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This is a general data storage object used in the process flow as opposed to data which could be also stored on a hard drive, magnetic tape, memory card, of any other storage device. Direct Data object in a process flow represents information stored which can be accessed directly. This is an object which is commonly found in programming flowcharts to illustrate the information stored in memory, as opposed to on a file. Creately's Star Rating object provides an easy rating experience that allows users to select the number of stars that represents their rating. Designing a Breadcrumb Navigation in Creately is easy and simple as typing in some comma separated text. External Link Icon can be used on any page in the sitemap structure to indicate links to external web sites. A dynamic page icon can be used on any page that has to be prepared with new content or layout for each individual viewing. Full Detail shape from Creately's Organization Chart library set is a detailed rectangle built to contain all the information - the Full Name of the Employee, Job Title, Location, Phone Number and Email Address.
Name and Position shape contains only the basic information - Name and Job Title of the employee. A class object in a UML Class Diagram represents an entity of a given system that provides an encapsulated implementation of certain functionality of a given entity. The Interface object found in a UML Class Diagram indicates a set of operations that would detail the responsibility of a class.
Actor in a UML Use Case Diagram is any entity (person, organization or external system) that performs a role in one given system.
A use case in a UML Use Case Diagram gives a visual representation of a distinct business functionalities in a system. A system in a UML Use Case Diagram is a rectangle spanning all the use cases in the system that defines the scope of your system. The simple object from the UML Object Diagram is a rectangle which displays the object name.
The object notation of a UML Sequence Diagram is a rectangle with it's lifeline (a dashed line) descending from the center of its bottom edge. Comment object in a UML Sequence Diagram and UML Activity Diagram is shown in a rectangle with a folded-over corner. The object element found in the UML Collaboration Diagram is a rectangle which displays the object name, preceding a colon.
Message Arrow in the UML Collaboration Diagram shows the interaction between the commencing object and the destination object. The Initial State from the UML Statechart Diagram is the state of an object before any transitions. End state from the UML Statechart Diagram marks the destruction of the object who's state we are modeling. Activity state in a UML Statechart Diagram and UML Activity Diagram marks an action by an object. Junction state in a UML Statechart Diagram are vertices that are used to chain together multiple transitions. Choice state in a UML Statechart Diagram evaluates the guards of the triggers of its outgoing transitions to select only one outgoing transition. Fork vertices in the UML Statechart Diagram serve to split an incoming transition into two or more transitions terminating on orthogonal target vertices. A Fork notation in a UML Activity Diagram is a control node that splits a flow into multiple concurrent flows.
A composite state in a UML Statechart Diagram is a state that has substates (nested states). The Object notation in a UML Activity Diagram is an activity node that is used to define the object flow in an activity. Decision notation in a UML Activity Diagram is a control node that accepts tokens on one or two incoming edges and selects one outgoing edge from one or more outgoing flows. Signal Receipt notation also called the Accept event action in a UML Activity Diagram is an action that waits for a specific event to occur.
Signal Sending in UML Activity Diagram is an action that creates a signal instance from its inputs, and transmits it to the target object, where it may cause the firing of a state machine transition or the execution of an activity. A Provided Interface of a component in a UML Component Diagram describes the services that the component offers to its environment. A Required Interface of a component in a UML Component Diagram declares the services that the component expects from its environment. A Provided Interface with Port in a UML Component Diagram specifies a distinct interaction point between the component and its environment. A Device element in a UML Deployment Diagram is a type of node that represents a physical computational resource in a system, such as an application server. A Deployment Specification element in a UML Deployment Diagram is a configuration file, such as an XML document or a text file that defines how an artifact is deployed on a node.
In Entity Relationship model, an entity notation is a thing of the real world which can be distinguished from other aspects of the real world.
Relationships in Entity Relationship Models show how two entities share information in the database structure.
Mind Map is a graphical way of organizing information, helping students to better analyze and generate new ideas.
Fishbone diagram is generally used to identify the cause and effect of any given situation. A Storyboard helps student take an idea and translate it into a visual story in a series of illustrations or images.
