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Available on almost every platform, Wunderlist allows users to access their to-do lists from almost anywhere. While Wunderlist has great features, one drawback is that it’s difficult to get a comprehensive view of all of your tasks.
Among many competitive features, Todoist provides its users with real-time syncing, custom labels and filters for tasks, the option to set sub-tasks, templates for recurring projects, and location-based reminders (for example, it can ping you to pick up milk when you pass by a grocery store).
One of its most unique features is Todoist Karma, which helps users stay motivated by “gamifying” productivity. Ranked on Lifehacker as the best to-do app for iPhone, combines a simple interface with powerful features. The app is helpful for the every-day user — but if you are the type of person who wants to access your to-do list from everywhere you go, it probably isn’t for you.
Q: What do you do for a living a€“ what are your hobbies a€“ how closely do these two overlap? Ia€™m the founder, creative director and co-owner of Feltraiger, an American made menswear brand based in Brooklyn, NY.
A home is one of the biggest investments in your lifetime.Don’t you want a builder who cares as much as you do? Additional features with Pro include assigning an unlimited number of tasks to others, attaching files of any size, and adding unlimited subtasks. In their blog, Microsoft explained, “The addition of Wunderlist to the Microsoft product portfolio fits squarely with our ambition to reinvent productivity for a mobile-first, cloud-first world.” Does Wunderlist meet the hype?
Beyond the basic features such as the ability to star important tasks, create multiple lists, sort by due date and priority, and add tasks via e-mail, Wunderlist is also considered “the prettiest to-do list app out there.” You can customize your background using their collection of images. The basic version allows users to assign up to 25 to-do’s to collaborators, add notes to tasks that need explaining, share lists, sort lists into folders, attach 5 MB worth of photos and PDFs, and start conversations about tasks. According to The Verge, which rated Wunderlist as the best to-do list app, most of its key features are “never more than a tap or two away.” The app also works with Apple Watch. For example, you can see your sub-tasks only if you individually select the tasks they fit under. Additional features with Premium include keyword search, color-coded labels, task notes and file uploads, push notifications, location-based reminders, adding tasks via email, productivity tracking, iCalendar synchronization, project templates, and automatic backups. This new platform allows users to sync tasks between Evernote and Todoist and convert Evernote files into Todoist projects and tasks. Users can accumulate points by meeting their goals and visualize their progress on beautiful, color-coded graphs. With premium, you get unlimited shared tasks, 100 MB per file of uploads, full access to moment, multiple themes, customized recurring tasks, location-based reminders, and premium support. If you miss a call, the app will provide you with options to dismiss the alert, return the call immediately, or set a reminder to call back .
Although is available on iPhone, Android, Chrome, Web, and Desktop, it doesn’t match its competitors’ cross-platform support. I think ita€™s mostly known for being a€?deatha€™s waiting rooma€?, where people go to retire amongst the beautiful weather and palm trees.

