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Imagine having a button on your hosting control panel that will let you create a sub-subdomain easily. You will be redirected to the subdomain setup page, enter the name of the subdomain you want to use on the provided column (we are using sub1) and select the domain to use. As a result, you will see the subdomain successfully created and listed under the subdomains list. To create a sub-subdomain, fill up the same form, enter the name you want to use, in this example we will be using sub2. If you are not able to create the sub-subdomain via cPanel or any other web control panel, you don’t have to be worried.

My question is: What type of record do I add to my domain to create a local subdomain on a localhost site with port 81? At this point I dont know if I create another domain, an alias, a cname, a host, a delegation, or just lie down defeated in the corner in the fetal position clutching my knees while rocking back and forth and crying. If you want to add a subdomain then you would select the New Domain item from the context menu and name it accordingly. Would both the New Domain and DNS Record methods produce the same result, or is one preferable over the other? It's good that you're careful around production servers, but consider getting yourself a little lab environment together, even if it only consists of VMs on your laptop, it will pay for itself many times over.

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So, you'll need to include the port when connecting or you need to set up host headers in the web server for that site.
Since this is a production server, I do not have the luxury of trial and error - I can't afford to bring the domain down while I learn how to create a subdomain. en espa?ol online
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