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If you are giving a scientific talk at a conference (e.g., one that lasts 10 minutes), do you really need an outline slide?
Do you really think the audience needs to know what the basic content of your scientific presentation is going to be? When I see one of these slides, I think to myself that I have 30-90 seconds to daydream some more before the talk starts. That’s not what you want to do to make a good first impression and get the audience enthused about your work.
Instead, motivate the talk, tell a story about why this is an interesting problem, or start off with a shocking fact that demands explanation. Do anything to keep the audience interested in you and not thinking about where they are going to go for lunch once the session is over. I like the beamer (LaTeX) `crumb-trail’, a few lines in the header of each slide indicating the overall structure and where we are in the current section. Geetesh Bajaj shows you how creating the outline of your next PowerPoint presentation within another program such as Notepad will make it easy for you to concentrate on the message and story of your presentation. Most PowerPoint users create presentations by inserting slides as they need them, and they often copy slides from older presentations to use them again. This approach may help create presentations quickly, but such presentations have no thought or story. The solution to this problem lies in creating the structure of your presentation outside PowerPoint.

If you liked this tutorial, do look at this book, authored by Geetesh Bajaj and James Gordon. This book is the single most comprehensive content for Microsoft's latest Office suite offering for Mac users.
Sometimes I want context, or want to know if I should interrupt to ask a question or if it looks like we’ll be getting to my issue soon.
Schultz is a Professor of Synoptic Meteorology at the Centre for Atmospheric Science, School of Earth, Atmospheric, and Environmental Sciences, The University of Manchester. Does he feel guilty for what his job does to the environment, so he tries to make up for that?
I will be interested to hear how this man balances a non-environmentally minded job with an environmentally conscious mindset. In addition, this is a sure shot way of creating a presentation with 50 slides when only 20 may have been sufficient! Begin by trying to create a message in your mind; see if you can sum up the reason or objective of creating your presentation in just one sentence.
In fact, you can probably do this task on your computer by creating an outline using Notepad, a small application that has been built into every version of Microsoft Windows. Presently, he is Chief Editor for Monthly Weather Review, the longest-running meteorological journal in the world.
I would strongly recommend providing insight as to why he chose his career and why he believes in what he does.

Definitely looking forward to seeing how his life-style and political beliefs conflict when you give your speech. Narrowing the focus to one sentence would help you create a presentation that does not have too many confused messages; and of course that would result in fewer slides and happier audiences. I think doing so will provide a good foundation that will allow us to better understand his current stance on issues. Maybe he could be the impetus for positive change in the way that the logging industry relates to the environment. You probably just didn’t include it in the outline, but make sure you have some ethos, logos, and pathos in your speech. He’s full of ethos with being directly involved in issues and pathos with his passion for issues that he can probably relay to audiences. However, logos might be a little challenging since it’s not logical to be a logger and be environmentally conscious.

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