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Home > Diamond Education > What is the cost of designing my own engagement ring if I have my own diamond? Let’s start at the beginning by addressing your first question, which was how much does it cost to design an engagement ring if you already have the center stone, and the answer is that it does not cost any more to design a ring if you purchase the diamond from Brian Gavin, or if you already have the diamond, the price of the setting, or custom designing a setting, is the same because it is based upon the characteristics of the ring, the time spent designing the ring, and the costs related to producing the ring. In this particular instance, it isn’t really necessary to custom design a ring, because you’ve already indicated that you like the Lauren setting from Brian Gavin in 18k rose gold, thus the price of the setting is going to be the amount indicated on the product details page for the ring size and metal type selected from the drop down menu. In the event that you actually wanted to custom design an engagement ring for a diamond which you were either buying from Brian Gavin, or which you already own, you would simply contact our customer service department for a quote, which would be based upon the time allotted to design the ring, the material costs which will be based upon the alloy type and the amount of metal used, any accent diamonds which may be part of the design, production costs, etc., and we’d name the design after you or the person who the ring is being designed for if you’d like.
Diamonds that are warmer in tone, such as those in the L-M-N color range, definitely look wonderful set in 14k or 18k rose gold; it is one of my favorite metals to use for engagement rings containing diamonds that are in the faint yellow to yellow color spectrum.

However diamonds that are colorless to near colorless, such as those in the D-E-F colorless, to G-H-I-J near colorless range, also look exceptional set in rose gold; it is one of those metals that seems to accentuate whatever color diamond is set into it. Brian Gavin will sell a setting or custom design a setting, for diamonds that were not purchased by Brian Gavin, however only in the event that Brian Gavin is setting the diamond, we do not send out blank versions of our settings that are not set with a center stone… plus it’s best to have us set the diamond in any setting which we design, because we understand the design and thus know how the diamonds need to be set, this is something that can vary from one setting design to another.
You can use your local jeweler to have the ring inspected, cleaned, and polished; we recommend having your ring checked by a qualified local jeweler two times per year, such as when you change your clocks to adjust for daylight savings time.
This entry was written by Danny, posted on October 6 at 9:00 am, filed under Diamond Education. Find a wide selection of the highest quality Brian Gavin Signature diamonds in multiple shapes and cuts.

However please send your ring back to Brian Gavin for any repairs that might be necessary over the course of time, to maintain the validity of the warranty. Follow any comments here with the RSS feed for this post.Trackbacks are closed, but you can post a comment.

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