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One of the constants in the world of cinema is the curious animosity between some of the greatest auteurs in history. Jean-Luc Godard is one of those filmmakers that attracts all sorts of descriptions, but there is no question he was a filmmaker that helped change the face of cinema. Interestingly enough, Godard is one of the few filmmakers of the time still with us today, and he's still making movies all these years later. 0 The Origins of Auteur Theory0 Award-winning French New Wave-inspired short film outta Texas!1 To what extent is it necessary to study the past 'greats' of film-making? Godard seemed jealous not of Truffaut's talent but of his, and his latest films success at that time.

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It's 100+ pages on what you need to know to make beautiful, inexpensive movies using a DSLR. In hindsight, the fight seems a bit silly, as both of them were still making memorable films, but then again, none of the fights between filmmakers ever make much sense, especially considering how hard it is to actually get a movie made and the passion it takes to get up in the morning and face constant rejection and difficulty trying to get films off the ground.
Do you think Godard had a point and Truffaut had lost his way, or was Godard a bit off his rocker? While cinema is always changing, one thing is constant: the most iconic directors have pretty strong opinions about colleagues and they certainly aren't shy about sharing them.

Day for Night is one of my all time favorites and while Godard is (was) full of good ideas, he seemed to think diligence, iterating and patience were all beneath him, so none of his stuff feels complete or whole - and that has nothing to do with his budgets.

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