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The Bookmarklet will work on any page you can navigate to in your browser, including pages that require an authenticated session such as checking your email online. The Chrome Extension behaves like the Bookmarklet, and it will work on any page you can navigate to in your browser. Click the "Isolate" button on the toolbar to make the selected element the only element on the page. Click on the "Font Type" selection list under "Text Size" and select the desired font type from the dropdown list. Generally speaking, sans-serif fonts like Helvetica and Verdana look better on screen, while serif fonts like Times New Roman and Georgia look better on paper. Click the "Save As" link on the toolbar, and select whether you want to save the modified page as a PDF document or an HTML file. Click the "Add Page" link on the toolbar, and enter the URL of the page you want to add to your document. If the page is from the same domain as the first page you entered, the changes you applied to the first page will be applied to the second page.
Once your change set is saved, you can now apply the same changes to other articles from the same site. If you already created a change set and forgot to check the box to automatically apply the change set, you can still set the change set to be automatically applied!
Once you have applied a change set, you will not be allowed to apply a different change set until you have undone all the changes that have been made. When all the changes have been undone, the dropdown menu for selecting a change set will be enabled, and you can select a different change set to apply. You can also edit the name of the change set, or change whether the change set is automatically applied to pages from the same site. Once you have applied a change set to a web page, you can save any additional changes you make to the change set. Please note that when editing the change set using this method, you are not able to edit the name of the change set or change whether the change set is automatically applied to pages from the same site.
After you are done, click on the 'Print' button to print your page, or click on 'Save As' to save the page as a PDF document or HTML file. A desktop shortcut, usually represented by an icon, is a small file that points to a program, folder, document, or Internet location. Click the link in your browser window (usually underlined text) and drag it to the desktop. Select the wallpaper you want from the ones that appear or click the down-arrow in the picture location field to select another wallpaper category. Specify the drive and folder where the font you want to install is currently located. Select Copy Fonts To Fonts Folder (this puts a copy of the font you are installing in the Fonts folder). During the installation of a program you are generally asked if a shortcut needs to be placed for it on the desktop. In the example below, I would be creating shortcut icon for the iTunes program and placing it on the desktop.
Locate the program from the start menu and when you find it, move the mouse cursor over it.
You can also have the shortcuts of most frequently used programs added to the Quick Launch bar, a place that, I suppose, is a little more accessible than the desktop - refer image below. Page contents: Step by step instruction on how to create program icons and place them on the desktop in Windows Vista. Windows 10 brought us a new browser called Microsoft Edge and for the most part, users are quite pleased with it. Usually, when Microsoft Edge is hijacked, you’ll see the same page every time you open Edge.

To fix the problem with hijacked Microsoft Edge, you can also just turn your internet connection off. In the Open with section choose A specific page or page, select Custom from the menu and enter the address of that page. In order to fix this problem, users are advising to quickly open a new tab before the error message appears.
Microsoft Edge will display you the same message every time you open it, but you can fix this error by opening one of your favorites. If you don’t have any favorites, you can just open any other file in Edge, an image or a PDF for example, and close the problematic tab. Select Browsing history, Cookies and saved website data, Cached data and files and click Clear. If Microsoft Edge is hijacked by a malicious website, you could just open a new website from a shortcut. After you’ve created the shortcut, just double-click it and it should open Microsoft Edge in a new window and allow you to close the problematic tab. To fix the problem with hijacked Microsoft Edge, you can also create a .html file on your Desktop and run it. When the save dialog opens, make sure to set Save as type as All files and enter file.html as the File name. A Cortana search can also do the trick: after searching for anything on the web with Cortana, open the search results in Edge. Some users also suggest pressing the Esc key for about 15-30 seconds before the notification window disappears completely. If the problem with a hijacked Microsoft Edge persists, you might want to delete Microsoft Edge data from AppData folder. Few users suggest that you can fix the problem with hijacked Microsoft Edge by closing it using Command Prompt.
To complete your solution, you’ll need to memorize the name of the website that hijacks Microsoft Edge.
I want to be able to double click it and it runs the correct (non default) browser and opens my preferred website? An alternative is to create a shortcut on your desktop (Right click > New > Shortcut) and point it at a website. Put this in a textfile on your desktop and then rename it to amazon-with-chrome.bat or something.
If you want to use another browser (or if you have chrome installed somewhere else) you have to change the path too. Not the answer you're looking for?Browse other questions tagged windows shortcuts url hyperlink or ask your own question.
How to get the URL of a Gmail or other webapp page in Chrome “application shortcut” mode?
Clicking on a shortcut icon takes you directly to the object to which the shortcut points. For example, if you create a shortcut to the program Microsoft Word, the name Microsoft Word displays below the icon. If you do not see the Change Icon button or if the change icon button is dimmed, the icon cannot be changed. If the icon you delete does not have an arrow in the lower-left corner, it is not a shortcut and deleting the icon deletes the object.
Note: If you would like to display an image you created, you can click Browse to find the image. If you had chosen to ignore this message or answered in the negative, you can still create a desktop icon for that application in a few steps. With just one click on the show desktop button, you can minimize all opened windows and come straight to the desktop.

Now that you know how to create icons for the desktop, don't overdo it else it will be a big mess. Unfortunately, some users reported that Microsoft Edge has been hijacked by a malicious website. That page usually comes with an error message that asks you to call a certain number in order to fix the security problem.
To turn airplane mode on, click the network icon in the Taskbar and choose Airplane mode from the menu. If you have more than one page on this list, you might have to drag your recently added website to the top of the list or remove all other websites.
To do that, make sure to press New Tab button as fast as you can when Microsoft Edge starts. A new tab should be open with your search results and allow you to close the problematic tab. In order to do this, you’ll have to quickly press Enter to close down the notification and then press Ctrl + W to close the malicious tab.
Remember, 9436 is just an example, so make sure to use the correct PID that corresponds to MicrosoftEdge process on your computer.
These scams aren’t uncommon and we’ve already covered how to fix system32.exe failure error, so if you need more information feel free to check that article out. That doesn't allow me to choose the browser though, such as with other user-created files. The number of points assigned to a font is based on the distance from the top to the bottom of its longest character. It's no surprise that many use the folder to store important and frequently accessed files and program icons. Now come to an empty area on the desktop and again right-click to throw another menu, selecting "Paste Shortcut" option this time. Segregate the shortcuts of the frequently used programs across the desktop, the Quick Launch bar and the start menu. This is just a scam — your computer isn’t infected by a virus or malware despite what the error message says.
If you manage to open a new tab, you can easily close the malicious tab that is giving you the error message. In our example, the PID was 9436, but we have to mention that you’ll most likely get a different number.
Your answer and my previous answer are both perfectly good ways to do this, but he seems opposed to anything not done in HTML. Shortcuts are merely pointers; deleting a shortcut does not delete the item to which the shortcut points. This message appears because you’re stuck on a scam website but you can easily fix this problem by following one of our solutions. However, that is the only option when creating a Windows shortcut in which a url is placed. Creating a shortcut icon on the desktop will help you save time and be more productive especially when it's a program or file that you use often. By the way, if your desktop is already crowded with tons of icons, refer change desktop icon size on how to organize and clean it up.
And on this note, you don't need to save the actual file on the desktop, you can store it in any directory you want and place a shortcut to it on the desktop.

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