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Post-GazettePittsburgh “offers a lot of what I’m interested in: a financial sector, a nonprofit sector and great sports,” said Mr. Christopher Heinz, an heir to the family food company fortune and youngest son of Teresa Heinz Kerry and the late U.S. One thing he ruled out is a run for public office in the near term, despite wide speculation a decade ago that he would move back to Pennsylvania to launch a political career. Their move is targeted to occur by next fall at the latest so that his 5-year-old son can start kindergarten in Pittsburgh.
Despite his lifelong connection to the city, the great-great-grandson of the founder of the former H.J. Last year he left a New York firm he co-founded, Rosemont Capital (named for the family’s Fox Chapel property).

Andre Heinz, who has been actively involved in environmental programs for the endowments, has a residence in the region but spends time in several places in the U.S. Another reason he’s keen to settle in the city is to make sure his children have the full experience of growing up as fans of the professional football team that plays its games at Heinz Field.
House as a Republican in 1971 and became a senator in 1977, serving until his 1991 death in a plane crash near Philadelphia.
Heinz, who was 18 when his father died, and his two older brothers spent summers at the family estate in Fox Chapel, and he travels here several times a year to attend board meetings at the endowments, where he chairs the investment committee. Heinz said he understood why people would assume he would be interested, given the careers of his father and stepfather, Secretary of State John Kerry. Heinz, who studied history at Yale and has a master of business administration from Harvard, has spent his career working primarily in private equity and investments.

He is currently working with another group on a new business plan but is “uneasy about my professional anchor being in New York. Heinz serves on the board of the Navy SEAL Foundation and is a past board member of several other organizations, including St. He lives with his wife and daughter in Bucks County, where he is a blacksmith and until recently funded a school that used Buddhist practices to help at-risk students. He wants to surround his young children with his family’s legacy and establish their roots in a place he believes has an ideal mix of civic and cultural opportunities.

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