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I am aware that there exists a Bootstrap package for Umbraco, but I found that it has not been updated in a while so I choose to start with a blank slate.
Once you have the Visual Studio 2012 project ready, head over to the Bootstrap website to download its zip file. Run (Ctrl+F5) the Umbraco project from within Visual Studio to launch it in the browser so that we can start importing the bootstrap items into our project. We need to import the Bootstrap JavaScript and CSS files into our project so that we can use them.
The simple website that I plan to build will have single Homepage as shown in the bootstrap sample.
As you can see from Figure 1 above the page has three distinct areas primary message, 3 secondary messages and a sidebar.
To get started with the custom editing, we need to add our custom site-specific style sheet into to the project, this style sheet will contains styles which are specific to our site. Umbraco allows you to nest Document Types, its an important feature to ensure that common properties for all documents are defined at the base document level so that they are reused in child document types. Right click on Document Types under Settings and select Create from the context menu (as shown in figure 3) to create a new Document Type. In the Create dialog provide the Name as [PageBase] and click Create to create the Document Template as well as a matching Template with the same name as shown in figure 4. Now that we have our base page setup we need to create Partial View for our Site Navigation Header so that we can include it into our [PageBase] template. In the above listing I have defined a HTML5 based responsive template using Bootstrap classes where necessary. Now we need to define the Home Page document type, expand the Document Types node under Settings. Once you have saved all the properties your properties definition for the Home document type should look like figure 8 below.
Now let’s define the matching Home template so that we have appropriate containers defined to display the properties that have been added by us. The above listing 4 lays out the appropriate HTML elements using Bootstrap styles and also uses Umbraco Field method to provide placeholder for content that will be provided by the end user. You will see that the Home content page is created but unpublished (indicated by the greyed out icon for the page – figure 10) and you are presented with tab to fill up the content for the page.
In this blog post I have integrated the popular Twitter Bootstrap framework into Umbraco 6 CMS.
Wix websites are very easy to customize, and do not require knowledge of any HTML coding whatsoever. If you are keen on music and want to share your passion with everyone, here is a good chance to do it.We continue creating free HTML5 templates and we are proud to present you the new one.
Building a single website which adapts itself depending on the device screen size gives end users richer experiences. I this blog post I am assuming that you have already setup Umbraco 6 with MVC as explained in the last blog post.
Bootstrap provides a wide variety of customization options, for the purpose of this article I am just using the default download, feel free to customize your download as required.
If you have not created any content in your Umbraco then you will be presented with the default Set up your website button and click on it to login to the admin site (credentials for the admin site are given in the previous article). In Visual Studio Solution Explorer window right click the project name and select Add – > New Folder from the context menu and give the name css to the new folder (if one does not already exist). Before you being building any website in Umbraco its very important to identify the sites structure followed by the structure of each page.
Right click the css folder in the Solution Explorer and select Add –> New Item to open the Add New Item dialog. Switch to the Generic properties tab and click on the Click here to add a new property bar to add the 3 properties as listed below and save them. We loop over all published and visible pages in Umbraco to build the dynamic navigation menu.

