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The Biltmore is the first hotel to locally campaign for gay weddings, according to Karen Brown, executive director of the LGBT Visitor Center in Miami Beach. The Biltmore on Sunday introduced it’s “Love is Love” gay and lesbian wedding campaign at a brunch for the Miami Gay & Lesbian Film Festival. The campaign photos were shot by Coral Gables photographer Manolo Doreste of In Focus Studios. Plasencia, who has many gay relatives, said she got the idea after speaking with a colleague from Little Palm Island in the Keys.
Many gay men and women from South Florida are traveling to other places for their legal ceremonies and returning home for their wedding receptions.
Plasencia did her research, and found that one year after the state of New York passed marriage equality in 2011, New York City’s economy grew $259 million, according to Mayor Michael Bloomberg. Last summer, I hate to admit it, but I didn’t get to enjoy an ounce of the warm weather. I know I’m not the only one out there that was too busy to enjoy some summer last year so I wanted to invite you workaholics and other homebodies to check out this list of activities that you can enjoy alone or with friends to make the most out of your summer experience. What’s great about summer is that you can do a lot of activities for little to no cost just by going outside and being active. It’s easy to attend pride in your own city but why not grab some friends and road trip it somewhere else to experience what they have to offer. Last summer, Patrick and Adam were able to head on a sailing trip through the Straight of Georgia here in BC with a friend who owns a boat. Camping for me is a go-to summer staple but unfortunately, I haven’t been able to enjoy it much in the last few summers. I just love how the second guy on the left seems to be checking out the other guy’s package.

While this new ad doesn’t deviate dramatically from the Lynx ad formula, it has acknowledged that some guys would rather attract hot members of the same-sex.
Each attendee received a postcard featuring romantic photos of three very different wedding parties: two gay men, a straight couple and two lesbians. Supreme Court in June strikes a portion of the Defense of Marriage Act, the 1996 law that prevents the federal government from recognizing same-sex marriages, even more gay and lesbian couples will wed.
I was so busy working and when I was free, I didn’t try to make the effort to enjoy the sunny weather. Many local farmer’s markets offer samplings and tasters for you to find exactly what you like. What’s great about the summer is that a majority of cities have outdoor festivals and many are inexpensive or even free. When she's not serving as IT dept at The Outmost HQ (that's what you get for being the youngest) she's usually babbling about Taylor Swift or Beyonce.
From jams, to meats and cheeses, fruits and the like, you’re sure to find a great selection of tastings to add to your refrigerator.
Check your local paper or watch for flyers involving jazz or cultural festivals playing in parks or fields near you. Your friends may have connections to someone with a speed boat to go waterskiing or compile a group of friends together to rent a catamaran out for the afternoon to grab a tan. If you don’t trust yourself, you can always ask your hairstylist for a closer, shorter cut.
Whether its tied between two trees or an apparatus you bought from Home Depot, nothing says summer more than enjoying some shut eye outside in the sun or the shade. If you missed the chance to check out some fireworks over Canada Day or the Fourth of July, then see what other festivals in your area are serving up some light in the sky over July and August.

Patrick and I checked out a waterpark last summer and it was one of the highlights of the summer. Find some local bike trails in your area that you’ve never explored or even start riding your bike to work to kick start your day.
This summer, I declared that I would make the most out of the small window of opportunity we have to enjoy the sunshine, the beach and everything in between. Not only will the pride be fun itself but you’ll enjoy the party in the car all the way there.
If you do shave your head, you may attract some attention with people wanting to give your head a feel. Grab a blanket and a special someone and cozy up together while you watch the spectacle above. There is nothing wrong with grabbing a few friends and heading to the nearest waterslides to relive your childhood and believe me, you won’t be the only adults doing the same thing. Grab a tent and head to your local National park or rent an RV with some buddies and hit a campground. Check out the ten activities I want to attempt this summer and add them to your summer to-do list.
Make a playlist of your favorite tunes and pack some healthy snacks for a great ride and a good time.
Whatever, you do and whatever style fits you best, enjoy the time away from computers, cell phones and TV to live in nature for a few days.

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