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From now on wards, all those people that are using Blogger platform will be able to get an automatic sitemap of their website without doing any thing.
Which means, no more hassle of creating & maintaining sitemaps and submit it into search engines. With the passage of time, Google has started to give more and more importance to its platform Blogger and this importance is not just limited to giving fantastic publishing tools, but it also prefers its own blogs by giving it a decent ranking.
Besides that, Blogger platform is also pretty much safe and cannot be hacked very easily like wordpress websites.
XML SiteMap is an XML file that lists URLs for a site along with additional metadata about each URL (when it was last updated, how often it usually changes, and how important it is, relative to other URLs in the site) so that search engines can more intelligently crawl the site. Once you have created your Sitemap, let search engines know about it by submitting directly to them, pinging them, or adding the Sitemap location to your robots.txt file. This setting will be ignored if sitemap grows beyond 50,000 URLs and multiple sitemap files are created.
When you create new sitemaps, choose whether you want to Overwrite Existing SiteMap File each time a new one is created. When you create multiple sitemaps, choose whether you want to Overwrite Existing Compressed SiteMap each time a new compressed file is created. Create SiteMap - this creates the sitemap (.xml) in the root folder of your AbleCommerce installation.
Create and Compress SiteMap - this creates a compressed version of the sitemap file (.gz) in the root folder of your AbleCommerce installation.
The above description pretty much says it all, but how do you set up a sitemap.xml file in Joomla?
I just added one to one of my projects, and documented the process to share with all my Joomla User Group Detroit Friends! Make sure you have both the content and weblinks plugins activated (green checks), and if you use any of the other mentioned extensions, activate those as well.

You can name your sitemap anything you want, but your first one could be nothing more than "sitemap". Choose your main menu for your first sitemap, plus any other menus that are publically accessable that have content that you want the search engine spiders to crawl. The priority setting tells the search engine that certain pages are more important than others. Now close this, and do the same thing, adding the sitemap button > enter sitemap's URL exactly the same as you did for the test, but this time, click the submit button and it send Google the sitemap for submission. There are terabytes of poorly written code in the Internet's Joomla population.  This is because of the nature of Joomla as an extensible application. Google Summer of Code is a global program focused on bringing more student developers into open source software development.
If you are reading this post, chances are your website is running with an ancient version of PHP.
Even though, we are using WordPress on BloggingHeat, we will advice you to go for Blogger to work in the easiest and the most user friendly interface on the net. If the sitemap grows beyond 50,000 URLs, then multiple sitemap files are created along with a sitemap index file. What a sitemap.xml file does is hold critial information about your Joomla website's URL structure and articles. This does not mean your pages are more important that pages on other websites, but rather, just your own site.
It's rather anti-climatic because you wont see any changes to your site, nor will you see anything happen on your Google ranking or search display for a while.
All of them boast powerful features but it’s not always clear how these features help us in real life.
Students work with an open source organization on a 3 month programming project during their break from school.

Is often referred to as a large extended family, with that in mind, it goes without saying that JandBeyond is certainly considered to be "The Family Meeting" par excellence of the Joomla! Xmap makes it easy for you to create a sitemap of your website using your menu(s) structure. Google errors out when trying to craw a beautified and compressed XML page, so just for safety's sake, set these to "No". In this article, will look at why elegant code should be avoided and three simple principles to writing good, clean, Joomla code. These are five reasons why many people choose Joomla to accomplish website goals and solve real world website challenges.
This year, the Joomla Project is once again present and JCM talked to Puneet Kala, who is leading the group through this exciting moment. Both of this PHP version already reached end of its life and no more security update will be provided.
Xmaps re-generates the sitemap automatically, so you don't have to keep going back to it to do updates. I then would change the frequency on the home menu to "daily" as I write blog content almost daily.
If you only do updates once a week or less, leave it at "weekly" or even set it to "monthly". In Barcelona soulfulness, vitality, impressive architecture and an element of high-tech combine to make a unique melting pot brimming with creative energy, the parallels to the lifeblood of the Joomla!

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