear may be attempted. Cold treatment should be applied for 10 to 15 minutes every 2 to 3 hours for inflammation and pain and immediately after any activity that aggravates your symptoms.
When you demonstrate gains in your flexibility and strength, your clinician may progress you to Phase II exercises.

As you perform these exercises, remember: These initial exercises are intended to be gentle.
Your clinician may advise you to add an ankle weight if more resistance is helpful for you.
As you perform these exercises, remember: Muscles can gain both the endurance and the strength needed for everyday activities through controlled Strong muscles with good endurance tolerate stress better. You should see either your knee cap slide up toward your hip or increased dimpling just above the knee.

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