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Choose Install Themes and search for a theme you like.  Use the filters to help you find a theme that has the features you want. Once people discovered the importance of having backlinks to achieve higher rankings, things got out of control.
Now, if this were a blog about hunting, obviously this would be a poor product choice because it’s irrelevant to my visitors. I’m continuing with my theme of responding to your emails about your biggest site issues.
It seems like meta tags works within the blog, and help audience to become easier searching for posts they want to read, but never thought it would be work for search engine, thanks. I have taken the position these days, that while SEO elements such as page titles and descriptions play a factor in ranking (or click through for the description), there are over some 200+ things that effect ranking and they must be given attention to. Great information as always Lisa, by the way could you share why you don’t use the Yoast plugin? I think SEO plugins are bloated and the only thing I really valued (the ability to add meta tags) is something that my theme already has built in. Nice one Lisa, i think Edos Ubebe is right,going for less competitive keywords help rank faster. SEO is now the most top priority for me because I expect to get some of that free organic traffic one day. Hello Lisa is my pleasure to write to you I enjoyed your recent post but my question is can I earn money from people liking my Facebook page? If your preferred method isn't listed above, please feel free to Contact Me about it and we'll be happy to help. This is one thing that impressed me and your story how you did all of those ways you monetize your blog. A well planned day always helps, and I think you can cover a great deal in the early morning hours.
Ok the question is can i still make money with adsense if there are not pay per click advertisers? Hi lisa, am a novice with anything to with blogs blah blah, how can you help me earn money just like others . But with other information blog that I am running, AdSense ads are performing as per my expectation. 1) One of the ways I personally protected my Adsense account after I was getting fraudulent clicks (there were a ton of people getting banned in March 2013 because of this) was through setting up a Cloudflare account and running my nameservers through there. If I remember from my research in the forums at that time, there was some type of attack from Germany resulting in thousands of websites getting fraudulent clicks…and a ton of people getting banned. After it started I reported it to Google, put my site into maintenance mode and then asked you for help. Think of topics that are trending and the problems associated with them.  What solutions can you provide? Websites began selling links and people started buying them.  Suddenly, the search engine results pages were flooded with people who were only ranking well because they had purchased links or participated in a bunch of link networks or exchanges. Know your audience.  Find relevant products and only recommend ones that you truly believe in.
Actually I was about to write an article on the same topic bu when I searched I found this article and it is that much good I think I don’t need to create one. A handful of you mentioned that you are struggling with ranking and optimizing your pages (specifically meta tags and understanding how on-page factors influence your rank). I’ve come to realize that in order to rank well in the search engines, one needs not to go for highly competitive keyword because there’s a better chance of ranking for low competitive keyword or what do you think?
Even I’ve been openly critical about some of the aspects of the program such as lack of transparency, minimal support for smaller publishers and inconsistent advice. May I know, what the maximum payment that you receive from your research about google adsense in this article, is it still relevant today? These are the kinds of pages you want to add to your menu because they play a big role with converting sales and setting the tone for your site.

