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If you've only just installed SQL Server, you might notice that some databases have already been created. NorthwindSample databaseThis database can be used for training purposes, and is based on a fictitious company called "Northwind Traders". The following steps demonstrate how to create a database in SQL Server using Enterprise Manager. You will now notice your new database appears under the "Databases" section of Enterprise Manager. If we'd wanted to, we could have specified a different location for these files by using the "Data Files" tab and "Transaction Log" tab. Data flow sources - Source makes data from different external data sources available to the other components in the data flow.
Data flow transformations - Transformations can perform tasks such as updating, summarizing, cleaning, merging, and distributing data. Data flow destinations - Destination writes the data from a data flow to a specific data store, or creates an in-memory dataset.
Connection Manager - Here we will specify source connection manager which we created for source file.
Columns -This tab allows the user to select required output columns and user can also change the output column names. Error Output - Using this tab, the user can decide the behavior of the component in case of failure. I also had an error trying to use the same files from the download, remember to save them with a different name (they are downloaded as read only and SSIS will fail) then reasign in the Excel connection Manager.
Ignore Failure: Selecting this will ignore any failure while reading rows from source and the package will continue executing even any error occurred. Redirect Row: Selecting this will redirect the failed rows to other component which is connected with the error precedence constraints. For later versions, check out the SQL Server 2008 tutorial and the SQL Server 2014 tutorial. After all, most of the tasks you perform with SQL Server will evolve around one or more databases.

The Model database is a system database which is used as a template whenever a new database is created. We also could have changed specifications on whether to allow the file to grow automatically (as it stores more and more data), and if so, how that growth should be managed.
The package given below reads the data from a source tab delimited text file and based on certain conditions, saves the output in two separate Excel Output Files. Select Integration service project in new project window and give the appropriate name and location for project. Connection manager editor opens up which contains 4 tabs, General, Columns, Advanced and Preview. If source file contains null values, select “Retain null values from Source as null values in the data flow” checkbox. Drag and drop a Conditional Split Component from Data Flow Transformations Tab into Data flow Task Container window.
Double click on the Conditional Split component, it will open Conditional Spilt Component editor window. Drag and drop Excel Destination component from Data Destinations tab into Data Flow Task Container.
In the Input Output Selection popup window, select appropriate conditional output for example “HigherSalary” conditional output and click ok. Double Click on the Excel Destination Component which will open Excel Destination Editor Window. Select Destination File location and the appropriate Excel Sheet Name where you want to insert the success output data with salary values higher than 20000.
On click of OK, error icon is shown in the destination excel file component and it displays the message “Cannot Convert between Unicode and Non-Unicode string data types”. To resolve this issue, we need to insert a Data Conversion Transformation Component between Conditional Split and Excel Destination Component.
Double Click on the Data Conversion Component, it will open Data Conversion Transformation editor. Click OK and connect the success arrow of Data Conversion component into Excel Destination Component.

Now add one more Data Conversion Transformation Component and connect the second success output of Conditional Split to it. Once you run the package, data will be saved in the destination output files as per the condition specified in the Conditional Split Component. If you use the left pane to navigate to your database and expand the tree, you will notice that your database already contains a number of objects.
If first row of source file contains headers, then select the checkbox “Column names in the first data row". Drag and Connect the success output (which is shown by Green arrow) of Flat File Source Component to Conditional Split Component. Connect the success arrow of the Conditional Split Component to Excel Destination, Input Output selection window will be popped up. Double click on Excel Data Conversion Component and click on the mapping tab and map the output of Data Conversion Component to input of Excel Destination Component and click ok.
Go to the Solution Explorer and right click on the package and select “Execute Package".
If first row of source file contains headers, then select the checkbox “Column names in the first data row". If all components turn “GREEN”, it means package has run successfully, if there is any error, the component which has failed to execute will be shown in “RED” Color. If all components turn “GREEN”, it means package has run successfully, if there is any error, the component which has failed to execute will be shown in “RED” Color.
Connect the input of the newly added Data Conversion Component to it and do the mapping as required.

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