The appropriate Bootstrap style sheets and JavaScripts have also been included into the template file. Now that we have the Home template setup we need to update the Home document type so that it uses this template by default. Its important that you also fill up the SEO Title and SEO Description properties on the Properties tab. Once the page is published you can see that Umbraco has provided a published date as well as path to view the published page. You can see how the page menu automatically changes to an icon on the mobile screen (Figure 11,12) and other content elements are also laid out one below another on the mobile browser.
I have covered all the steps related to integration as well as building your first responsive, fluid Home page in Umbraco 6. Using Wix, artists can create an entire portfolio site of their own in a very short time, and best of all - it is free! You all know about the advantages of this new markup language and we try our best to offer you more and more high-grade products. There are several ways of building responsive websites, one of the popular ways to to use an existing framework like Bootstrap from Twitter which provide base scaffolding to quickly build responsive websites.
The Visual Studio 2012 project that I am using is already provided as a download in the previous article. Extract the zip file to a temporary folder so that its contents are available for us to import into Umbraco.
Its essential that this information is thought through before hand so that its easier to arrange the Umbraco doctypes and templates accordingly. Once we have fixed the areas of the page we will define them as editable below so that the content editors can edit the appropriate content based on the structure of the page and not worry about its display format.
Select Style Sheet from the templates selection and give the name site.css and click OK to create the style sheet file.
In our case there are three properties that we need to define on the base document type: SEO Title, SEO Description and umbracoNaviHide. In the Create dialog give the Name as Navigation and click Create to create the Partial view and open its editor. Under Settings, expand Templates node and click on the [PageBase] template to open it in Umbraco editor. I have defined one section Content on the page which will be replaced by appropriate child pages. Provide the document name as Home and uncheck the Create Matching template checkbox and click Create button to create the Home document type under the [PageBase] document.
As you can see the content page really hides the inner implementation details of the page and just presents the user with a friendly view to edit content as per their requirements.
You can see that even though these properties were defined on the [PageBase] document type, they have been inherited by the Home document type. If you click on that path or access the Umbraco website Url in a new browser you will be able to view the final result of the responsive website.
This blog post should serve as a starting point for anyone interested in building responsive fluid layouts on Umbraco 6. So, today it is Free HTML5 Website Template for music site and you are welcome to use it for your online projects that deal with the music sphere. Copy paste the code from listing 1 below into the site.css style sheet file open in visual studio.
The first two properties are self explanatory and will map to title and description meta tag in the content header. Copy paste the code from listing 2 below into the editor and click the Save icon to save the partial view. This template with automatically created when we created the Document Type with the same name. You will also find that I am using the Umbraco Field method to define the SEO Title and SEO Description properties that we defined on the [PageBase] document type on the page.

We create it under the [PageBase] document so that it can inherit properties defined in the base document.
You will see that the new template uses the [PageBase] template as the master page template. Under the Info tab, Default Template choose Home from the drop down list and click Save icon.
The power of Umbraco CMS shines in this aspect where you are given totally liberty to define the tabs and its editable properties so that the content is presented to content editors in a format they understand rather than training the content editors to understand the limited structure other CMS systems provide. Once you have filled all the information, click on the Save and Publish icon (circled red in Figure 10) to publish the page and make it available for everyone to view.
You can use the Responsive Design View tool available in latest version of FireFox browser to test the responsive capabilities of the site.
We strive to provide our global clients of various sizes with cost effective benefits of offshore development while providing expert technical services. The goal is to build a simple single page responsive website similar to the fluid bootstrap sample and focus on the integration part so that you can build more complex layouts as required. This step will import the boostrap style sheets into your Visual Studio project as well as into Umbraco. Listing 1 contains all the styles required by our custom website, feel free to update the style sheet as per your requirements.
Switch to the Structure tab and select Yes for Allow at root so that Home page can be the root of the site. Copy paste the code from Listing 4 below into the editor for Home template and click the Save icon to save the template.
Basically if you set the umbracoNaviHide property on any of the content pages it will make the page invisible from the navigation menu’s even though the page remains published. Copy Paste code from listing 3 into the editor and click the Save icon to save the template in Umbraco. Save the setting and switch to the Tabs tab so that we can define the tabs required for the Homepage. Click on Content icon (figure 2) under Sections and from the top tree view right click on Content under Content title and select Create from the context menu. This property is optional but I find it a good practice to include it since there are pages like Sitemap which need not show up in the navigation menu but at the same time they are required. Add 3 new tabs named Primary Message, Secondary Message and Sidebar by entering the tab name and clicking New Tab button. Provide the Name as Home and select the Document Type Home and click on Create button to create the new content as shown in figure 9. This completes our integration of Bootstrap into Umbraco we now move on to building our simple responsive website.
Flash does look great the first time you see it, but after a couple times it becomes annoying seeing the same animation over and over.
Below, I will explain briefly how to signup for a free Wix site and choose a template for an artist website. There are all sorts of categories here, from Business and Services to Facebook templates, but the one I will choose for this tutorial is Design & Art (the Photography category has some great templates as well). I will choose the Artist category, but there are literally hundreds of possible templates for artists here. I’m selecting the Artist-Painter template on the second page of the HTML5 template list.
In further posts, I will also be providing specific design and SEO advice as related to the new Wix HTML5 website builder. If you are thinking about creating an art site with Wix, why not do it now, and take advantage of these free tutorials and tips I will be providing.

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