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Fairly often we get calls or emails from folks who are on a quest of trying to find a Chinese or Asian antique dealer. So before you pull a needle from the haystack, there are a few things you should know before doing anything else. In the last 35 years we’ve watched as the demand for good and fine quality Chinese antiques has skyrocketed, a vase that cost perhaps $1,500 in 1978, is today often worth anywhere from 10 to 50 times that amount, maybe more. While Chinese antiques have risen wildly in value over the last couple decades the Chinese collectors who have driven this market are starting to buy in other categories. When it comes to doing almost anything regarding Asian antiques, whether it’s an appraisal for insurance or estate purposes you must find a specialist.
To find a good appraiser or dealer to handle a sale of Asian antiques, look for a dealer who has been in the business as a specialist for at least 20 years. If you live near a good museum with a nice Asian art collection call and ask if they know any Asian dealers in your area, ask them WHO does their appraisals for their own insurance. You can always check the dealer lists of the MAJOR antiques shows, such as Asia Week in New York. If you aren’t sure, then talk to a Chinese persons in school, in university or at your workplace. The exact duration of your learning may be different, depending on your circumstances and goals. I want to add, these are just times in class, you have to add homework, repetition and actual speaking, reading and writing practice. The difficulty distribution of Chinese grammar can be described as, easy to get started hard to master. His extensive and detailed information covers all aspects even a seasoned immigration attorney will benefit from. This is a must have for anyone looking to be involved in EB5 program as many investors and EB5 agents are coming out of China. I would recommend this book to all parties interested in participating, advising, working, or investing in the EB5 program. People who know nothing about Chinese sometimes ask me how to write their names in Chinese characters. Chinese has very few syllables (about 400), so choosing suitable sounds is sometimes impossible. When I teach beginner courses in Chinese, I usually play a small guessing game with the students where I say a few names of famous people in Chinese and they are supposed to guess whom they are referring to. I certainly wasn’t okay with this and if you feel the same, you need to find a suitable name for yourself. Ask a Chinese person who knows you for help, finding a name that both sounds good and matches your personality. This is especially true if you use the first two methods as it is very likely that you will pick names that don’t work very well or have unintended effects. After you have listened to suggestions and opinions from a few native speakers, you should be okay. To make this article slightly more concrete and personal, I’d like to share with you the story behind my name, which I adopted before moving to Taiwan in 2008. I decided to get my own Chinese name when I received a scholarship to study Mandarin in Taiwan for a year.
However, I decided upon graduation once I started studying Chinese by myself that I would choose a more suitable name.
All in all, my logic might be a little bit stretched at times, but what I think is important is that I like how the name looks and sounds and I do not feel embarrassed about it.
Speaking of avoiding very famous people, some people recommend asking someone to help Google the name to check for matches with important historical figures and recently (in)famous people.
Now myself being a teacher I know my first teacher did a great job to figure that name out. I tried to think up new Chinese name but i didn’t find any that would fully satisfy me. I’ve never used my Chinese name nearly as much as you have, but sometimes while I was in Taiwan I got ??? (same ? as you).
My name ??? was given to me a long time ago during my first visit to China, in Shanghai, following a long after-dinner discussion among several relatives of a friend, some of them teachers by profession. The name feels a bit weird because the family name is two syllables (I think!), and because it uses the rather overused character ?.
But I never changed it because my friend’s relatives had gone to such an effort to give me the name. By the way, it fascinates me that Chinese can be such a constrained language, with nearly everyone having a three-syllable (X Y-Z) name! My surname is Lombardi, so it sounds quite similar to the original,but some chinese people say it sounds like a male name, others say it reminds of ??? (from ????? of ??)so not a lucky name, someone even called me ???!What can I say, I got used to it and I like it.