Cycle Diagram is a type of graphic organizer that shows the circular relationships between items. A KWL (Know-Want-Learn) Chart can be used with any content area to get students think about what they know about a topic, what they want to know about that topic, and what they have learned at the end of the unit.
A compare and contrast chart is used to note down the similarities and differences between two pieces of literary work. Through a grating coupler (a), a plasmonic beam in free space (b) generated with a computer addressed spatial light modulator (SLM) is directly coupled into surface plasmon polaritons monitored via leakage radiation microscopy.
The researchers manipulated a blended stream of light and plasma, known as a plasmonic Airy beam. When the beam first strikes a metal surface (typically a grating structure), it stirs up small waves of electrons at the metal-insulator interface. The ability to manipulate the Airy beam and therefore the SPPs in real time gives scientists on-the-fly control. Using computer-controlled optics, the scientists have developed a way to steer and manipulate the beams, precisely directing their trajectories to specific spots on an optical surface and adjusting them as needed. The Airy beams used to direct the flow of plasmons also remain coherent, not fanning out or distorting as they travel along their curved trajectories, much in the same way that laser light remains coherent even after traveling great distances. To create the Airy beams, the researchers used a laser beam and modulated its phase, or wave front, with a spatial light modulator (a device similar to a miniature liquid crystal display) controlled by a personal computer.
The Kurzweil Accelerating Intelligence newsletter concisely covers relevant major science and technology breakthroughs (daily or weekly) via e-mail.
To eliminate some of the confusion and hassle, WordPress site owners seeking to perform their own on-page SEO have two main options: Yoast and All in One SEO (AIO).
Each search engine is different, but most site owners target Google with a recent interest forming in Bing as a secondary target. We’ve blacked out the site name in the snippet preview, but this preview is a real-time look at how your site looks in search engines including the title and Meta description. The real magic in Yoast is the Content Analysis, which is at the bottom of the Yoast panel. You’ll see from this screenshot that Yoast does several checks on the content, the structure of your title and Meta tags, images, and any subheadings.

The final feature that sets Yoast apart from the competition is its ability to handle the way search indexes your content. As you can see, All in One has a much more basic input, but any WordPress site owner familiar with SEO doesn’t need all the bells and whistles. On my personal blog I created a complete beginner's guide to WordPress SEO and as part of that guide I covered Yoast as the preferred option, this was in early 2014. While Yoast is preferred by many SEOs, it can have more options than you want when you create a post. If you’re still not sure which one is best for you, here is a breakdown of some of the benefits offered by each plugin.
Travis Bliffen is the founder of Stellar SEO, a Web design and marketing firm located in Marion, IL.
QBotix has developed a dual-axis tracking system that uses rugged, intelligent mobile robots to dynamically operate solar power plants and maximize energy output. The QBotix Tracking System (QTS) increases energy production of ground-mounted solar power plants by up to 40 percent over existing fixed mount systems and lowers the Levelized Cost of Electricity (LCOE) by up to 20 percent,. QTS utilizes a pair of autonomous robots, one primary and one back-up, to control 300 kW of solar panels with high accuracy and reliability. The robots travel on a track and adjust each mounting system to optimally face the sun in succession. Solar tracking systems increase energy production by aiming solar modules toward the sun and tracking the sun as its relative position moves during the course of the day.
Conventional tracking systems tend to be expensive, unreliable, and complex to install and maintain.
September 11, 2012 by Track a phone by phone number i think this is a wonderful innovation in solar industry if this machine workds well then it will surely reduce the electricity problem. September 10, 2012 by Dan Robinson I don’t see how more than maybe two small motors, with a system of cables and a pulley for each array, would be worthwhile. September 10, 2012 by Bri We are starting to turn to robotics in day to day situations. Ideally, you would use words like 'Start', 'Begin', 'End' inside the terminator object to make things more obvious.
This shape is often referred to as the magnetic core memory of early computers; or the random access memory (RAM) as we call it today. The Manual Input object signifies an action where the user is prompted for information that must be manually input into a system.
