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Either the page you requested never existed, was deleted by the user, or it was removed for violating our terms of service. But rather than a boring video about the dangers of tweeting deployment details, the Navy created a funny dating commercial spoof of a terrorist whose hobbies include painting, football, and searching Facebook to check for U.S. We understand, breaking up is hard to do.  But if you must leave your lover in a cowardly fashion, make sure you spell check yourself before you wreck yourself, it’s just more polite that way. Sometimes the perfect storm of fail isn’t a result of a hilarious typo, it comes from the acknowledgement of a drunken act. True love is patient, kind, and knows the difference between the words “meet” and “beat.” Barring that, true love has a great sense of humor when they’re used interchangeably in this next fail.

While we’ll give this person points for having the sense to text rather than call, we’re going to have to take serious points off for not doing a sweep of their immediate surroundings first. Come for the multi symptom magical serum, stay for the vague threats about insurance fraud…this is just all kinds of fail.
When you have confirmed your password, you will be able to log in through Facebook on both sites. Even if you love someone's profile, and you are having a nice first date, there's always the sneaking suspicion there's something big they left out of the profile, like the fact that they're Canadian or a murderer or a Canadian murderer. The only thing that's close to being okay about this is that he's 95% likely to be your enemy (not sure where the other 5% went. You have to be careful about the sneaky pervs when online dating, but the outright creepers are easy to avoid, especially when they write terrifying poems in their profiles.

It probably wasn't the woman’s actual appearance that had Cornelius so upset, but the fact that she’d lied to him. From jealous Taurus to independent Aquarius, what does your astrological sign say about your love life?
Arras is a WordPress theme designed for news or review sites with lots of customisable features. OSPEC, military speak for Operational Security, is any information, classified or otherwise, that couple jeopardizeA military operations or the safety of U.S.

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