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I hope you can help because our trifold will be among hundreds in our schools involvement fair and we need to get some attention.Thank you very very very much and I hope to hear from you soon!***************************Hello MosumThank you for writing to me and for being so complimentary.
I will make some suggestions for you and I am hoping others who read your request will be able to contribute some ideas as well :) I think simplicity is the key with trifolds. If they are too busy, people tire of trying to read all of the information and move away too quickly.
I would literally make that thing the focus of the whole poster board and make it the largest item on display.
Then people will stop to see if your text answers the question, if they want to know the answer :)Also, make all lines lead the reader towards the main idea. See how I have made the middle piece higher than the side pieces, then added the heart to make people tend to follow on from it to the title?Are people going to walk quickly by your trifold?

Use red for the headings (mount the whole heading or individual letters on black cardstock too if possible) and your pieces of information, written on white paper in large black writing matted on black cardstock. Then use pieces of double sided foam tape or a hot glue gun to pop them up off the background (which will probably also be white). I roughed this idea out for you in the image I attached.Think about subject matter first, then the images and decorations.
If you have a message you need to get across, you don't want people looking only at images and moving on. Use some decorative borders as well but be sure to leave enough white space to allow people to focus on the words you want them to read. It will make people focus on what you HAVE put on the board.You could make one of the images you want to use very large so that it could be glued to a piece of heavier card and cut out, then add foam tape to the back to pop it up off your trifold background like the heart image above. I added some sparkle as this also attracts people, but if you use too much glitter it may have the opposite effect. Ask others (who have not seen your trifold yet) to stand a distance away and see if they can tell what your poster is about.

Another planning idea, if you have time, is to make some 'practice' trifolds with smaller pieces of paper and images cut to size. Move them around trying different arrangements and colours till you have a result that pleases you, then make your real trifold using your practice one as a guide.Have a look at other people's trifolds on the web by Googling 'trifold poster board' and clicking on 'images'. You may like some of the layouts you discover that way so you could adapt them to your own needs. Here's one with reds and blues that stood out for me in my own search:Cornstarch Display BoardI hope these ideas help and that you will post a picture of your finished trifold for me here soon.

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