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Microwave Heating Pads are Hot Packs or Cold Packs and provide Natural Pain Relief as Neck Heat Pads, Shoulder Hot Packs, Back Heating Bags and More.
Microwave Heating Pads, Hot Cold Packs are heat bags or ice packs for warm or cool therapy.
Hot Cold Comfort Packs are designed by TheFerrisWheels, LLC and are handmade in the USA, providing natural pain relief and heated comfort for chronic pain, soreness and injury.
Rice and flax are beneficial to use as cold packs because they do not get so cold that they are uncomfortable, yet they're cold enough to work. When not used as cold packs for hot flashes, the neck wrap and eye pillow can be warmed in the microwave to use as heat packs.
Please note: Hot Flash Cold Pack Set photo during checkout will show the main listing picture.
Once you have established that you are on track to the Menopause,  then you can then start looking at your options on how to deal with this period in your life. Although unpleasant Hot flushes can be controlled and with specific supplements can be lessened. If you suffer badly from night sweats make sure that you only wear cotton night-clothes and only use cotton sheets. Two layers of bed covering are a good tip because you can always fling one off and then when you inevitably feel chilled, replace it.
Studies have shown that exercise can help prevent Hot Flushes as this improves circulation and helps the body cope with ups and downs of temperature. Thinks of yourself in a cool place, peaceful and calm - or in your mind take a walk around a place you love, your garden perhaps or a breezy beach front.
Wulf Utian, MD, PhD, consultant in women's health, Cleveland Clinic; executive director, North American Menopause Society. Neck Wrap and Large Eye Pillow from the freezer hit bloodflow areas to quickly cool down the body when the hot flash heat hits.
We recommend using the thinner printed cotton side of the cold packs towards the body, while the fleece backing works as insulation to keep packs colder longer. During the day go for layers of clothes made of natural fibres like cotton and avoid high necks, tight waistlines and anything hard to takeoff, if you need to peel a few layers away. It is intended for general informational purposes only and does not address individual circumstances.
We provide microwavable heat pads for back pain, heating pads for neck pain, hot cold packs for migraine relief, heat cold packs for wrist pain, and many specialty rice heating bag gift sets. Add weights and other strength training to help improve your bone density too.It's easy to give advice but since you don't know when a Hot Flush is coming planning for it isn't easy. Although menopause can bring physical upheaval from hot flashes, night sweats, and other symptoms, it can also be the start of a new and rewarding phase of a woman's life -- and a golden opportunity to guard against major health risks like heart disease and osteoporosis. It is not a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment and should not be relied on to make decisions about your health.
Never ignore professional medical advice in seeking treatment because of something you have read on the WebMD Site.

It's the end of a woman's potential childbearing years, brought on by the ovaries gradually slowing down their function. Consider a Multi Vitamin and Mineral Supplment specifically formulated for menopausal symptoms and add specific herbs such as Black Cohosh and include in your diet Soya rich foods or supplement with Isoflavones (may help to compensate for depleting levels of oestrogen).
Those include surgical removal of the ovaries (bilateral oopharectomy), chemotherapy, and pelvic radiation therapy. Having a hysterectomy (surgical removal of the uterus) without removing the ovaries does not lead to menopause, although you will not have periods anymore.
When Does Menopause Start?On average, women are 51 at natural menopause, notes the National Institute on Aging. It's only after a woman has missed her periods for 12 straight months, without other obvious causes, that menopause can be confirmed. Menopause is a milestone -- it's the day that marks 12 months in a row since a woman's last period. During perimenopause, it's still possible to get pregnant -- a woman's childbearing years are winding down, and although her periods may become more unpredictable, her ovaries are still functioning and she still may ovulate, though  not necessarily on a monthly basis. Some women reach natural menopause with little to no trouble; others experience severe symptoms that drastically hamper their lives. And when menopause starts suddenly as a result of surgery, chemotherapy, or radiation, the adjustment can be tough. Here is a look at menopausal symptoms that many women experience, though the intensity can vary. Menopause Sign: Period ChangesAs menopause approaches, a woman's menstrual periods will likely change. But those changes can vary from woman to woman -- periods may get shorter or longer, heavier or lighter, with more or less time between periods. Such changes are normal, but the National Institute on Aging recommends seeing a doctor if your periods come very close together, if you have heavy bleeding or spotting, and if your periods last more than a week. A hot flash is a brief feeling of heat that may make the face and neck flushed, cause temporary red blotches to appear on the chest, back, and arms. Dressing in light layers, using a fan, getting regular exercise, avoiding spicy foods and heat, and managing stress may help you deal with hot flashes. Menopause Symptom: Sleep IssuesNighttime hot flashes can hamper sleep and cause night sweats. Menopause Symptom: Sex ProblemsLess estrogen can lead to vaginal dryness, which may make intercourse uncomfortable or painful. Libido may also change, for better or worse, but many factors besides menopause -- including stress, medications, depression, poor sleep, and relationship problems -- affect sex drive. And remember, sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) don't end with menopause; "safer" sex still counts. He or she can help you weigh the risks and benefits of menopausal hormone therapy, also known as hormone replacement therapy. Your doctor may also have lifestyle tips about adjusting your diet, exercise, sleep, and stress management.

The FDA recommends taking the lowest dose that helps, and only for the shortest time because studies have linked long-term use of hormone replacement therapy to a greater risk of heart attacks, strokes, blood clots, and breast cancer. Bioidentical Hormone Therapy"Bioidentical hormone therapy" for menopausal symptoms can refer to certain FDA-approved prescription drugs. Or it can refer to custom-compounded hormones derived from plants prepared at compounding pharmacies to match each unique patient.
Some doctors claim that compounded bioidentical hormones are safer, but the FDA isn't convinced.
The FDA's advice -- take the lowest dose for the shortest time -- applies to bioidentical hormone therapy.
Alternative Menopause TreatmentsInterested in trying alternative or complementary treatments for menopause symptoms? According to the National Institutes of Health, there hasn't been a lot of well-designed research on this topic, so the research isn't firm enough to draw conclusions about treatments such as black cohosh, dong quai, red clover (shown here), and soy. Talk it over with your doctor, and tell him about any supplements you take, so he can check on drug interactions. Menopause Health RisksWith menopause comes a greater chance of heart disease (which is the No.
Loss of estrogen may play a role for heart disease after menopause, but hormone replacement therapy is not recommended to reduce the risk of heart disease or stroke. Of course, heart and bone health is important throughout a woman's life, but menopause means it's really time to step up and get serious about it, if you haven't already.
Menopause: Staying HealthyLiving a healthy lifestyle is important throughout a woman's life. Get a checkup that includes measuring your blood pressure, cholesterol, and blood sugar and make appointments for routine screenings such as mammograms. Menopause is also a great time to upgrade your diet, physical activity, and stress management skills -- your doctor can give you pointers as you work together to plan for a healthy menopause.
Active Menopause Is a MustOne of the smartest things a woman can do as she transitions to menopause and afterward is to get regular physical activity. That includes aerobic exercise for her heart and weight-bearing exercise for her bones -- both of which may help ward off weight gain and provide a mood boost. Even if a woman hasn't been very active in her younger years, it's never too late to start. But today's post-menopausal women are making the most of -- and even celebrating -- their new phase of life.
Instead of looking back mournfully, physician-author Christiane Northrup recommends using it as a time to redefine yourself with positive thoughts, love yourself, explore what brings you pleasure, and revive (not retire) your sex life.

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