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When it comes to sound the traditional brand shows why it has proved good and was able to win a lot of international prizes for 30 years.
Lets the groups of instruments merge in such a musical way and is a tasteful blend of clean structures, enriched by a personal touch. It offers a great variety of sources, …and can be driven quickly and simply by smartphone or tablet. Open and dynamic, it extracts a stunning level of detail presenting music with brilliant clarity and precision. Stream a few CD-quality WAV files and the Cyrus makes an immediate impact, with a wonderfully open and inviting soundstage.
Once again this proves that a Cyrus device creates its proverbial musicality from the wonderful midrange. The Stereo 200 is one of the few Class D amplifiers that are able to take on the best of the comparable parallel classes A and AB. The top-class Stream combines DAC, network player and pre-amplifier for rather reasonably priced 2790 Euros. It has all the hallmarks of the Cyrus sound: detail is breathtaking, the timing is razor sharp but never clinical, and the delivery is fast and uninterrupted. There’s plenty of space at the top end for the music to reach a natural high without ever feeling strained or getting too bright, while basslines are agile and strong.
I have almost stopped listening to CD since discovering this and am coming to the conclusion that streamers are better than computers at delivering digital signals.
The streamer has considerably more gravitas, there is a palpability to the sound that makes everything more vibrant and real. When the Cyrus takes over this becomes more solid and three-dimensional largely because the bottom end is fully fleshed out. Delivers massive amounts of detail, the noise floor is very low so you can hear right down into the mix.
It makes for a palpable sense of realism with a great recording and makes you want to hear more hi-res material. The sound is dynamic, never short on pace and opens up your digital files to an extent that few CD transports can hope to emulate.
Cyrus has succeeded in making an easy to set-up and use streamer that delivers the sonic goods. Internet radio service is built into every Cyrus streaming model and provides access to over 30,000 stations from around the globe!
If you already own one of our Streaming Audio Players you will already know how extensive the selection of radio stations is on the inbuilt TuneIn radio service.
YouTube on Thursday entered the increasingly crowded field of music streaming, hoping to reach a new audience through a user-friendly service that seizes on the video giant’s vast variety.
Called YouTube Music, the platform will offer songs both with and without video, and users will be able to switch instantly to an audio-only mode. In a feature it hopes will be a key selling point, YouTube Music will create non-stop stations tailored to users, who can fine-tune how much variety they want. The video behemoth on October 28 launched YouTube Red, a premium service that allows advertisement-free access to subscribers. The streaming service will be free but will come without advertisements for subscribers to YouTube Red, which costs $9.99 a month.

Google will still operate its audio-driven Google Play Music streaming service, with YouTube Music expecting some consumers to use both platforms. Spotify is by far the largest streaming company with 75 million users, 20 million of them paying. YouTube in turn learned that it needed to focus less exclusively on video during a trial phase known as YouTube Music Key.
Listeners wanted to turn off videos when driving or exercising for fear of using up their batteries or data allotments.
While YouTube Music will highlight rising new artists, the service is largely targeting the casual fan who may have been listening to the same songs for years.
Listeners can tap on a favorite artist and then listen to a continuous selection of music generated for them.
Users can fine-tune their channels by clicking thumbs up or thumbs down on tracks and adjusting filters on how adventurous they want to be. Going one step further with portability, YouTube Music will constantly cache tracks so that a user can come back while offline — a feature that is possible but not automatic on most streaming services. Streaming, despite its growth, has come under fire from a number of artists who say that the proceeds are paltry. Even before its entry into streaming, YouTube has been a frequent target of music industry representatives alarmed by users’ ability to post nearly anything online. Increase publicity of games and events to create spectatorship, and revamp the SU website to include all campuses and networks under ‘Sports’. Improve the media output of visual and audio content for all sports, whilst exploring the streaming of live games online and providing highlights on a UoN Sport channel. Increase the number of social and beginner sports on offer, making it inclusive for all campuses, networks, postgraduate and International students. Redevelop the club committee training to make it more engaging and introduce a ‘Handbook’ for guidance. Improve integration between JCR and Society Sports Secs, with clubs, Sports Exec and Engage ambassadors. Offer more opportunities to volunteer at BUCS and IMS fixtures, whilst developing a reward system for those who give up a significant amount of time for sport. Work with the Welfare for Sport Committee to ensure all students in a leadership role are trained, and continue awareness for the ‘No Homophobia in Sport’.
I have been heavily involved with sport throughout my three years at university, from performance to participation level. This year, I am Vice President of the Men’s Cricket Club and 3rd XV captain for the Rugby Union Club, competing weekly in BUCS. I have completed a placement within the Sports Marketing & Communication Department, played IMS Football and officiated.
The British combo convinced us by the rich deep bass, which is in no way expressed in a roar, but expressed precisely and accurately. Components of character - that is precisely what the producer from the island is making since immemorial times. Instruments and vocals are beautifully layered and music sounds fluid yet unhurried, allowing the listener to savour every moment. Even verbal contributions appeared unbelievably natural, colourful and in fact a little bit charming.

There is no trace of pale timbre or dull trebles which certainly results from the relatively high upper frequency limit and the trained ear of Peter Barlett who personally adjusts every device for the serial production. This was clearly backed up when I put the Cyrus up against a Macbook running Decibel software, the latter had a USB connection to the DAC while the Cyrus was on coax which may have a bearing but the advantage was quite distinct. This underpins the soundstage in a dramatic fashion and brings the music into your own room in a remarkably convincing fashion. The n-remote can also control a multitude of other devices in your home: TV, PVR and Blu-ray player to name but a few. Just grab the laptop or PC at hand, open a web browser, and you can get in the groove anytime you want. If wireless reception is limited or non existent and you do not have a LAN network installed then you can try using one of the many Homeplug products on the market.
The network switch solely deals with the routing of data and therefore transfers data more quickly and reliably between your networked audio devices.
For ultimate performance we recommend a wired network due to its increased speed and stability. Did you know that you can customise and save your favourite stations to suit your preferences?
Use Linn Kazoo as the control point on Mac or iPad, in order to integrate the Tidal service. Jay Fowler, the director of product development who was involved in earlier services Beats Music and MOG, said he hoped to draw more people to streaming instead of simply competing with other companies.
Universal Music Group, the largest label conglomerate, said Tuesday that for the first time more than half its digital revenue came from streaming in the latest quarter. But it has faced growing competition from new entrants Apple Music and rap mogul Jay Z’s Tidal, which have both tried to distinguish themselves through original content and video.
In a blog post announcing YouTube Music, it said that YouTube and Google have paid more than $3 billion to the music industry. Through my role as an Engage Ambassador, I have also been involved in increasing participation in social and beginner sport, whilst working to develop the programme. Therefore, I have gained an understanding of what motivates people to play sport at each level, and aim to carry this on within the Student’s Union. Overall, this device is energetic and puts heart and soul into playing music while it stays smooth and deeply musical. This is one of the best in terms of room acoustics that I’ve encountered and with the Mac you get a good sense of the scale of the venue. Nevertheless, if you want to hear exactly what’s going on in a recording, this is one very good way of getting to it.
It is fine to rip your music CDs on a computer, but it is best to store the files on a Network Attached Storage (NAS) drive. It will provide the fastest and most consistent level of data transmission between the Cyrus Streaming product and your NAS drive. Alternatively you can still stream from a USB drive, but for best use we always recommend streaming from a NAS drive.

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