For example, in this tech world we live in there are tons of aches and pains associated with spending too much time hunched over and in front of electronic devices.
I think for competitive keywords, you really need strong links and a good web present to rank for. I do not use custom meta description or meta tag but i took help be assure how quality article actually i am posting.
I had them all nicely perfected ie which ones I wanted indexed and which ones I didn’t want indexed.
The other thing I noticed about the new Yoast Update (I installed it for reference for this post) is that it’s not intuitive to enter the meta description.
I am a new blogger who needs your guidance, and since you speak in lamen terms ?? I wanted to ask you about begining to blog and adsense.
Thank you very much for this, It’s great that you are keeping up with the times and switching to different methods such as this!
Plus, it’s important to make sure your theme is always updated to reflect any WordPress software updates. Remember, not every site should be in a full-blog format with nothing but links to categories.
A very relevant niche for today would be a site that helps people get relief from backaches, neck aches, eyestrain and tips for keeping the body pain-free in a technology-driven world. So I decided to dive into this subject for my 3rd podcast (here’s the transcript) since I get so many questions about it.
One does need to take care of having a little bit of exercise, adequate rest, sleep, and follow a good diet as well. Sometimes developers abandon free themes and if WordPress updates their software, your theme may break. You could even create YouTube videos demonstrating how to sit properly, position laptops in the most ergonomically correct way, etc. Some of you use plugins like Yoast or All in One SEO, and they let you manually enter data for these tags.
Simple things that we writers tend to ignore because of the sedentary lifestyle we all lead, and unknowingly it leads to health issues that we sit and regret later. The more interested you are in the topic you choose, the better off you will be.  It will also be easier to develop your angle and define your mission, goals, strategy, etc. Or if you have a StudioPress theme (affiliate link) like me, the fields are built into the WordPress editor. Do you think thats why its easir to rank and do you think google will try to monopolize blogger sites and allow them to rank higher than wordpress sites?
Right now, I use The Genesis Prose Theme on this site.  I love how clean the Genesis Framework is and this theme is responsive so the design adjusts nicely for smaller mobile devices. Yoast has a Content Analyzer that encourages you to optimize your meta title, description and other on-page factors. I wanted to write something that really stands out so if it does rank, it will give people a reason to click. Google AdSense If you have enough traffic, Google AdSense can be one of the easiest ways to make money from your site.  Having said that, it is also one of the most riskiest monetization models simply because Google has gotten very trigger-happy with regards to disabling accounts. As an AdSense publisher, you are representing Google and considered a partner, so they are pretty selective about who they let into the program now.
So it may do you some good to hold off on submitting your application.  Wait until your site has a bit of traffic and be sure it is polished, useful and centered around one theme. The free book is offered on the confirmation page immediately after you order.  Don’t miss it!
Selling an eBook Selling your own products, specifically ebooks, is a great way to monetize your site. Yes, they still have value (except for the Keyword tag and engines admit they ignore it), but I personally feel the title and description are more helpful AFTER your site ranks. Just select WordPress Hosting and the WordPress script will automatically be installed on your domain.

With social media playing such a huge role with SEO, never underestimate the power of building authentic relationships with people in your niche. The reason I prefer an ebook over a hard back is I can keep it updated in this ever-changing online world and ebooks are easier and cheaper to distribute. So if you are trying to rank for a competitive keyword, it doesn’t matter what you put inside those meta tags, you need strong links pointing to your site. I’ll talk more about that in a bit, but first watch a helpful video by Google that covers all the basic search engine optimization tips. There is no setup involved at all.  Once you setup your vendor account with either site, the affiliate program is already in place. Then you’ll be on your way to creating an additional layer of income by having affiliates promote your products. Now, if it’s a less competitive phrase, then the content on the page and meta tags play more of a role. Years ago, so much of your rankings depended upon your content, meta tags and volume of sites that link to you.  Content is still super important and so are backlinks, but Google has significantly downgraded the value of certain kinds of links. I use AWeber for my list and have been with them since day 1.  They allow you to segment your list so you can send out very targeted mailings. Creating a Membership Site Let me just say that I have absolutely no experience with creating a membership site with WordPress.
But once your content is actually ranking, you can use your meta title and description to get more clicks by making them more engaging. So submitting to massive amounts of directories and setting up a bunch of link exchanges is a worthless tactic today.
Social media now plays a very significant role in where your posts and pages rank.  So if your content gets shared by influential people, that will have much more of an impact than just stuffing your posts with keywords you want to rank for. Obviously you need visitors to have any sort of chance, but your audience also needs to trust you before they decide to buy anything you sell or recommend (affiliate marketing). I actually use Premise (no longer available) to create landing page on WordPress, but this plugin also has a Membership module that will allow you to build a complete membership site integrated with payments. Remember my last post about AdSense Contributor? (By the way, that’s an example of an internal. Watch the video below where I discuss the evolution of SEO and what to expect in the future.
This blog makes most of its money from sales of my ebook Niche Website Success, affiliate marketing and AdSense. Start with websites that sell products that are related to your site and see if they have a program. Selling Ad Space WordPress makes it super easy to sell ad space from your site.  Once again, plugins make this process very convenient. For example, you could join BuySellAds and they will help you find advertisers for your site.  Then you install their plugin to help place and manage the ads. The downside of using a 3rd party to manage your ads is they take a healthy cut of each sale.  You can eliminate this by managing the ad process yourself.
For example, the StudioPress affiliate program is a big earner for this blog because I use their themes, they are relevant to my site’s topic and I promote them in multiple places here. In fact, many of the popular shopping cart solutions like Shopify offer WordPress plugins that play nicely with their services. Thanks to WordPress, the complexities of creating an online store have been diminished.  Just search the web for plugin that fit your needs and install!

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