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This tutorial will provide complete instructions on how to build a simple, clean navigation bar. The navigation should be compatible over multiple browsers, if you spot any errors please drop us an email. The reason for this is, in this example, we will be using the DIV element to give the navigation a background color.
Please note that the resolution doesn't need to be precisely 300, in-fact you could probably get away with using a lot less. The problem with using an image to style each navigation tab(list item) is that each individual tab is most likely going to be a different width. In the same tool bar which you can find the rectangle tool you should see a radius section.
Now, with the rounded rectangle tool selected left click and drag your mouse to draw a rectangle. If you would like to advertise on our site please click the ?Advertise here? banner at the top of the page.
As we are still only a new site we are offering our advertising slots at a more than competitive price of $2 per day. After you download the 960 grid layout, please open the Photoshop PSD file, and make sure you have the guides visible. Create a new layer ( Shift + cmd + alt + N ) or ( Shift + CTRL + ALT + N  for windows users), and then go to Edit > Fill and use the following color #24282b to fill the new layer. I will create a new layer on top of all layers ( Shift + cmd + alt + N ) or ( Shift + CTRL + ALT + N  for windows users) and then i will select Brush Tool.
As you can see it is not a big difference, but these type of details will change your overall look of this hosting layout. I will select Rounded Rectangle Tool ( set the radius to 30 pixels ) and then create a new shape on top of the hosting layout.
If you have the guides visible, you will notice that i have created this navigation bar exactly. With Rounded rectangle tool, please create another shape, and place it like in the following image. I like this type of navigation bar very much, because it allow users to see very good all sections of your website. I will change my foreground color to black, and with Elipse Tool i will create a shape under this shinny navigation bar. On the body of this hosting layout i will add a nice 3D image with a Mac, and some logos on the bottom part of the body. To be able to erase the lines first you need to right click on the layer in your layer palette, and then you need to select rastrize layer. My last step is to create on the top right side a area which allows your customers to log in to their administration panel.
Please note that you need to apply for a premium account in order to download all our resources. This design makes poor use of the 960 grid layout; I see almost no constancy in the distribution of the elements within the page. The menu we will be creating features two sub categories that appear once the parent link is activated by a hover. So far this leaves us with a neat layout of links with the sub-menus having a clear relation to their parents.
We can then start to style up the main navigation menu with the help of CSS3 properties such as gradients, box shadows and border radius.

Iggy is a designer who loves experimenting with new web design techniques collating creative website designs. The > child selector makes sure only the child UL of the LI being hovered is targeted, rather than all sub menus appearing at once. I'm also wondering, does an advanced search engine crawler like Google's consider this masking or something else that could reduce the quality of the site as far as the crawler is concerned? Great post, the more we can step away from heavy technologies and utilise elegant CSS the better. Have you updated this to handle the responsive design issues with devices not having a :hover ability?
I’m super new to HTML and CSS and I was wondering if there was some way to make this work on a mobile browser? Instead of the sub menu showing down from the parent’s menu, what should I do to change the sub menu show up from the parents menu. For semantics and enhanced interoperability-potential with third-party web services, like search engine robots interested in finding and understanding your website’s IA, a nav element is a good option here. So, for this step we should have a DIV,labelled with an ID;inside this DIV should be an unordered list.
If you do not have photoshop it should still be possible to get the same effect using an alternative image manipulation application. The reason for this is that we want the tabs of our navigation bar to contract and expand with the text of each tab. Because the images are going to overlap we want image in front to be as narrow as possible so that it doesn't cover any important parts of the image behind. To do this press 'P' to select the pen tool, and then select the tool from the top tool bar. I will use the 960 grid system because it will be very easy for you to align this layout perfectly. Only in this way you can grab Eraser tool, and with a smooth round brush you can delete the extremities of the lines.
Each account will allow you to download all our resources, adn also the next one we will release in the next year. Throw in some fancy CSS3 properties and you can create a design that was once only achievable with background images and Javascript. The first series of sub-links appear underneath main nav bar, then the second series of links fly out horizontally from the first dropdown. With CSS specificity and advanced selectors we can target individual elements buried deep in the HTML structure without the need for extra IDs or classes. In the browser this will make the link change to a blue gradient background and white text.
They are currently inheriting styles from their parent elements, so a change of background and the removal of the border-radius and padding fixes their appearance. Every subscriber gets a free pack of 100 HD Blurred Backgrounds + bonus 10 realistic web shadows.
Check out Iggy's design tutorials and articles at his Web Design Blog or follow his daily findings on Twitter. While the top level is focusable, no flyouts happen or even focus on those elements when hidden. The Internet Explorer compatibility issue makes me hesitant to use this sort of thing on my main site, though.
It is, the idea that the entire site need not be linked from each menu (often eliminating the need for a drop-down).

As I love to design, I always prefer to use CSS for style because CSS is really much smoother than option.
And I really appreciate that you included the styling to make it pretty, not just functional. This code worked flawlessly for me, except I am doing it vertically instead of horizontally.
I’d like to see whatever menu option the user chose in the Main Navigation Bar (top menu level) remain highlighted (with the hover color) until the next Top Level menu choice is selected at which time that old choice should revert back to the original non-hover color and the new menu choice should remain highlighted with the hover color.
This property declaration allows the bar to stay put even when the user is scrolling the document. We will be using an unordered list, please keep in mind that the list needs to be inside a DIV. The best way to achieve this is to slice the image at a point just along from the curve of the rectangle. Follow this tutorial to see the step by step process of building your own pure CSS dropdown menu. The clearfix style rule will clear the floats used on the subsequent list items without the use of overflow:hidden, which would hide the sub menus and prevent them from appearing. To make sure they fly out underneath the main menu they are positioned absolutely 100% from the top of the UL (ie, the bottom).
Keeping links within context, with a link-back to upper levels makes the site more usable, too.
Since the focus of this tutorial is on building a fixed navigation bar, which can hold different types of menus and other interface components, I won’t be discussing that portion of the demo. In order to make these menus reappear they need to be converted back to block elements on hover of the LI. The fixed navigation bar helps people quickly jump to another article after they have completed reading the current article.
However, if backwards-compatibility is important to your projects, then you may decide to replace the nav element (which is an HTML5 element) to a div.In the proper context, a fixed navigation bar can improve usability and UX because it reduces the delay between switching to a new task. I always tried to find how to fixed navigation bar but I FAILED every time.But this article clear all my problems. I believe that this solution has good-enough compatibility, that you can confidently deploy it in production.
On single page websites we have to be very calculated in creating the page with respect to design and development, as when clicked on any link from top, the page has to scroll down and has to stop at some place. Good article.Ali Qayyum Sep 20 2014hi Jacob Gubereally informative article!Stick navigation is really useful now a days for access to all pages staying anywhere in same page. I do not know about web development much, but using your rule, i have implemented on my website. For some weird reason I’m having this problem where my background for the menu is not appearing. Worked great, but the side effect of that is that the margin between the topbar and content on top of the page is suddenly reduced.

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