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A new study from CareerBuilder cautions job seekers about the references they cite when applying to companies.
This incredible statistic made me think – perhaps the idea of providing references isn’t as easy or as black and white as I originally thought. Marcy Twete is a career fundraiser turned corporate responsibility executive, a career and networking expert and the author of the book "You Know Everybody!
A prism is often associated with reflecting light, or a source through which light passes in order to make rainbows. In any case, Dickens clearly hit the mark with prunes and prisms, with continued references to it as a state of being in other works of literature. Though Oscar Wilde was not a huge Dickens fan, prunes and prisms clearly influence his character of Ms.
As Dickens’ less well-known novels are read with less frequency, references to prunes and prisms declined in the late 20th century.
TweetIt wasn’t too long ago that it was recommended that you include a reference page for resume whenever you sent off a cover letter and resume for a job. You may find that some advertisements for jobs include instructions about the reference page for resume. When you are creating a reference page for resume, you should first contact the individuals that you want to list on it.
When formatting a reference page for resume, use traditional fonts and font sizes that are the same as your resume. You should include at least five people and no more than seven references, unless the employer requests a different number. A reference page for resume is an important part of the job hunting process, but you should not automatically include it with your resume unless specifically requested. This entry was posted in Resume References and tagged Reference Page for Resume, references page, resume reference page by Admin. This presents some standard conventions for writing journal articles but highlights where you may want to make changes for a class report or thesis. Figures: Figures should be numbered according to their sequence in the text and the text should include references to all figures. A list of all references used should appear in a separate section - only include works to which you have directly cited in your paper. Three-in-five employers (62 percent) said that when they contacted a reference listed on an application, the reference didn’t have good things to say about the candidate. Never, never, never (and I rarely say never) write someone down as a reference without asking them first.
Even if you’ve asked someone to be a reference for you before, you should still give them a heads up about every single job you think might call them. Got to say, this is just one more memorable quotation from my absolute favorite book ever, from one of many ridiculous - yet amazing - characters.If you like the character of Mrs General, check out some humorous quotes of the other characters.
Then it was the phrase of “References available upon request.” This phrase was included instead of an actual page of references.
Don’t just go ahead and put someone down without speaking to them first, no matter how well you may know the person.

Center the page title of “References” at the top, skip a line or two and center your first resume. Sometimes, it’s hard to think of five or seven people who you can list as references that you will know will give potential employers the best recommendations.
It is a good idea to have a reference page ready during an interview so you can hand it to an interviewer if they ask for it. The 'standard' format used by most journals is a bit restrictive because it reflects traditional publishing practices.
Class reports are less restrictive in form and content than journal articles but they still share many characteristics.
Insert markers or 'place holders' for tables and figures in the text where they would be most appropriate (e.g.
Use sentence case for titles - only the first letter is capitalized barring obvious exceptions such as proper nouns.
Instead of just dumping an image or figure into the document, use a standard two-row table. All levels of your report should have structure, from the use of sections and subsections overall down to each paragraph having an introductory sentence, body, and concluding sentence.
The most common problem with papers is that the author has spent so much time working on the substance that style is relegated to the last minute.
Related to above, strongly consider using numbered headings to help your reader follow your argument. If you reproduce an image that someone else has created, you need copyright permission to publish it in a book or journal. When submitting a report for a course assignment, get all the material into a single document, especially the references and figures. Twenty-nine percent of employers reported that they have caught a fake reference on a candidate’s application. Can you imagine being asked for references on a job search and somehow just deciding to write down a fake name?
Generally, references are not requested until the end of an interview process, and you’ll be aware of the fact your references are being checked. Today, it is not longer recommended that you include either this phrase or this page with your resume.
Other employers may request the information, but will only want it included on the actual job application. If you do, they may be quite surprised when an unknown person suddenly calls them for a reference. By creating a reference page for resume before you need it, you will save yourself a lot of time when the page is requested. Conventions such as line double spacing and use of 12 point serif fonts like Times New Roman are designed to make it easier for your reader to review the paper and provide annotations where necessary.
If you are expecting to publish your work, you must get copyright permissions for works created by others.
Of course, it is easy to make the report too rigid, but given the choice between too much structure and too little, opt for the latter.

No matter how good the substance, the paper is lost if the reader encounters spelling errors, typos, or wordiness. If you make a copy for your report, thesis, or dissertation, you must give the original source and page number. Sans serif fonts like Arial or Helvetica are hard on the eyes when reading something on paper. This is good practice for your later career and ensures that the reader will get everything. Consider certainly using a past supervisor as a reference, but also look to others who can speak to your achievements as a colleague or volunteer.
At that time, make a personal phone call to each of your references, tell them a little about the job, why you feel it’s a good fit, and let them know the reference call is coming. You may also find that some potential employers do not want a list of your reference at all. You also do not want to include family members or friends that you have not actually worked with. Co-workers might be included, but only if they have actual knowledge of the work that you perform.
For example, include the person’s title, name, business, address, phone number, and email address. If you have prepared them yourself, you must cite the source of the data you that you used in their construction. Each figure has a caption; together this combination of figure and captions should let the figure stand alone. But for some hiring managers, they’ll call one or two of your references, and not all three.
Lewis’ second Narnia novel, Prince Caspian, originally published in 1951, has a character named Queen Prunaprismia. While you should take the time to create a reference page, it is a good idea to wait until you know if the employer wants it or not. Some people will include how long they have known the person they are listing as a reference. RUSLE applied in a GIS framework: calculating the LS factor and deriving homogeneous patches for estimating soil loss. General becomes this companion, and is always imparting annoying words of advice, which the daughters feel free to ignore. General, though at the end of the play, she is revealed to have led less than a perfect life.

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