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By simply sending a text message to 898882, you can get either the scheduled time of arrival of the next 6 vehicles for all routes, arrival times for a specific route, or the arrival time for a specific route headed towards a particular direction. This is another example of how mobile technology is playing a simple yet vital role in making things more convenient for the general public.
Optical character recognition (OCR) is the task of extracting text from sources in image formats.
You will fill in the train and classify functions for a classification scheme of your choice.
Include a description of your classifier and a comparison of its performance to naive Bayes in your README file. I don't know of a setting for that specifically but you can make a text box, type in the text box and then re-size the box so it is narrow enough to only allow for one letter per line. You can also do the same with tables, but in general I think the text boxes are easier to work with for this type of formatting.
Indeed, it works this way, and you actually have control over the orientation, you don't just hope you made a cell thin enough.
Word's regular expressions differ from standard regex in some ways, and more information about using regular expressions in Word can be found here.
This is simply rotating the whole text rather than leaving it horizontal with one character per line. I think the only way this can be done while keeping the text vertical is using a Word Art Box. Not the answer you're looking for?Browse other questions tagged microsoft-word-2010 or ask your own question. What formatting is applied in this Word 2010 table, and how can I prevent it from being applied in tables by default? Every advance leads to benefits and to problems.The 9-digit zip code is great for delivery accuracy.

The right-hand side is a little more complicated since you're dealing with variable-length zip codes. The pasted results are nothing but numbers.Now when you sort, you just need to be sure to do it by two levels, first by the main zip code, then by the extension.
It's a database based on a spreadsheet, and now when you open the spreadsheet all the sheets disappeared? Before I start entering data, I select the column (or the appropriate cells), right click, select Format > Numbers, slide down to Text, OK.
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If you've received a friendly text message from a complete stranger this week, it’s likely you’ve just been introduced to your ‘text door neighbour’.
The craze, which is sweeping the internet, is seeing people contact their phone number neighbours with mixed results. So popular it’s become a verb, this private driver service has revolutionised travel in the capital.
Launched this summer, the official app for Boris’ fifth child can be used to search for nearby docking stations and check bike availability.
An award-winning budget planner, this helps you keep track of personal spending across multiple accounts, pay off credit cards and even makes suggestions on how to manage your finances better.
Promising to introduce women to ‘a lesbian that hasn’t slept with any of your friends’, this revamped dating app includes queer-themed news and blogs, upcoming event notices and an improved algorithm-matching system.
This new startup, which reckons it’s ‘Tinder for food’, pledges to narrow down your choice of lunchbreak destinations. Billed as the ‘anti-Tinder’, this new kid on the block delivers just a single match to users once a day.
One social media user took to Twitter to share her conversation with her text door neighbour, which saw the pair hit it off straight away.

Over 600 streetcar stops have already been affixed with a unique 5-digit Stop Number which you need when sending an SMS message to the TTC. You need Uncover, which redistributes cancelled reservations at some of the capital’s top restaurants, including The River Cafe and Nobu. There’s also a journey planner featuring easy, moderate and fast routes to satisfy all cycling tribes.
Sensors gathering air pollution data submit updates every hour, resulting in a scale that ranges from ‘fresh’ to ‘extremely polluted’.
NightCapp is a map that pinpoints more than 1,500 London watering holes that stay open past 11.30pm.
Suitable for all levels, programmes include yoga aimed at specific areas of the body and weight loss. Coffee Meets Bagel uses Facebook profile information to recommend suitors based on friends of friends.
If so, this SMS service launched by the Toronto Transit Commission (TTC) might be of great help to you.
And then if it isn't just five digits, then you want to see the right-hand five digits of the zip code (including the dash) or the right-hand four digits (if you want to leave out the dash and put it in manually somehow). After that, i tried to make some changes and for to do it easily, i went to Window > Divide, then i saved the file and all sheets disappeared!!!. Unlike other dating apps, Bristlr is unashamedly all about hooking up the hairy with the hairless.
Click More Options and fill out the window as shown, searching for ^0, caret zero, and replacing with '0, apostrophe zero.

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