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The word “SWOT” represents to strength, weakness, opportunities and threats and the SWOT analysis presents the powerful aspect of an organization.
First consider the strength of your non-profit organization, means where it is booming widely and which policies are working in favor of the non-profit.
According to me the strength of a non-profit organization may be the specific contributions of the members of the non-profit organization and then the amount it is receiving in form donation from people. If the non-profit organizes any event in wellness of its particular service, then it can earn quite good profit in terms of donation from people and it can be considered as the best strength of a non-profit organization. Because of this weakness, the dependant people of non-profit organization may face problems. As we know today there are thousands of charity groups and trusts are working in every country. The non-profit organizations are facing problems in terms of threats and these threats are coming from big competition. SWOT is basically a business tool that deals with the internal and the external factors of the business. Speaking of competitors, if you produce high-quality goods but at the same time your competitors are producing high-quality goods as well then you cannot classify that as a strength. Weaknesses may include the lack of technologies, lack of capital invested in your business, unskilled labors or even the poor location of your business.
While making the SWOT analysis, you tend to note down these factors and try to come up with a business strategy that focuses less on these things.
A major part of SWOT analysis is how you implement your strategy based on the data you have received. PESTEL or PESTLE analysis, part of the generic PEST analysis, is a tool for business analysis of political, economic, social, and technological factors. A SWOT analysis is a tool that can be used to measure the strengths and weaknesses of a business or individual.
The first step in writing a strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats (SWOT) analysis report is to draft a short recap of the project for the benefit of individuals who might not be familiar with it. An introduction to a SWOT analysis report should illustrate the project and how it can be beneficial to the company's business objectives. The opportunities portion of a SWOT analysis report should detail any external factors that could propel the project to higher levels of success.
I had to write a SWOT analysis for my small business a few years back and I had no idea where to start. Doing a SWOT analysis can be boring and tedious but it is also necessary for any organization looking to grow or change. Understand all the variables that can impact your project is crucial for success. Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. If there is little uncertainty and the consequences of being wrong are minor, such as filling out a travel voucher, risk analysis is not necessary. Once you determine that risk analysis is necessary, the next key step is to perform a risk assessment. A bulldozer and crane work together at the Natomas drain canal to mix and scoop slurry wall material. In short, this map communicates a wealth of information with a high degree of clarity – in a much more usable form than a 15-20 page, single-spaced document!
It shows which side or policy of an organization is going weak, it shows how many opportunities are in front of any organization.
They are simply trying to support people for their struggling life, but many of these organizations are facing problems.

Probably I think there can’t be any better answer of how do I conduct a SWOT analysis for a non-profit.
These are completely under your control, and you decide how to utilize them for the benefit of your company.
If your company has a strong finance sector or a brilliant marketing team, then list them down as your strengths.
It becomes more of a necessity rather than strength as it is not giving you the upper hand against your rivals. Despite being in your control, these factors somewhat detract you from performing at an optimum level.
These factors are in your control but needs improvements so that you are no longer at a disadvantage. Based on how quickly and effectively you can identify these potential threats; you can create your contingency plan. Listing down all the strengths and weakness, while identifying all the opportunities and threats are of no use if you cannot implement a strategy. You should then examine strengths and weaknesses as related to the project — any current systems in place, the company's resources, and any other internal factors that could be useful to the project should be included in the SWOT analysis report, with accompanying explanations. This will allow you to determine whether or not the project is worth a strategic planning session. If the company is currently the market leader for a particular good, for example, examine how the product's popularity could be used to increase the project's chances of success.
If the product addresses a certain seasonal need, selling it during that particular time of year could maximize returns on the project. Include clear-cut plans on how to make the most of the company's strengths and how to capitalize on any opportunities present. Does one analysis cover the entire duration of a project, or is the plan always being analyzed and revised? I went to my local library and was able to find a number of books that were related directly to writing a SWOT analysis. On the other hand, if there is much uncertainty and the consequences of being wrong are high it is essential to perform an extensive risk analysis. A mind map is a terrific tool to perform this type of analysis, because it can capture so much information in a compact space.
Next, items that describe your organization’s current situation for that element are listed in sub-topics. Michael also makes use of call-out topics to draw attention and emphasis to specific topics, and relationship lines to connect related topics. If the organization is fully dependent on the donation, then there may come problems in future when it will not get targeted donation.
It uses the basic data of the business to identify what strengths and weaknesses the business has. Strengths are considered as an internal factor and include the positive attributes of your company. At the same time, if your workers are highly skilled and have been given adequate training then they are also considered as your strength.
A key part of analyzing the weakness is to come up with ideas which will not only improve your weaknesses but also match up with the competitors. On the other hand, if you are in the importing business, then government tax regulations are seen as a threat.  Other threats can be raising prices from suppliers, pressure from the activist groups (more social factors affecting your company), bad media coverage or even lawsuits which are likely to damage the company’s reputation.
In other words, you need to react to the set of information given.  You have to utilize the strengths of the firm and take full advantage of the opportunities that open up.

Study any external factors that could affect the project's outcome, such as the current economic climate, and list them down under opportunities and threats.
If the project has been proposed previously, the introduction should be kept as brief as possible, highlighting only key points of the project. In the same vein, identify any possible weaknesses inherent to the team that could compromise a successful execution.
Individuals experiencing a sudden boom in popularity could be utilized as a spokesperson for the product. At the same time, create methods on how to possibly turn weaknesses into assets while creating contingency plans for threats.
They were really helpful, and once I was able to look at some examples and figure out what was required of me it made doing the analysis a lot easier.
It's important to know when to take the time to apply risk analysis and when it is not warranted. Note also how several other topics have been converted into tasks, and contain icons depicting percentage of completion.
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This is considered as the business strategy, which offers you the perfect analysis of your business and it also directs you towards the better decision in favor of your organization. It also helps the business to spot the opportunities that may arise and the threats it is likely to face.
In short anything that is likely to give you the edge over your competitor is termed as strengths. Government subsidizing certain firms can be classified as an opportunity if your business falls under those certain firms (read more political factors affecting your business).
Close the SWOT analysis report with recommendations on how to maximize strengths and opportunities while minimizing weaknesses and threats in a concrete action plan.
If the company is an established brand in only a single region, for instance, the lack of exposure in other areas could be detrimental to a wider-reaching project.
The threats portion, on the other hand, should identify external circumstances that could hinder success. You'll also get immediate access to my exclusive report, 12 Building Blocks of Effective Mind Maps - FREE! You need to come up with ways to either improve on your weaknesses or eliminate them altogether. For instance, a similar product currently out on the market might cut into the potential sales of your product. Don’t think that a non-profit organization is the organization, which works without intending for profit. If done right or taken advantage of them the business will have a significant boost over its rivals or competitors.
This combined with avoiding threats or combating those threats will ensure that the business will only provide fruitful results. If your company happens to be an eco-friendly firm, then you can take this opportunity and classify it as strength as well. You have listen about many charity committees and trusts, which get donation from people and work in their particular field for wellness.

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