This means the flowchart for the predefined process has to be already drawn, and you should reference the flowchart for more information. It can be used for anything as simple as a data sheet, to a complex sudoku game and even a word puzzle. Use it in your UI mock-ups to execute hierarchical data sets, folder views and other similar data structures. With Creately's smart KObject improvements you can create as many Tabs as you might inside the Tab Control. You can use these slider objects to illustrate the equalizer controls, volume controls and more. This can be ideally used in sitemaps and website structures to indicate any type of page (Homepage, About Us, Contact, Products, etc). When people try to visit any page on your site, there might be pages that might require login if they are not already logged in. For example - you can add the external link icon on your Home page, so in the sitemap structure you will know at once that the homepage contains a link to an external web site. These pages change dynamically with the time (news content), the user (preferences in a login session), the user location (preferences in language). Grouping these design elements in a package element provides for better readability of UML diagrams, especially complex diagrams.
For example, for modeling a clinic system, the use cases will be "Make appointment" and "Perform medical tests". Anything within the box represents functionality that is in scope and anything outside is not. The top part contains the name of the object, while the second part contains the attributes of the object. These are also called the method-invocation boxes, and indicate that an object is responding to a message. To relate the comment to any object on the diagram, the comment has to be connected to the object with dashed lines. The decision on which path to take may be a function of the results of prior actions performed in the same run-to-completion step.
A Component element in a UML Deployment Diagram represents a distributable piece of implementation of a system. This can be either a hardware like personal computers; or a software like the operating system, database server and so forth.
An entity may be a physical object such as a house, an event such as a house sale, or a concept such as a customer transaction.
For ex., skills of a surgeon is a multivalued attribute since a surgeon can have more than one skill.
Because of their unique arc-shaped paths, the beams have the added ability to bypass surface roughness and defects, or even vault over obstacles. By continuously changing the specially designed patterns in the computer, they were able to dynamically control the trajectories of the beam in real time. You have other options, but these two plugins dominate the market as the best SEO plugins you can download. That being said, even the combination of Yahoo and Bing can’t match the potential traffic that Google offers. The canonical setting is used if you have a page that’s similar and want to tell search engines to use the alternative page URL instead of the current one. If you want to see your site statistics in Google, you can connect your Google Search Console account with your WordPress site using Yoast.
When you look in your dashboard and review each post, it even has a column that sets a green or red light for your content. First, let’s look at the built-in post optimization options shown when you create a new WordPress post. Remember that these settings are just for the home page of your site, so make them specific to this page and not other sections of your site. We are strongly advising against using a keyword focus tool, because keyword density is losing its relevance as a strategy. One small thing most people have no idea about is that Google Webmaster Tools explicitly states that you should not split your sitemap under 50,000 URLs. Just over a week ago, Yoast released and updated version of their plugin that allows you to optimize a page for more than 1 keyword, this is a premium option and is not included in the free version of the plugin. It helps you identify where your pages are weak, and it can guide you toward proper on-site optimization.
Deciding whether to use Yoast or All in One SEO really just comes down to user preference and needs, both are helpful for beginners looking to improve their on page SEO. Travis and his team are equipped to handle any size SEO project and have helped numerous businesses to date build a rock solid online presence. Each robot replaces hundreds of individual motors and controllers found on conventional tracking systems. The company is composed of solar industry veterans and robotics innovators from Silicon Valley, MIT, Caltech and Stanford.

They are typically large structures requiring thousands of pounds of steel and concrete, and contain multiple failure prone controllers and motors to adjust their orientation. The main motor could shift arrays maybe once ever half hour, which I’m guessing should give better than 99% of maximum solar input.
A solar array doesn’t need near the precision of an astronomical telescope tracking a star.
At first glance, this looks like a simple and elegant way of replacing a whole bunch of solar panel tracking sensors and positional servos with a single system that moves along a track from one to the next and nudges each a bit through some sort of simple mechanical linkage. This allows you to write one subroutine and call it as often as you like from anywhere in the code.
