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This is all well and good, until Facebook redirects the request to SSL and then it’s not blocked AND encrypted! Download Google Chrome Offline InstallerDownload the latest Google chrome offline installation setup file form the official google support link mentioned at end of the post. Faebook Allowing To Send Photos In Facebook ChatToday Facebook has added the new feature to send the photos from the facebook chat.
If you are one of the network administrators looking for simple ways to block the websites to restrict the user access on network, then here are some simple tools for you.
BrowseControl enables employers to enforce their companies Internet Usage Policy, by blocking and restricting your staff’s access to certain websites. This trick will is useful to block any websites which are surfing by your children or anyone in your house or company computers.
If you just wanted to block websites on the single system then you could use the hosts file changes method but if you are looking to block websites on several systems on network then you should a tool.
At the onset, you’ll need to provide an e-mail address and set up password protection before using the program. Stop downloading advertising banners and prohibit undesirable web site browsing to keep your privacy and reduce internet traffic.

It will give you full control over which websites your staff are able to surf at their workstations.
After Blocking a Website Google will not display the content of the blocked websites in search result. You can also block the software from validating the product key or license information form the software website. I am also a computer professinal, looking for this to stop me from accessing FB on PC & limit me to access only on Mobile to save my time. It is a shareware but if you really liked it, then the tool should be appropriate for you to buy.
If you want to include the website in your search result then remove it from your blocked list.
Just add the URLs of your choice and select whether you want to block a specific page or unblock it. What you probably didna€™t know, though, is that Adblock doesna€™t function as indiscriminately as you might expect; though the program hides a number of advertisements by default, ad giants like Google can and do pay Eyeo, the company behind Adblock Plus, to keep their advertisements on the companya€™s Acceptable Ads whitelist. By default, display ads from those who pay are visible even when Adblock is enabled.ADVERTISEMENTThe policy isna€™t exactly new.

Eyeo implemented the Acceptable Ads whitelist back in 2011, in part to prevent depriving small websites of valuable ad revenue.
Adblock Plusa€™s current approach allows legitimate ads while discouraging harmful ones, and in doing so hopefully helps to shape the online advertising landscape for the better.
After this one global year so many people will buzz that most of the people that would pay will lose interest. As it stands it will likely lose a ton of costumers then sell out to someone who thinks they can revive it by offering it to every1 for free.
To be honest, I’m more annoyed by all those social network plugins that take forever to load.

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