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Have you ever met a girl whose dream was to stay house, read training books, and NEVER meet her Prince Charming? Meaning that when you walk over there, you’re already convinced that she qualifies, which makes the burden on your to qualify yourself to her. In order to get the right kind of man interested in you, you need to present yourself appropriately. The second option is what most girls feel comfortable doing, but if you want a better chance of getting a boyfriend, you should have a go at both.
If you want a guy to come over to talk to you, you need to give him a sign you’re interested. If you want to really know how to attract a guy and keep him, I suggest you check out From Flirting To Forever by dating expert Kara Oh.
Most guys make the mistake of only considering their own physical criteria, which is satisfied as soon as you look at her.
If you’re not confident, how are you going to gain the courage to do what is needed to get that guy? You will appear more attractive to the opposite sex, and people will notice you when you walk in a room.

Any girl can get a guy by flashing some skin, but if you want a more meaningful relationship, you’ll have to do a lot more then that.
Going out to get a guy with smelly arm pits is not a good idea, so make sure your basic health is in check. If for example you look over him at and smile a few times, this will give him a good indication that you want to talk to him. In this case, you can either make it more obvious by waving him over, or you can go over to him. This book explains not only how to attract a man, but also how to make sure they’re the right guy for you, and how to make them fall in love with the real you.
There’s nothing a guy likes more then self confidence, so pull this off and you’re half way there to getting your man! Doing this will make it hard for potential guys to see you as a potential girlfriend, and will dramatically decrease the amount of guys that will get into that initial conversation with you.
It will increase his confidence, as you have singled him out as the object of your attention.
I’d suggest you try the waving first, and if he waves back then going up to him is an option.

This is something that can be learned, and is well covered in this ebook (Among other things).
Try and avoid the common black and other dim colours, help yourself stand out from the crowd. This’ll make him feel a lot less likely to get rejected, and give him a greater chance to come and chat you up.
He may feel shy to go over to you if you have friends around, so show your new found confidence and go over to him. If he’s with his friends, you may want to suggest you go and find your own spot or table where you can get to know each other further.
Below we look at some of the best ways to attract a guy, and what you need in order to do this.

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