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Grammaire:relative pronouns To make longer, more sophisticated sentences…use qui ( who, that) and que ( whom, that, which) Qui as a subject C’est l’histoire d’une femme qui est tres grande. Warm up Students list five TV shows and movies on the board, then give their opinions for each one, using expressions they already know.
Les mots, les phrases, les questions et les expressions utilises quotidiennement dans votre classe de francais. Warm up As student, do you sometimes have a bad day, which can start in the morning: you did not hear your alarm and you wake up late and miss the bus.
Le Comparatif et le Superlatif Using comparatives and superlatives in French “Le Sud” est une des meilleures pieces que j’aie vues.
My Hypothesis was that white candles burn faster than colored candles. My Conclusion was that Red Candles burn the quickest.

This is my story: long time ago when I came to the USA, a policeman gave me driving ticket. This is my story: long time ago when I came to the USA, a policeman gave me driving ticket and I did not know what to do. Est-ce que Est-ce que, literally translated "is it that," can be placed at the beginning of any affirmative sentence to turn it into a question: Je. Using reading strategies for comprehension, comparisons, and preparation for Cafe francais.
White candles do not burn quicker than colored candles because all the colored candles burn quicker than the white candle.
Write yours, and as a French class, we will create a dialogue around your funny topic and play some roles(in French).

I didn't really look too bad," Kelly told a packed auditorium at NASA headquarters in Washington. He said he felt so bad that if he hadn't just returned from space, he would have gone straight to the emergency room."But that's why we do this," he said. He and identical twin brother Mark, a retired astronaut who took part in his brother's medical experiments as a ground subject, sometimes share center stage these days.
This time, he said, "I suspect it's probably going to be much longer, especially considering how sore my feet still are after 2 ? months.

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