For example, for modeling a reservation system, a passenger entity represents an actor in the application. Note : This element should not be mistaken with the Class element which is divided into three parts.
It starts when the message is received and ends when the object is done handling the message. The Initial State from the UML Activity Diagram marks the entry point and the initial Activity State.
Join vertices serve to merge several transitions emanating from source vertices in different orthogonal regions.
A join node is a control node that synchronizes multiple flows.This will have multiple incoming edges and one outgoing edge.
The pros and cons of Online Education, the benefits and drawbacks of Social Media, and so on. Keyword research is an article all on its own, but we just want to make a point that you should be doing keyword research to determine your content marketing topics. If you have any affiliate links or you’re linking to questionable content, you want to set this option to no follow.
One use is for this setting is to remove duplicate content from the www and non-www versions of your site. It lost its grip when Yoast started offering the additional options that All in One doesn’t support. Yoast is made for people who don’t understand SEO, but All in One is for people who already know how to optimize each component of the page. The difference between Yoast and All in One on this page is that Yoast displays a snippet example of what your link looks like in search engines. It triggers a crawl from both search engines, so they will crawl your site and index pages more quickly. You can also use your tags for Meta keywords and dynamically create this list with each post. All in One SEO Pack has a feature to allow you to split the sitemap and paginate it once you get there. We've spent a good deal of time ensuring that you only get what you really need and that it is laid out in an efficient manner. The embedded intelligence and data communication capabilities of each autonomous robot optimize power plant performance and enables detailed operational knowledge at an unprecedented level. I built a portable telescope mount using my own version of good bearings and a small spring-wound clock. It is certainly a good idea and clever mechanical engineering, but the feedback loop, immediate calculations, and guidance commands appear to me not more difficult than a science fair project and requiring far less computational power than any cell phone. The SPPs can then be directed to manipulate ultrafine-scale features on the surface of a metal.
Technical SEO includes creating great titles, using Meta descriptions, interlinking between pages, site architecture and overall code structure. One ranking factor is internal duplication, and these plugins help you remove content that you are a little less proud of. The options you’ll see in this article are optimized for Google, but you can also use them for Bing.
One place this option comes in handy is for e-commerce stores with thousands of duplicate product descriptions. You can prevent that issue altogether by setting the preferred domain in the Google Search Console. It will also analyze old posts that you’ve published prior to having the plugin installed. Even with its limitations, All in One can be seen as a basic technical on-site option for site content.
This option is preferred, because it generates a sitemap based on the posts and pages you’ve published.
It’s not always necessary to set a canonical for each page, so this All in One option is actually simpler.
One thing to note with the Meta keywords tag is that it’s not used by any major search engine.
In fact, one SEO on Twitter just let us know he switched back because he simply liked our interface better. Proper balancing of the scope could allow the scope to power the clock, which only regulated the speed. This one is probably using the brain power to deal with any unforeseen problems such as birds nests ,jammed pivot points, etc. Dependent persons (Jake and Tom) exist in the employee database because their father (an employee) exists in the Employee table. Search engines are generally good at parsing even poorly formed code, but your visitors' browsers could have problems. It’s tough to accept that some of our content is not worthy of indexing, but it should be removed from the index.
You can no-index less important products and focus on re-writing descriptions for popular products if you are in a time crunch.
Canonical URLs are also used to label the original source for syndicated content and to prevent duplicate content issues caused dynamic URLs. This means that you can retroactively review each post and identify if you need any improvements.
He liked out experience, which is just a much nicer and well thought out user interface than our competitors.
Some small, unpopular search engines might use the tag, so it doesn’t hurt to use it. So, while having a sitemap is not a ranking factor, having a sitemap that functions correctly helps Google spider your pages efficiently. Technical SEO is not limited to the factors discussed above but if you are just getting started, the aforementioned factors are a great place to do so. It’s rumored that a keyword stuffed Meta keyword tag is a spam trigger for Bing, so take that into consideration before you fill this tag with too many phrases, especially unrelated terms. So, keyword density is not necessarily pointless, but it's no longer as relevant as it may once have been.

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