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I want something dark, something hard to figure out, someone to leave me but save me at the last minute, someone to be mysterious hard to figure out, interesting and complicated and still till the day I die I won't know who he really is. Brenda (not her real name of course) wasn’t the first client to ask me for advice about how to figure out whether she loved her spouse enough to spend the rest of her life with him.
I decided upon a set of ten questions from which to begin the process of evaluation and making a decision that will, no doubt, alter the shape of life events to come.
When you hear good news or something of note, who’s the first person you want to share this with?
Are you able to show your natural self to your spouse and know that he or she loves you – for better or worse? Do you feel that you are each other’s priorities and that you have one another’s backs or do you feel ridiculed or undermined in front of friends and family members?
When he or she is not feeling well, do you feel the inclination to help your partner with tasks such as walking the dog or do you do so under duress or because you feel a sense of obligation to or because you are afraid he or she won’t do the same for you when you need help? When you think of life when the kids leave, can you bear the thought of being alone together? Once you discover your true purpose in life, it will be easy for you to direct all plans towards it. We devote important portions of our energy to maintain two vehicles, too much furniture in the apartment, and a closet full of clothes we hardly wear. When we learn how to detach ourselves from material possessions, we will focus on our true needs.
Instead of wasting time on Facebook and Twitter, we can use our online presence productively. If you don’t know what career path you want to direct yourself to, you can experiment with different online courses until you find your true calling.
Instead of thinking about where you want to be in a year, focus your attention on the problems that are burdening you right now. Andy Stern, is the former president of the 2.2 million-member Service Employees International Union, the fastest-growing union in the Americas.

Being able to do this, most of the time, typically inspires good feelings within a couple and makes each partner feel more connected to the other.
This is an important part of any relationship and without sharing the same beliefs and values about how you want to conduct yourself in the world, it may be difficult to truly feel connected and loving towards one another. If you are put down or condescended by your spouse, it’s unlikely that you will feel loving towards him or her. Love comes from the heart and if you have to even think twice or are put out by helping your partner, then there is a greater chance that you are helping out for reasons other than love. Are you able to recognize that no dispute between you and his or her family members is worth losing your relationship over? Part of this depends on what your long term life goals are and another part on whether you can imagine growing old together.
Children often act as a buffer in relationships, protecting you from having to confront some of the bigger issues. When people talk about being in love, there are typically associations with butterflies and sparks. Think about it: do you really need that new jacket when you already have few you don’t wear that often? When you realize that meditation masters only teach you to sit in quiet, you might think it would be easy. No matter what your goals for the future are, you will definitely need a supportive network of people who love you. Do you behave differently when you’re alone, with friends, and with people you want to impress? All previous methods guide you to this one: connect the dots and don’t be afraid to let your true persona shine through. When you finally got it, you felt the satisfaction for a day or two, but went back to your usual state of incompleteness right after? She writes articles and creative essays for Scholar Advisor, an educational portal made by students for students.

SEIU is the second largest union in the United States and Canada after the National Education Association. This is often a chicken or egg situation since if you’re not feeling loving towards one another, then you are less likely to want to spend time together. Loving someone may not be as romantic, but can be a deeper kind of love, a more mature kind of love that you grow into.
Some of the ones you can try are Coursera, OpenCourseWare, Ted, Khan Academy, and Livemocha.
If you’ve been disconnected or not in love for years, then thoughts of being without the kids can create anxiety.
If, on the other hand, you’re buying things to fill the emptiness you feel inside, you’re doing everything wrong. If you’ve never tried this technique, you’ll be surprised how hard it is to quiet your mind.
If the problems and solutions don’t depend on you, there is only one thing you’re left with: acceptance. Then make small lifestyle changes, like meeting new people, reading a new type of literature, or watching weird movies. If it is your spouse, my guess is that he or she shows just the right level of interest and enthusiasm so as to encourage you to want to connect often.
In order to figure out what you really want, you need to remove the obstacles that are preventing you from being happy.

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