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Trunki is "The (famous) One that slipped from Dragon's Den", and we were one of the audience who witnessed the episode where they let Trunki go! I was a bit worried when Abby tried to pull the Trunki sideways with Clay sitting on it, but the empty Trunki with a 2 years old on top didn't flip over at all as expected.
Last January we had an extremely exhausting journey, from Taiwan to Hong Kong, straight to Dubai then Manchester.
The Moshi Monsters Trunki are only £39.99 each, for some reason cheaper than I remember!
Abby loves her Poppet Trunki and I wish I took a picture of her surprised face when we opened the parcel! When Abby was 3, her cousins introduced her to Moshi Monsters, which she fell in love with, and still is! The Xbox 360 Skylanders Swap Force (SF) Starter Pack comes with a new Portal of Power (the old one won't work with the SF game and characters), series 3 Ninja Stealth Elf, SF swappable Wash Buckler and SF swappable Blast Zone.
Before the game has arrived I have done some research (that's the gamer me!) on the game and characters, as for a person who hasn't played Skylanders before, it can be quite confusing.
First of all, the Swap Force game isn't connected to the previous 2 games - Spyro Adventure (SA) and Giants, although it all happened in Skylands.
The SF game has introduced 16 new specific SF characters, with the figures' bodies splittable into top and bottom halves that are connected magnetically. In the SF game, there are locked areas where it requires a character of a particular element or ability to unlock.
Although it sounded like it's a lot of hassle and money to collect the figures for the game, I think it's a fantastic idea. Although the game is advertised for 1 player only, you can actually add another player to the game to become the sidekick. While doing my research on Skylanders, I came across the rare (I think) Giant variant Scarlet Ninjini (she's really a giant even in game!) and series 2 variant Polar Whirlwind, both so pretty (Scarlet Ninjini seems to glow as well even if she's not a Lightcore) that I couldn't resist and bought them to add to our collection. We've recently reviewed the Jelly Jamm Radio Goomo DVD, and are excited to be one of the first in the UK reviewing the new Bandai Jelly Jamm plush toys as well! Abby and Clay are both fans of Jelly Jamm, and we have been saying how much we love Rita and want a Dodo for ourselves. The 18cm Large Rita is just right for little hands to hold her body, as after all, she's the tiniest out of the 5 friends.
Overall all the friends except Ongo has a mini plush and large plush version, and Bello has a musical version as well. Out of curiosity, I went on Cottages4You's website to take a look, and found that cottages that sleeps around 10 people for arrival on Saturday 28th December in Whitby are almost fully booked!
I never thought of renting a cottage to celebrate New Year, but I can see the benefits from it, especially for friends gathering together, perhaps with their other halves too. We are soo happy to hear that Trunki, the "make travelling fun for kids" company, has launched the new Moshi Monsters Trunki - Poppet and Katsuma!
Not only have they come a long way since then, the issue the dragons had were non existent!
The waits between each airport was awful especially for the kids, and not all airports are like Dubai where you can borrow a Maclaren trolley! We managed to put 3 thick jumpers, 2 pairs of jeans, leggings, top, vest, 2 sets of PJs, a big fluffy towel, 3 pairs of knickers, 4 pairs of socks, a hand towel and 2 cuddly toys in it without any problem. They can make their own passport holder and print out all the fun printable activity pack from their website to add to the passport to do during their journey!
You can also get the original Trunki Trixie or Terrance bundle for £40 which includes an original Trunki, a tote bag, saddle bag (to put over the Trunki, act as extra padding to sit on for the kids) and stickers set to decorate the Trunki, how cool is that!
Now that she's 5 and has gained a greater amount of interest in playing video games (certain amount of new rules had to be set), she has taken on interest in Skylanders as well, also introduced by her cousin (haha no, I don't blame them, gaming is part of this family)!
It also comes with character cards, stickers and character codes (for app games use), SF characters poster and game manual. So you don't need the previous games to play the 3rd game, nor to have played them to understand it.

