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Federal funding for this website ended in 2003, therefore few materials have been added since that time. This collection highlights local and state efforts aimed at identifying young children who need special services.
We at CLAS are especially interested in materials targeting specific cultural groups and localities. We encourage you to adapt the information and format of these materials to your own situations and contexts. We caution you to carefully examine materials in other languages (original or translated) as they have not been reviewed by CLAS staff for their accuracy or appropriateness for their intended users or audience(s).
This booklet is designed to help families learn how to get help for their young children with special needs ages birth through five. This prescreening chart gives a brief guideline for helping parents and professionals to recognize a child's possible problem areas in vision, hearing, and development. This color-coded booklet provides a list of appropriate toys for young children of different age groups, from birth to five years of age. This brochure gives a brief introduction to the early intervention and early childhood special education programs in the Virgin Islands. This booklet gives a brief introduction to the early intervention programs in Washington State. This poster provides a very brief introduction to the birth to three program for young children with special needs and delays. Feeling anxious or even frightened about labour and birth is a common experience for women today. You may have a specific anxiety – perhaps you want a homebirth but are being told it’s too late in your pregnancy to opt for that, or the hospital is putting pressure on you to have a sweep or even induction before you’re ready. Tellmeagoodbirthstory is run on a voluntary basis, and no charge is made for matching you with a birth buddy, but donations are hugely appreciated to help us cover basic administration. We haven't started a newsletter yet but if you would like to receive it when we send one out leave your email here.

I’ve had many requests for information about the sign we used in the photos of Bodhi. If you’re photographing a child holding this, remember to bribe with something and act quickly. We have searched for materials in a number of languages and for those which have unique design or presentation. They are included in our database for the purpose of sharing information about innovative practices. Part 1 provides questions and answers about early intervention services for infants and toddlers who have a developmental delay or who are at risk of a developmental delay.
Besides, other important things are listed for parents to take care of, such as immunization and dental care for children. Parents are provided a checklist regarding a child's development in thinking, saying, doing, and playing.
The early intervention services available to children and their families are also introduced. Once upon a time, and not that long ago at that, a newly-pregnant woman would have felt drawn in by more experienced women around her – supported and surrounded by all that it means to be a new mother. Work is work, and friends – well, all too often, it’s only the scary stories that are forthcoming.
The kind of encouraging, word-of-mouth wisdom that would have once been commonplace is out there to be shared now too. Hearing one will get you into the right gear mentally – and leave you feeling self-reliant, positive, and strong.
Complete the Birth Buddy contact form and send us a few details about yourself, and we will send you the contact details of a woman with a good birth story to share.
Give your body and your baby what they need to get on with the job, and we all of us stand a pretty huge chance of having a good birth. Bodhi lasted literally two minutes and these three images were the only three which were in focus.

It addresses evaluation and assessment, Individualized Family Service Plans, and parent associations. A few illustrations are provided of typical and problem postures that might be observed at different ages. Contact information is given for parents who have concerns about their child's development.
The behaviors are categorized under four developmental areas, which are gross motor, fine motor, communication, and social. There are many women who have recently had uncomplicated, positive birth experiences, and some of them have heard of this website and are willing to share their stories with you.
We’ll try and match you with someone in your area, so if it suits you both, you could meet for a chat over a cup of tea. All of this will give you the most important tools of all – hope, encouragement and confidence.
Also, be sure to back your child out from the wall by at least three or four feet when shooting manually or on automatic.
Part 2 includes questions and answers about special education programs and services for preschoolers with disabilities. The material states the possibility of movement disorders and the importance of early detection.
The booklet also contains information about the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act, a parent's dictionary of terms used in special education, resources for parents, and a parents' record-keeping worksheet.

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