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I demonstrated how to make an external content type programmatically during the SPC 405 – Business Connectivity Services Runtime and Object Model Deep Dive session at the 2009 Microsoft SharePoint Conference.
To begin, leta€™s take a moment to understand what types of business situations lend well to programmatically creating external content types.
For example, an engineer in the engineering department creates a specification for a new product. To build on the example above the first thing that needs to be done is to hook the creation of a new product and associated suppliers in the ERP system to the creation of an external content type. The BDC administration API allows you to make changes to the metadata in the BDC metadata store.
As I mentioned earlier, the exact implementation you choose will depend on your environment.
To begin, create the appropriate Visual Studio project for your implementation and add references to the following assemblies.

Next, connect to the BDC Metadata Store where the definitions for external content types are stored.
Next, create the Entityto represent the Customers table and define which column(s) make up the identifier for the Entity. Next, create the specific finder Method, specify the query it will use, and define the input and output parameters associated with it.
Next, create the finder Method, specify the query it will use, and define the output parameters associated with it. After the code executes check Central Administration to verify the external content type is successfully created.
As always, I hope this article saves you time and effort and helps you understand how to put this technology to use. I have a question posted on MSFT forum… Is the BCS Server DLL missing GetCatalog() implementation of Administration Metadata Catalog?

This error suggests that assembly cannot be found, however I’ve verified that assembly does exist in GAC. I feel delighted to read such a good post, I would like to thank the Author for this marvelous efforts.
Our consultants are experts in workers compensation reserve reviews, premium analysis, and policy audits. To troubleshoot the problem, open this Web page in a Microsoft SharePoint Foundation-compatible HTML editor such as Microsoft SharePoint Designer.

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