You can freely swap the bodies and create up to 256 character combinations, which the game will recognise. Every so often, Activision, the clever people behind the Skylanders games, will also secretly and randomly slot rare character variants in containers shipped to retailers.
For the games I used to play (such as World of Warcraft, Guildwars, Diablo, etc) I only choose one character to play with and I was more than happy with it. The areas aren't really part of the main story line, so even if you don't unlock them it's not really a big issue.
We all know that children have short attention span, which probably apply to many adults as well as I've seen a lot of adult players in the other games that has a lot of high level characters that they always play with. You simply remove your current playing character figure from the Portal of Power, wait for the signal and put another character figure on.
People like me who are happy to stick to their favourites can just play the game with the character they like, and use others to unlock gates and chests only. Simply place another character figure onto the Portal of Power (although I think a similar combination of the swappable character that's already on the Portal of Power isn't allowed, a bit unsure about this). There are the usual collect this and that quest for a non player character (NPC) yes, but there are also puzzles and construction etc kind of brain games too. Not only does he lights up nicely on the colourful Portal of Power (the Portal of Power is almost like a mood lamp! Perhaps you are a hardcore collector who collects the rare and limited edition ones, or simply enjoy the game with one favourite? Not only do we get our own Dodo now, it actually speaks (and plays the Dodo tune), which makes him super adorable!
I'm not sure whether Ongo will be made into a plush in a later stage, it make sense that he will be. In fact, there was only one left that is available for that criteria (based on 10 adults, arriving on Saturday 28th December 2013 and staying for 7 nights in Yorkshire)! And for people who'd fancy having a break from the normal daily life, getting away together is certainly appealing!
We were kindly sent a Poppet, Abby's favourite Moshi Monster, to review, how awesome is that?! The hand luggage will go into airplane's cabin (not recommended for checking in), and it will definitely keep young children, especially tired ones, happy during transits. If we had a Trunki or even 2 then, the kids just had to sit on it while we pulled them along, instead of having to carry one and make the other walk all the way. I like it that they aren't just making products but really considering about children's need during the boring travelling before they reach their fun destinations. I might just consider getting him another Trunki so they'll stop fighting, and keep us hands free (apart from the pulling) during transits! It was really nice of the PR for letting us review the new Skylanders Swap Force Starter Pack, and we even did a video review for one of their Swap Force figure - Lightcore Grim Creeper! I've learned quite a lot and thought I should share here with you some background information as well. It is certainly not an expansion pack, so if your child (or even you) would still like to explore the previous 2 games, you'll have to get the starter packs for them.
The characters in the game will have the elemental power from both elements used for the body, for example, fire and water for the characters in the above picture. If you are lucky, you might be able to get yourself a rare figure that is priced the same as the normal figures. Any additional characters will just be my extra storage, or trained up to be a crafter of some sort.
However, they do open up to give you better treasure or skill booster, and if you want to maximise your game play, you might want to open these areas and chests up as well. The problem with the other games is that you'll need to log out of the game before you can swap to another character, and then start the game all over again right from the beginning. People like Abby who gets bored easily with one character can swap to something else to freshen up the game for them, and for people who only care about abilities at the right moment, they have lots of combinations they can work on!

The characters will be linked by something that looks like an air flow that keeps the distance close between the 2 however, so you can't split up and venture to different areas, but you will level up both characters and you can share the "loot" (money and treasure). Apart from launching their own English YouTube channel where you can catch up with all their English episodes, their merchandises has also finally made its way to the UK, and will be available very soon from The Entertainer and Amazon UK! Rita is ever so cute, and the plush toy quality are really very good, the toys look exactly like the characters in the show, unlike others that has wonky eyes, or lopsided mouth. The toys will be launched very soon at The Entertainer and Amazon UK, and as soon as I have the availability I'll certainly update you! I thought that most people will be like us, celebrating it quietly, or count down near the count down hot spots. The shoulder strap clasps are tough and there is no problem pulling a fully loaded Trunki with a 5 years old Abby sitting on top of it (Trunki can hold up to 50kg of items inside, not sure about the child on top but I don't see a problem with Abby on it)! We could have gone for a thinner towel too, and how often do you see a child packing 2 cuddly toys? If you aren't really sure why Skylanders Swap Force will make a great gift, perhaps for this Christmas, or why there are so many characters, then I hope this review can help shed some lights. The SA and Giants characters, however, can still be used with the new SF game, and if I'm not wrong, the data stored inside each figure will still be recognised in SF. But having understood the SF game, I understand now why you'll want to have more than one character, even if you aren't collecting them.
But then I received a press release which stated that a lot of people are celebrating New Year by renting a cottage for a week, with Whitby, the seaside town in Yorkshire being the most popular choice of location. We will be visiting our family down in the Midlands for a few days and Abby's favourite character on her own Trunki is like an early celebration!
The Trunki has a really cute key that can lock the clips on each side together, which is strong enough to hold the luggage together (you need to press the side of the clip to open it up). I'm obviously gonna repack as we will most likely spend most days inside, unless it snows, and I expect to be able to fit in the kids' toiletry bag as well after the repack! Although there can be quite a lot to collect, but it certainly makes buying presents easier!
If you still fancy going away, there are still a good selection to choose from, just need to be quick as popular places are going fast! European conflict dominates the strategy landscape and seeing a fresh perspective is very welcome.Sengoku is a deep character driven strategy game set in 16th century Japan.
There is also a soft silicon edge along the luggage's lid to prevent little fingers from getting hurt when accidentally caught while closing the case. We've bought a couple of characters for my nephew's Christmas present to add to his collection!
Use your military might, your smooth talking tongue, and your guile to increase your power. Always make sure you have competent heir, if you should die before your destiny has been reached. Key features Play as a Feudal Japanese Lord and manage your relations with family, friends, and enemies Rise in influence and power inside your clan and then move on to claim the ultimate prize, the control of Japan Conquer and grow while rewarding your most valued retainers as you make a bid to become Shogun Detailed historical map of Japan, divided into over 350 different provinces, during the Warring States era Manage your relations with three different religious factions, the Shinto, the Christians and the Buddhists Employ the aid of powerful Ninja clans when your Samurai armies are not enough You can hate this game. Sengoku is a grand strategy game set in real time exactly like Europa Universalis or Crusader Kings.
The diplomacy and politics of the game area really good and if you like the time period, the sengoku era or japan in general i highly suggest it. Some software glitches are so weird and wonderful that everyone likes them and looks back upon them fondly.

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