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You may also consider finding a conference being hosted near you (low travel expenses) by an association to which you don’t belong.
It’s very common for two, three, even four professionals to give a presentation together. But, your presentation team should have something in common—maybe you do the same type of work, but in different types of organizations. An important, but often overlooked part of the outline is why you (and your teammates, potentially) are uniquely qualified to present this topic.
Recently, I’ve seen larger conferences offer webinars or even in-person sessions that directly address this issue.
At the very least, you should upload your slide deck (and potentially some notes) to SlideShare.
You’re ready to present at a professional conference—you just need to take the first step.
One thing I’d add is try to make your presentation interactive, if your group size and topic makes it possible. I think it enhances my own topic with other people’s knowledge, it gets people engaged, and it also breaks up the presentation and gives me time to control how things are going.
Obviously that won’t fit every presentation, but I recommend trying it out with a small group and see if it works for you. Social Media Measurement in Higher EdI'm on the faculty of Higher Ed Experts where I teach a course I designed about social media measurement for higher education. TweetScoop.itCreating an attractive slideshow is not only difficult but often requires the use of a plethora of tools. For demonstrative purposes we will show you how to create a slideshow with ProShow Producer. In the next few steps you will be asked to add items to your slideshow, including text, images, music and transition effects.
After you have added items to your slideshow and rendered it, you will be asked to name your slideshow, adjust quality settings (low, moderate or high) and choose an aspect ratio (Widescreen or Standard).
This will create your slideshow and you will be given the option to preview the final result before saving it.
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Whether your state professional association or an international conference like South by Southwest, the answer is often the same: they submitted an idea.
Target a smaller organization (state or regional is a great start) and scour their website for presentation opportunities. As long as you’re good at working on a team, this can be a less intimidating way to approach your first presentation. Professional associations—particularly in higher education—sometimes choose a theme for the conference and ask for presentations around that team. If there is a time limit for your presentation, this can also help you estimate how much content can be covered (don’t be the person that goes over!). If an association is willing to tell you exactly what to do to submit a session that gets accepted, it’s your responsibility to listen. Be aware of all of these deadlines immediately after you’re accepted, and build a preparation schedule right away.
It makes conferences a bit more lively and takes the Twitter backchannel and makes it real. This 4-week online course covers the development of a measurement mindset, using in-platform, third-party, and Google Analytics data to assess your social media efforts, determining ROI, and how to effectively report to senior leadership. Furthermore, many applications that offer easy creation of slideshows have limited options and a weak final result.
It must be noted that this edition is strictly for professional users and it can be hard for novice users to sort through the dozens of options that this version has to offer. You can either start off with a blank slideshow and built it using the available options, select a template, open an existing slideshow for editing or use the Wizard option to create a slideshow within a few easy steps.
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Couple’s photo sessions, pre-wedding and actual wedding day shoots are part of the package. Some of my favorite presentations have been with a team (like my SXSWi presentation with Deb Maue).
I’ve given other successful presentation with colleagues that I met on Twitter, or through purposeful introductions from friends. You can also review agendas from previous conferences to get an idea of the types of session titles and descriptions that were ultimately accepted. I like to scope out my presentation room as soon as I arrive at the conference (before sessions even start) so I know how everything is arranged.
When the presentation is over, mingle with the attendees and answer any questions you may have. If the audience responded well, you may also consider submitting the same (or slightly adapted) presentation to a conference with a larger audience. ProShow is an application that enables creating High Definition slideshows with the help of a simple wizard.

The difference between the desktop versions is that the Producer version offers more dynamic tools than the Gold version and is more suitable for professional users. You can also use this software to make awesome presentations as an alternative to Microsoft PowerPoint.
All slideshows are saved in the native PSH format, however, you can publish your slideshows to YouTube, Facebook, make it playable for a DVD, BluRay disc or convert it to a supported video format. Moreover SoloStep Studio provides wedding gowns rental, professional hair and make-up services, wide range of printing options that include canvas portraits and premium photo books. My first professional presentation was in a room of about 30 people, at a conference of a few hundred, and it was an excellent introduction for me.
If you go this route, you need to commit to preparing in advance, and likely rehearsing the presentation a few times. The selection committee publishes that list for a reason, so tailor your presentation to it if you can!
I always bring my laptop, even if the conference said one will be provided (and because I use a Mac, I always bring an adaptor for the projector).
Be sure to connect with them after the conference (LinkedIn and Twitter are great for this)—they could end up being your co-presenters next year! Although one can easily create slideshows using PowerPoint, however ProShow offers a complete range of tools for creating more professional looking slideshows.
Moreover, the software also comes with top notch and premium PPT templates that you can use to make awesome and original presentations with slideshows. But, I was already comfortable speaking in front of a group because I’d given over a hundred presentations on campus.
I have my presentation saved on my hard drive, in the cloud, and sometimes even on a USB drive. It has three different versions that are suitable for all kind of (novice, intermediate and advanced) users.
If you are a beginner then it might be worth checking out the ProShow online edition which enables creating HD slideshows online, within a few easy steps. If there are different formats for presentations (interest session, poster session, group discussion, etc.,) choose the one that best fits your topic and presentation style. I never count on having internet available when I present, and if I must have sound I bring my own speakers.
Continuing to present and repurpose content will help you develop known expertise on your topic, and increase your professional exposure. If you have questions about what should be included, reach out to someone on the conference committee and ask for clarification.

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