Our first collection came out in the fall of 2010 so we have been doing this about 5 years now. This is a little one liner I wrote for a song back when I was in a band and have tattooed across my legs. One of the top grossing iPhone apps, Omnifocus 2, sells for $39.99, allowing those who simultaneously work on multiple complex projects to track their tasks and deliverables. To pick the app that works well for you, I suggest trying them all out to see which best accommodates your lifestyle. In a post published in The Observer, Mark Hurst, author of Bit Literacy, says the right productivity tool should help you “prioritize to dos, categorize them, allow for editing, and separate what you have to work on today from the to-dos you can safely ignore until tomorrow.” This is the bare minimum. One drawback, however, is that you can’t upload your own images — and to use Wunderlist’s most visually-appealing backgrounds, you have to upgrade to Pro.
Furthermore, its unique hashtag feature allows you to link tasks together, even if they are not on the same list. Todoist also integrates with Google Calendar and Github, and it’s available everywhere, from desktop apps for Windows and OSX to add-ons for Firefox and Chrome. Similarly to Wunderlist, Todoist recently integrated with Apple Watch, which allows users to quickly dictate reminders and use a “Glance View” function to check how many tasks are left for the day. Similarly, if you are too busy to answer a text message, can send automated messages such as “Can’t talk now. Wea€™re not all settled and moved in yet but ita€™s really nice to finally have a place to work here, Ia€™ve been working from home since we moved all design and production out here from Brooklyn a year ago.
Everyone hated on it growing up, maybe thata€™s just what kids do, hate where they are from and dream of living somewhere else, but I liked it and still do. I love this job and as gnarly as it gets sometimes, therea€™s nothing I can think of that id rather be doing with my life. I thought they were a fake shoe brand because I hadna€™t heard of them before then and had never seen them in stores. Now, with features ranging from automatic recurring tasks to location-based reminders, to-do apps are becoming much more advanced. As you complete your tasks, the circle will also complete, giving you a clean, satisfying visual of how far you’ve come. 1800sqft with a showroom and an actual design office, ita€™s heaven.A  Q: A Where did you grow up?
I mean, I was 9 when that movie came out and there was no internet to just google a pair and have them shipped to my house. I have a tendency to get wrapped up in things which feels like having blinders on, ia€™ll pick up my head and almost feel like Ia€™ve been in my own little bubble. Instead, it simply sorts tasks into categories of “Today,” “Tomorrow,” “Upcoming,” and “Someday.” This task triage makes it easy for you to feel in control of your day, and it helps prevent future tasks from cluttering what you have to focus on today.
For example, if you set “Call Doctor” as a task, you can simply tap the task for your phone to automatically call the number you stored for your Doctor.
Lauderdale and other parts of south Florida playing shows, at band practice, and in the studio.

The entrepreneur lifestyle doesna€™t lend much time to a€?hobbiesa€?, but as I get older the concept of not working myself into the ground becomes more and more important to me and Ia€™m constantly working hard on time management and allowing myself to free my mind of work to do other things.
I had heard and read miscellaneous things about the company being bought and sold but it seemed like for the most part PFa€™s were still pretty unavailable.
Sometimes this will last an hour, sometimes months, and ita€™s very easy to do when you run a business and work as a designer.
Moved to Orlando after I graduated to go to school for audio engineering and entertainment business and then up to NYC to work for The Agency Group booking bands. I brought two motorcycles with me from Brooklyn when I moved out here, the Sportster is my daily and the Shovelhead is a work in progress that ia€™m about a month away from wrapping up. We were showing the new Feltraiger collection at a tradeshow in NYC and I was mid conversation with someone when I looked over their shoulder and saw the PF Flyers booth.
Ita€™s a reminder to live in the moment, stop to smell the roses, and participate in the world.
I try to ride everyday and think about working on them all the time, but it doesna€™t happen as much as ia€™d like.
I LOVE older cars and driving, so moving out to LA gave me the opportunity to finally get my dream truck, a 1963 Chevy C-10. Parry gave me a walk through of the collection and I have been wearing PF Center Hia€™s and Loa€™s since! When I need to lug fabric and things around town I get to take the truck, and while its in pretty great shape, it needs a lot of work. My first question was a€?is there any chance these are made in the USA?a€?, with my first thought being I wanted to carry them in our store. She assured me that they were working on it and here we are, a few years later, carrying MADE IN USA PF Flyers in our store in Brooklyn.
Aside from that ia€™m really working on spending more time outdoors, enjoying the parks and perfect weather and getting out to the beach. My plan was to come out here and get production all set up and move back to south Florida in a few years, but now that Ia€™m here I know Ia€™m never leaving.A  Q: What do you do for a living a€“ what are your hobbies a€“ how closely do these two overlap?
I grew up skateboarding and snowboarding, but surfing was always something that I wanted to learn and I have never been able to pick up.
I love the feeling of just being in the water, and the way you feel all day with salt in your hair and the sun on your skin, so that was my new years resolution this yeara€¦ learn how to surf!
To me they represent the rebellious American style and are timeless, things I can work on and one day hand over to my kids and they will continue to get better with age. Thats our goal with our clothing, inspired by timeless American style with quality to last a lifetime, or two.A  Q: When did your relationship with PF Flyers begin?

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