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Make Cool Profile Pictures With Photo EffectsCreate super duper photos with these photo effects. We actually know very little about our Buck family as it passed through the a€?colonya€? of New Jersey sometime between the years of 1740 - 1775, except that we know that they did.
To set the stage for this discussion, leta€™s first reconfirm what we know about the origin of our family. However, we have been able to go back and find a specific marriage record for Thomas Buck and Elizabeth Scott in Glastonbury, Connecticut. We know from other records [1814 Tax Record for Bedford County, Pennsylvania] that their oldest known son, and surely their oldest child, who was also named a€?Thomas Bucka€? (and who we shall call, a€?Captain Thomas Bucka€?--because of his service during the American Revolution as a Captain in the Pennsylvania Militia) was born about 1740.
In fact, we have no original source record of the births of any of the children of Thomas Buck and Elizabeth Scott that was made at the time of the event. The next records we have for anyone in this family, that was made at the time of the event, was when, what appears to likely be the entire family, arrived in Colerain Township, Bedford County, PA. Well, in fact, we know that this family migrated westward and spent at least part of their time in the colony of New Jersey, but we have not yet found a single record for any of them within the archives of that state.
In the 1880 US census for the state of Utah, city of Springville, Thomas and Elizabeth Scott Bucka€™s granddaughter, Elizabeth Buck Garlick, by then 85 years old, told the census taker that her father (David Buck, Sr.) was born in New Jersey. The next support for our New Jersey residency is not as strong, and is drawn from a deduction only.
The next record (the 1850 US census record for Wood Co., OH) will be discussed later on after we build up the background for that item.

Now, leta€™s go back to the oldest child of this family for a while--Captain Thomas Buck (b.
However, this man (Captain Thomas Buck) did marry someone, somewhere, in the 1760a€™s and began his family before they moved to Bedford Co., PA in about 1775.
From this, and other documents, we have tried to estimate the ages of the various children of the Captain. We recognize that there are a lot of assumptions and speculation with the above, but here is the point.
But, the really exciting part of this record is the statement that this David Buck, the father of the Thomas Buck in this census (and perhaps the son of the Captain Thomas Buck) was born in New Jersey! We are thankful that this David Buck lived at least until 1850 so we could find him with this family in the census. The likelihood for these being the son and grandson of Captain Thomas Buck seems so good that we are sorely tempted to say they are the same, but a little more work still needs to be completed in order to say so with sufficient certainty. Now, leta€™s concentrate on his second child, and the oldest son, David Buck.A  (Note, this is not a€?oura€? David Buck, Sr. Filter: All types Articles Slideshows Videos Sort: Most relevant Most popular Most recent No articles available No slideshows available No videos available How to Find Someone's E-mail Address How to Find Someone's Address How to Find Someone's Cell Phone Provider How to Find Birth Records How to Find Someone's Phone Number How to Find Out if Someone Is Married How to Find Someone By Social Security Number How to Find a Person That Lives in Baja, Mexico How to Find Who Is Living at Your Old Address? They go on to list the deaths of both of Elizabetha€™s parents, the births of her siblings, the births of some of her nieces and nephews, but there is no mention, what-so-ever, about the births of any of her children. 1740.) He would have been old enough to marry his first wife anytime after about 1760, or certainly by about 1765, or so.

In 1967, he won the West Bengal State Wrestling Championship in the Junior Category.en made based on Chakraborty. He thinks all his films shot at the place have been successful and therefore he had opened a hotel and also owns a house there.
About us Use of this site constitutes acceptance of the Terms of use, Cookie policy, and Privacy policy of eHow. You can then type in information to get to their profile, and find out their birth date from their profile. You need to create your own profile and graduate from that same school in order to get the information on your classmates.
Another way if you're looking for the birth date of a deceased person, there are a number of sources.
There is the newspaper announcements of their birth and of their death that might list their birth date.

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