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Given the immense popularity of karaoke, and the evolution of audio and video recording technology, we thought it might be interesting to explore where on the web karaoke choristers are taking their act. As a frequenter of karaoke dive bars myself, I've never made the leap to start recording online—until now. We know you secretly love to sing in the shower, but have you graduated to online performances? With The Karaoke Channel Online (TKCO) karaoke super stars can create and manage their own playlists with a drag-and-drop personal song queue, and record audio (video is in the works) to share with friends. MySpace Karaoke is the perfect online stage for the MySpacer looking to leverage their existing social network presence with their love of their own voice. One problem with MySpace's offering is that you have to download and install the ksolo recorder, which is in .exe, making yours truly feel musically defeated. Sims On Stage is the online community, brought to you by EA Games, for karaoke crooners and creatives alike looking to make magical mashups by adding their machinations to Sims movie clips, songs, and images. The site, which doesn't seem to have visually evolved since our 2007 coverage, does offer a robust song selection with the ability to record audio and video renditions with an instrumental, or practice with a demo vocal background, all free of charge. RedKaraoke, my least favorite of the 5 sites, is kind of clunky and crashed my browser, but it has a majority of the same features you can expect from the other sites, as well as an active and engaged karaoke community. I was blown away by their song selection, as well as impressed by the number of features available to members. The horrible banner ads on SingSnap detract from the overall experience, but if you can get past the look of the site, you might enjoy the quantity and quality of SingSnap's song selection (one of the few sites where I was able to find (and sing) Tina Turner's What's Love Got To Do With It). The SingSnap player is sharp (not quiet as spiffy as TKCO though), with handy little features that let you edit the way you look and sound prior to production. The Great Barrier Reef, off the coast of northeastern Australia, is one of the natural wonders of the world. While every effort has been made to follow citation style rules, there may be some discrepancies. Shiny Happy People Have Shiny Dangerous Toys: Within the first few seconds there's a close-up on Gatsby's infamous buttercup-yellow roadster. The Heat Is On: The affair between once-and-again lovers Gatsby and Daisy was always more implied in Fitzgerald's novel, but a mere suggestion of sex on the side wouldn't do in this case, now would it?
Living a Lie Can Be Stressful: Considering DiCaprio is in the title role, this Gatsby isn't going to just be the suggestion of a man that Fitzgerald sketches in his book through Carraway's observations.
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The site is user-friendly, very easy on the eyes, and a joy to use, which makes today's announcement that user renditions can now be recorded and published to social sites like Facebook, MySpace, and Delicious, all the more exciting. If you love online karaoke, you'll be hard pressed to find a site that lives up to TKCO's quality, so you'll definitely take advantage of that promo code. MySpace Karaoke makes it easy to browse popular recordings, search for songs, listen to instrumental and artist versions of songs, and share musical moments onsite or off.

The good news for Windows users is that the ksolo recorder supports video recording and lets you add in audio effects to help you sound like the pros (of course YOU don't need that feature). You can expect standard community features, including the ability to embed or share performances across a variety of social sites. The site is completely free and legal to use, making it rich with both content and advertisements. RedKaraoke users can also opt for the Japanese or Spanish versions of the site should they so desire. Also, the ability to use three separate types of web cams, the plethora of recording options, and the handy setup wizard that walks you through the configuration process for audio, video, and Internet settings. Of course, since I'm subjecting myself to online scrutiny and mockery I love that SingSnap lets me turn off ratings, comments, duets, and embeds. Powered by its own proprietary technology, Mashable is the go-to source for tech, digital culture and entertainment content for its dedicated and influential audience around the globe.
I was thinking that maybe it would be cool to do a tutorial on an animal that is a total carnivore by every meaning of the word. Okay now by using the the guidelines you drew in step one you will start adding the shaping of the the great white sharks body. Okay well you have made it to your last drawing step and what you will do here is draw out the shapes of his razor sharp teeth and then detail his gums. A barrier reef is a long, narrow coral formation that lies parallel to the shoreline of a landmass and is mostly underwater.
The state of New South Wales lies to the south, and the state of South Australia lies to the south-west. Florence + the Machine's "Bedroom Hymns" pounding in the background easily indicates that ye who enter the pool area should probably abandon hope along with that robe. Gatsby and Daisy don't just canoodle on the grounds of their respectively massive estates, either—those silk sheets see plenty of action.
It's not cheap, but TKCO certainly stands out amid their competitors and might be well worth the cash for personal fulfillment.
The site also benefits from established legal agreements with music publishing companies, giving users a huge selection of titles to try to master with their own vocal prowess. SingSnap is free, but they do have a $7 per month subscription plan that includes the removal of advertising, additional songs, and a few extra features.
We saw this salt water animal in a movie called “Jaws” and if anyone remembers the flick you know how incredibly terrified and chilling Jaws made you feel. All you have to do here is draw out a circle for the shape of the mouth opening and the shape of the pointed tipped nose. You will tackle this step by drawing in the detailing and definition lines like the shape of the eyeball, the detailing around the mouth and then draw the gums to prepare his mouth for teeth.
The Northern Territory and the Arafura Sea (part of the Pacific) form the western border of Queensland. You will now draw a long oval for the mid section of the body and then add the guidelines for the fins and tail. Detail around the mouth and then add the rest of the lining for the dorsal fin and tail fin.

You will then need to draw the rest of the lining for the remaining fins and then detail the dorsal fin.
And that is it, you have just finished this tutorial on how to draw a great white shark step by step. When the movie Jaws came out a reporter stated that this animal was put on the earth to do one thing and one thing only, EAT.
You will then add the vertical lines for the gills and then draw the shape for his back and tail. Detail the body with some straight lines and add detailing lines on the fins under the belly.
Excellent perennial for native plant garden, woodland garden and effective near ponds and streams.
Back in 1975 there was a critic that watched the premiere of Jaws and made the following statement; "There is a creature alive today who has survived millions of years of evolution without change, without passion, and without logic.
It is as though God created the devil and gave him jaws." He said it so perfectly because that is the plain truth about this salt water devil.
They live in temperate waters around the world and even though they sometimes thrive in the coastal waters of central California, it is not a common predatory animal that resides in Californian waters.
The great white shark has definitely built a name for it's self by being one of the largest fearful creatures of all time. But the truth is the great white shark is far more fearsome in our imaginations than they are in reality. Yes it may be true that the great white shark is the largest predatory fish on Earth, and yes it is true that they are responsible for more than half of shark attacks that happen around the world, but you have to remember that since these animals are predatory, they are what you call curious fish and by testing what they are about to feed on they do a type of "sample biting”. These salt water killers grow to be over fifteen feet long (with the biggest recorded was twenty feet), and ranging in weights of five thousand pounds or more. So yeah I guess you can say that the great white shark is a very, very intimidating shark which is why people label them “the worlds dangerous sea killer for humans and animals”.
Did you know that great white sharks can detect one drop of blood in twenty five gallons of water and can sense tiny amounts of blood in the water of up to three miles away?
Dam, that means if you are an active person that spends a lot of time in temperate waters in the ocean, you better make sure you have a stock of bandages handy. The great white shark has been a feared species for decades and because of that they are now on the endangered species list. No animal should be wiped off the face of the earth unless it is done by natural disasters.
In this drawing lesson you will learn how to draw a great white shark step by step with easy to follow instructions.

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