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It turns out that making a cyclone dust separator is a fairly simple process, and the DIY version seems to work as well as a commercial separator. Dan Clark walks us through the process he used for making his own cyclone dust separator using a bit of sheet metal, some tubing, and a Shop-Vac.
If you'd rather purchase a commercial dust separator, many inexpensive solutions can be found on Amazon. Buy or DIY, either way a cyclone separator can really help keep your dust collection system running clean and trouble free.
If you would like to share your experiences (preferred brand, size considerations, etc) with the rest of us, please leave a comment via the forum (see link below).
Remember to subscribe to your posts so that you'll receive an e-mail update whenever a member replies.
If you are having trouble posting pictures, be sure to visit the FAQ section of the forum for instructions.
If you are having trouble viewing the forum posts, consider trying a different browser like Firefox or Chrome. At a party, a neighbor of mine in the wood machinery business told me that PVC is dangerous because of the capability of generating a spark through static electricity.  If it is true I thought about stringing a copper wire through the system (not an easy task now) and grounding it.

Yea, I've heard of that, along with not using PVC for shop air, and a few other similar topics. Mythbusters even had an episode (Season 02 Episode 08) where they tested if PVC pipe can build up enough static to kill someone.
I can also tell you that my parents have been in the home insurance business for a combined 50+ years, and neither have ever had an insured's shop burn down from static produced by a shop dust collection system. I'd be more worried about solvent-soaked combustable rags, or the errant magnifying bench light left near a window on a sunny day.
And while we are on the topic of insurance, it's an excellent idea to document what you have in your shop for insurance purposes. A scene from the Joffrey Ballet’s revival of Vaslav Nijinsky’s “Le Sacre du Printemps” (“The Rite of Spring”). Small scale (shop size) cyclone dust separators typically attach to an intermediate tank (like a trash can or 5-gallon bucked) and separate the dust and large chunks of debris from the air being sucked into the vacuum system. Here's an excerpt from Dan's step-by-step walkthrough of the project (which is free for download and linked below in PDF format). I was always having to take the vacuum apart and clean the filter, especially during long CNC routing operations.

He showed me the burned arc in the bench where the magnifier lens concentrated the sunshine while he was inside the house watching college football. You can write everything down, but a much faster approach is to videotape yourself taking a tour of every drawer and cabinet. This helps keep your vacuum system clean and can help prevent damage caused by large pieces of debris hitting impellers on larger dust collector systems. I started searching on Youtube for ways to keep the filter from clogging so quickly and found several different types of separation systems others have made.
After reviewing many different concepts I decided on the cyclone style separator and began designing my own system.

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