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Considering the fact that this framework was released by mighty Google, you might want to think about using it for your designs.
This framework was launched by the team behind Design Modo, a popular among web developers and designers blog that was recently releasing frameworks and UI kits. Materialize CSS is a framework based on Google’s approach to design called “Material Design”. This framework is also based on Material Design, so please be patient and gain some knowledge about the concept before rushing into using the framework. I used to turn on my desktop, open a Notepad file and type in pages of HTM markup, CSS and JavaScript instructions to be able to design absolutely gorgeous and sophisticated web pages.
I'm writing this example in HTML5, so we can use the new semantic elements like header, footer, etc. So we start out by making a page wrapping div, a header section with titles, tagline and navigation. You'll see in the head tag of the HTML that I've included the Droid serif font from the Google Web Fonts API, so let's set the body general and typography styles. Now we'll style the #wrapper div, we'll give it a fluid width of 90% for when we resize the browser window, and a max-width for when viewing the site on a desktop machine.
Now for the rest of the styling, it's basically just to make the test page look presentable. We'll link the HTML file to another CSS file which we'll name media-queries.css where we'll target specific browser window sizes and change the font size of the h1 title, the h2 tagline, the overall body copy size, and finally change the 2 column design down to a one column one. Now because of the CSS transitions that we added to the CSS file, the title, tagline and body copy will animation their font size so the page doesn't jump, and the sidebar will animate to it's position and not jump as well.
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Harry Atkins is a freelance web, graphic and 3D designer who runs the blog Calvados Web Design and is passionate about the web, photography, design and Apple.

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Their website proudly says that it is “the most advanced responsive front-end framework in the world.” So it will be a very useful tool for front-end developers, such as web designers. It was released in 2011, and since then is an essential tool for many developers and designers who use it. The demos are very explanatory and the detailed descriptions on how to use the framework effectively are included. Skeleton framework offers web developers full freedom of customization by providing only the essential elements of webpages.
This specific framework is a great tool, which has 100 components, 25 samples and 14 images. It might be attractive, but you need to have knowledge of Material Design; otherwise, you will not be able to work with this framework. The reason why this framework was created is obviously for designers to be able to save time while creating beautiful websites. However, over the years of my research on how I can simplify my life and not go through this process over and over again, I found something.. To have a single site that will change its styling accordingly to fit to the device it's being viewed on.
I recommend putting the HTML5 shiv in there for IE, and using a reset.css file to start off from a nice blank sheet. A main content section with a featured article section, some recent blogs, a sidebar, an about section and finally a footer. In the middle section we have a 2 column layout, and remember, any widths have to have percentage values to stay fluid.
I'm not saying this is the best way to make a responsive web template, just that this is how I'd do it.

We strive to share the best web resources with the community but we are not affiliated to any other agency or company. Now web developers have the opportunity to use the pre-coded frameworks in order to start developing a site from scratch.
Although the framework is relatively new on the market, I am sure it has good potential, which can already be seen.
The concept, however, is very interesting, and it encourages learning process in web designers and developers.
The creators are looking for feedback through the website, and this way you can see that it is relatively new, but with a strong team behind, which is ready to work on perfecting it. It is a very light framework, without busy elements and other unnecessary noise, but it can be customized to become the base of beautiful and sophisticated website designs. There are many examples how to use the tools and scripts, so heavy knowledge of JavaScript is not required of you.
In this tutorial, I'm going to make a (very simple looking) web template that is responsive from desktop size down to mobile version. Nothing really special here, just setting up the page structure with some useful CSS class names for later. Now you'll see some CSS Transitions in there, they won't do anything until we stick our media queries in there, which we'll do right now. Feel free to download and better or modify, or just use as a starting point for one of your projects. Since it is difficult to find the best framework that suits you perfectly, I decided to create this post and share my knowledge about the best frameworks out there.

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