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Have you ever noticed that the sound a car makes is different when it’s coming toward you than when it’s going away from you? Now gently roll the little car forward until it pushes all the loops in front of it together so that they all touch. Close your eyes and picture it and try to hear the sound in your head—or better yet, go outside where you can (safely!) see and hear cars going by and listen.

Arrange the loops around it so that the car is at the center and the loops are all centered on the car—none of the loops should be touching the car or each other, and they should all be about the same distance apart from each other.
This shows what happens to the sound waves when the car is moving: the ones at the front get squished together, or compressed, so that they sound higher-pitched, while the sound waves at the back get spread out or stretched so that the sound they make is lower-pitched.
Can you think of anything else that travels in waves that might be subject to the Doppler effect?

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