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I am coming up on my 3rd year in a top fraternity at slo, I just find posts like this dumb af because there is no way they could have ever happened. Hey, cuntface: Take a page from Prex and refrain from recycling the same handle for all of your internet haunts.
I hope for his sake he’s one of the child-bodied white fucks and not the burnt rice on the left.
Pepper Spray.  Especially for girls who might be traveling back and forth to work or class alone from their apartment, this is a gift of peace of mind. A Terry Wrap.  One size fits all, these are fantastic for dorm living if you have to walk down the hall to a shower. Speaking of coffee, a French Press.  I would never have thought a college student would want one, but my daughter and hallmates are sold on theirs.
Dry erase board to hang outside their room.  When we toured colleges with our kids, I loved seeing notes written to friends outside dorm rooms. Sleeping bag.  Feather-light and compactable, a nice sleeping bag is something the adventurer WILL appreciate. I received a nice business card holder for my high school graduation… and am still using it 25 years later!
THank You for posting this as there are several grads I need to find gifts for including my own.
Hi, I am currently a college student and happen to find all the suggestions above very convenient gifts. Great list, I have actually used a few of them, before, the Laundry one was a huge hit, and I actually made the Laundry bags, an extra personalized touch. Thank you so much for taking the time and thoughtfulness to put together & share these ideas. His friends (like most college guys) will often talk about their different hookups or girlfriends when I’m around. As I mentioned, I have a boyfriend and he is aware of this, so, no boundaries have ever been pushed. Regardless of whether he likes dudes or ladies (or both), it's always possible that he just genuinely values your friendship (and don't be totally confused about why anyone would like you that much as a person, because that sentiment is giving me depression).
Nine times out of ten, if you're asking "Why is this guy being so nice to me," the answer is going to be "Because he likes you," possibly followed by "Duh." In this case it's less obvious, but I'm still leaning that way, largely because he's paying for your drinks (most people, of both genders, still consider this a necessary element of dating), trying to get you to have dinner alone with him, and texting you even more than your boyfriend. If he understands that you're happy with your boyfriend, and he's never tried to hit on you at all, you don't have to force the issue (again, I have done all of these things with platonic female friends), but there's a real possibility that he thinks this will turn into something more. He's a native Texan with a full head of hair and knows his way around a nice box of red wine. I’ll earn a small referral if you purchase which contributes to the costs associated with maintaining my blog. Betsey Johnson makes some whimsical watches for girls; and Fossil has great choices for guys.

This is a throwback if ever there was one, but there’s no denying even a student can appreciate the difference between a Bic and Montblanc. Restaurants, retail and entertainment will be VERY welcome to a poor student.  Did you realize you can get just about everything at Amazon and not have to pay shipping?! I got so tired of seeing lists that made you click through a bunch of images to see anything, so much so I made my own!
I am one who enjoys giving gifts and seeing the joy it brings to the recipient, but I hate trying to figure out what to get. For one thing, the fact that he already has lots of friends means nothing; quantity of friends has nothing to do with quality of friends, and maybe having known you for so long makes him feel closer to you. In this whole mix of conflicting signals, I think those override any others (heck, to some kids, just doing those things would already be considered dating). If you have any uncertainty about whether this is just platonic, you should set some clearer boundaries for yourself here (not letting him pay for your drinks, not crashing at his place), because he may be reading those as signs of interest on your part.
Visit B&N to buy and rent textbooks, and check out our award-winning tablets and ereaders, including Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 NOOK and NOOK GlowLight. Dorn graduated (BBA) with a GPA sitting in the meaty part of the bell curve, not lagging behind, but not trying to show off, either. You can order a customized monogram to make it almost impossible to lose for just a few dollars more. Hang gliding, hot air balloon rides, sky diving, zip lining, a Nascar experience–a great idea for the thrill seekers on your list (and Groupon and other deal sites seem to offer these on a regular basis).
For those who can afford a Keurig, well…you’ll likely be giving one of their most favorite gifts of them all! I got mine at a gun shop but you can get them other places too.Or there is always bear spray at the camping stores. It is a new fundraising page, that enables students to collect money to buy their necessary things in order to survive in, and after college!
He is graduating high school in May (sadly, I’m not), so I want to get him something useful and sentimental.
Hard to give money that can actually amount to anything so we (my husband and I) look for DIY gifts and really shop around.
What has been especially fun this year is new friends who know me are stumbling onto this post by Pinterest, Google search, etc.
Many grads and gift givers are smiling this spring because of your help making sure we hit the mark. On one hand, you've given me a lot of reasons to tell you that this guy is interested in you and then dust off my hands and close the case file.
I've totally had platonic female friends I went out of my way for just as you're describing; the only difference is that they knew we just had a very close friendship, and didn't wonder what I was getting out of it.
You could try watching his behavior more closely (Does he try to lean inside your personal space?

At the very least, you should know what you'd say to him if he ever does broach the subject—one of these nights, having dinner or sharing a ride home could end with him confessing his feelings, and you should have a better response prepared than "PTHTBHBT??" (which is the sound of spit-taking a glass of water all of his face). I’ve seen darling, inexpensive choices from Zulily–a great place to find amazing deals on all types of things! Luckily, I have plenty of time to think about that, but I’ve bookmarked this page for when that time comes. I spent hours working on this, and as I’ve said, spoke to many teens and even 20-somethings to curate what is included. However, I wouldn’t say we were ever friends until I started going to school in the same city. There’s always been some question to whether or not he’s gay, mostly due to some of his mannerisms.
Sure we have our parents in common, but, I’m also younger, an undergrad, and I go to a different school. On the other hand, I already tell every LW that every guy is interested in her, and if I can't think of any alternate possibilities in The Case of the Potentially Gay Big-Brotherly Family Friend, then I am super bad at my job. Since my arrival, he’s texted me almost non stop, (more than my boyfriend and more than most of my friends) and that has turned into me hanging out with him and his roommates and even sleeping on their futon when it got too late to drive back to my school.
But I'm also not going to sit here trying to Internet Guess this guy's sexuality, because I have misplaced my crystal ball, and even if I could find it, I wouldn't override the opinion of your gay friends who have actually met this dude (an opinion which appears to be "???" with a touch of "Probably not??"). And how exciting for your college boy–you and I have children the same age (my daughter just graduated college and my son will graduate HS next week). He pays for my alcohol (you answer questions for 21 and older Sparklers too, right?), offers to give me rides back home (we live in the same town) if I ever need them, gives me his parking pass, and is just generally really nice and helpful to me. I'll also add that mannerisms don't necessarily tell the whole story, both because I've known a lot of people who defied the stereotype and because making snap judgments based on surface characteristics is a whole ball of worms I don't want to get into anyway.
If all else fails, you could always try to ask him where he stands (tactfully, of course, with something like "Sometimes I get the impression you might have feelings for me," not "DUDE ARE YOU A GAY?"). He’s also invited me to dinner with him (not with friends) but, this has never happened due to my schedule.
So let's forget all of that and simplify this situation: he either likes you romantically or he doesn't. My parents LOVE him so there is no need for him to try to win favor with them, and he knows it. Some dudes are willing to wait essentially forever, regardless of the obstacles in their way. I’ve asked my gay friends and they haven’t been able to decide—though they lean towards him being straight.

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