My Chinese name is ???, and like a lot of people I had a very circuitous route to getting it. After about two months of consideration, my Chinese friends in San Francisco and I devised ??? for me based on personality traits, and ? is a close Kallio sound match. They are either in need of an appraisal, seeking a specific item or they are trying to find a way to sell a collection they have either built over time or inherited. Some you will no doubt see are paid ads and over a million more, quite literally,  just turn up.
Trying to find a Chinese or Asian antique dealer with decades of experience is harder than it looks. If this is the case, get in touch with us and we’ll be happy to try and point you in the right direction. There are around a dozen good shops in the town and many have Chinese objects mixed in with there regular inventory. In other posts I’m trying to convince people, however this one is intended to make a self-assessment. Full time study in China is vastly superior to evening and weekend learning while doing a regular job in your homecountry. Once you are done with that, you only need a few hours per week to maintain your Chinese level.
If you are still going to school and you have to choose a language, you might find yourself in the situation that you can choose between a number of languages, amongst these Chinese, and you don’t know which to choose. You can pursue a degree in Chinese at university if you win the lottery or you have rich parents or a rich spouse. Gregory Finkelson unveils practical and insightful information to help business people understand the opportunities and benefits of the EB-5 program with Chinese investors. Moreover, this book provides guidance to immigration attorneys on how to work with EB5 agents in China and the Regional Centers in the US. Finkelson's book is a commendable effort at easing the learning curve that most experience when attempting to deal with the Chinese market. It is also a very valuable source for immigration attorneys and EB-5 investors to understand the Chinese agency and investor market. Sometimes it is possible, but Chinese people prefer other choices for non-obvious reasons (sometimes related to complicated historical interactions between Chinese dialects). This is easy for cases like ??? (Beiduofen) Ludwig van Beethoven, but impossible for cases like ???? (Fuermosi) Sherlock Holmes. At best, auspicious or neutral characters are chosen over those with decidedly negative connotations, but only in rare cases are the meaning of the characters related to the name.
Chinese personal names often have two characters, sometimes one, but it’s exceedingly rare to have more. If you’ve seen a name that you like for some reason (after checking what it means), combine this with your own family name.
Also note that it’s absolutely crucial that you ask native speakers rather than advanced second language learners like myself!
I have been called by my Chinese name more than my Swedish name during that time, and today both names are part of who I am. If you ask enough native speakers, someone will probably mention if the name reminds them of someone, but it depends on who you ask, where they’re living, and how much they keep up on current events. When I lived in Yunnan during my gap year, one of the teachers at the school gave this name to me.
Restaurant menus often seem equally constrained, with all the items on the menu having the same number of characters. They decided to give me their family name and chose the first name as close as possible to the pronuncation of my German Name.
Eventually someone decided that my name would be ?? and that was what I was called for the next full year, even when I left China. Some Chinese people really like it, a Chinese guy next to me on a flight said flat out he did not like the name and that it sounded foreign, multiple Chinese people have told me it sounds very Chinese, and I am still observing people’s responses to it. While Japanese porcelains on the other hand that were worth $10,000 during the early 1990’s are today often worth under $2,000. Check their website and see if they SHARE information willingly beyond offering to buy your things. You can call an auction house with an Asian department, but frankly less than 7  in the Unites States actually have a real one that’s knowledgeable. We know dozens of very fine dealers from around the world and we would be happy to offer you their names. The more distant a language is to your native language, the more energy will be required to learn it. Getting to a level where you can order food can be done within months, being able to read the newspaper takes years.

All top 20 languages by number of native speakers in this world are definitely a valid choice as a economically valuable language. Chinese only shines in combination with other solid skills like computer science, mechanical engineering, biochemistry, economics and so on. The good thing is, there is no flexion, so don’t worry about learning different word endings for different cases.
He provides additional sights and suggestions in how to navigate the sometimes shark-infested waters of the EB-5 visa program. The book is an important resource for anyone interested in understanding China and the EB-5 market".
Most important, it is an easy and interesting read, even for someone who has been in the EB-5 business for many years. What you can do is find a good Chinese name for yourself or choose characters that are read in a way similar to the name you want to write. A good Chinese name has to take into account connotations and emotions, something which is very, very hard to grasp for us foreigners, regardless of how long we’ve studied Chinese. The personal name is taken from a movement, Cloud Dragon Playing in Water (????), in the sabre form in the style of Tai Chi Chuan I used to practise. Finally, part of my name forms the part of some ambitious idioms, like ????, which means to have lofty aspirations.
I think it’s a good Chinese name, although the three consecutive second tones are a bit annoying.
A surname is though a little bit difficult to pronounce (the third tone) so I’m thinking about changing it, because my real surname also changed after I got married. Other good way I think is finding the Chinese equivalent translation for your (sur)name (if it has a clear meaning, like Woods = ?).
My sister had gotten the surname ? when she studied Chinese, and it seemed appropriate for us to have the same surname.
The next year I began learning Chinese and my teacher gave me my surname ? so now my full name is ??? which I find extremely hard to pronounce in terms of getting the tones correct but I think that after four years I’ve finally gotten it down. So the good news is, if you have fine Chinese antiques be very happy, if you own good Japanese antiques you can be happy too, as it will cost a lot less to insure, but they just haven’t performed well in the last 25 years. When you want to asses your personal chances of success, then these points don’t mean very much. I’ve always liked both the movement and the name, the contrast between a high-flying creature and the low-lying water. Instead, I spent a couple of hours generating names I thought okay (I had studied Chinese for about 9 months at the time) and then asked my teacher about some of the ideas.
Some native speakers think it sounds a bit like a wuxia character, but there are also real Chinese people with the same personal name. When I lived in Taiwan I kind of wished I had a 3 character name, but I could never find a third character that I wanted to add to my name! The only thing they didnt tell me that the Hulk a filmcharacter had the same name, so most of my classmates laught when I told them my name. These days I’m actually more comfortable with people refering to me using my Chinese name than I am when they use my English name!
I’m not saying that Chinese is more difficult than Spanish, because it is not, but I do say, it requires much more energy, effort, dedication and motivation. If you consider Chinese a nice addition to your career, then find out what interests you about China. So you better choose that language out of the top 20 that you think is the most interesting one for you.
If a English native speaker wants to learn Spanish, he already knows more than 1000 words from the first day, but with Chinese the number of words you already is extremely low. Thinking about my Chinese name, it’s hard to imagine what it would be like to have another name, just like it is for my Swedish name. A social media search a while ago revealed only one hit, and it looked like a little girl (like 4 years old) somewhere in rural China) whose parents had posted a picture of their daughter on-line. Actually I am really content with my name because the characters seem to have a good meaning and at least everyone remembers this name after smiling about. Because my interest in Spain was close to zero and I therefore had very little energy to learn it.

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