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May 22, 2016 by Sean Swaby Leave a Comment LikeTweetWhy burnout physically when you can experience consistent results?
There are several causes of fitness burnout: being stuck in a rut (staying with the same system too long) and having too many choices (not sticking with your system long enough). You can learn more about Jay and how he can support your fitness goals by clicking here, and you can subscribe to his Youtube channel to get the best fitness comedy you will ever find.
How To Be Here—Avoiding Fear, Anxiety, and Regret, with Rob BellA concussion gave him the tour of his life he needed to be in the present moment. How to Develop Your People SkillsOn this episode of The Go-Giver podcast, author and entrepreneur Dave Kerpen shows you how to create buy-in and commitment by developing your people skills.
A Thousand Years Old and Just Getting StartedLooking out from the open heart of this ancient oak, one sees its younger siblings growing underneath its protective shadow. Love Everyone: The Transcendent Wisdom of Neem Karoli Baba Told Through the Stories of the Westerners Whose Lives He TransformedJesse Kornbluth on the life of an incredibly inspiring poet. Why I’m Allowed To Say I’m Not Attracted To You Have hopeful paramours become increasingly fragile in accepting the truth of lackluster chemistry? A Thank You to the Love that Got AwayThe one that got away is the most important person you’ll meet in your life.
8 Signs That You Overthink EverythingOr maybe should the title be, “When you think yourself out of everything”?
The Five Stages of MasculinityThe Good Men Project recently spoke to Joseph Gelfer who has created a new model for understanding masculinity called The Five Stages of Masculinity. The colours and lines are very strong in this design so I decided to use wire ‘cloisons’ to make walls and keep the colours separate.
Resin starts off as a liquid and so it is difficult to stop colours blending into each other without a barrier such as the wire. If you don’t like your finished piece it can be stripped out with paint stripper, but be very careful using it! Resin Jewellery book containing Basic Instructions and 16 fully illustrated Step-by-Step projects.
I chose an area with strong lines and chevrons and then I thought about the colours I wanted to use.
If there is still too much glue showing use a pin and tweezers to dig some of it out, making sure there is still enough glue to form a good bond and barrier. Make a ring to match Make a matching ring using a silver plated square ring blank and following steps 2 to 9.

Sunset over tea plantation in Malaysia by DasMaddinWhatever type of creative pro you are, stock images are a vital tool in your arsenal. Sign up below to get the latest from Creative Bloq, plus exclusive special offers, direct to your inbox! Creative Bloq is part of Future plc, an international media group and leading digital publisher. May 23, 2016 by the Editors Leave a Comment LikeTweetThe Good Men Project Community talks with Publisher and CEO, Lisa Hickey, about how to create social change without being overwhelmed. On last week’s call we talked about a comment thread that took off in our Premium Member Community group on Facebook.
The comments in that thread ranged from destroying stereotypes, embracing the purity of true love again, people taking ownership of their lives and giving up the blame game, to changing the culture among males to endorse men showing physical affection toward each other. This is a process I developed after looking at old enamelled ‘cloisonne?’ jewellery, (cloisons means partitions in French). I have bonded the wire onto the pendant and ring mounts with epoxy glue (which won’t react with the resin). Make a chevron by bending the wire at an angle and then snip the wire so that both sides are roughly the same length.
Put the piece onto the acrylic block with Blu Tack so that it is secure when the resin is in the pendant. Put a few drops of blue sparkle mix onto the parchment paper and add a tiny speck of red violet paste.
And branding and marketing are among the many disciplines that make use of the high-quality, low-cost imagery available at iStock by Getty Images, on a daily basis.Alec East is a consultant with more than 20 years' experience, and founder of Narrative Industries Ltd. You can unsubscribe at any time and we'll never share your details without your permission. We are trying to create big, sweeping, societal changes—overturn stereotypes, eliminate racism, sexism, homophobia, be a positive force for good for things like education reform and the environment.
In addition to being an Editor with the Good Men Project, Sean has been published with Babble, The Mighty, Be You Media Group and Addiction Unscripted. Now cut and fit the parallel lines that are at right angles below the two wires already in place.
But to this day—no one else is taking it all on, or addressing the conversation about the changing roles of men as deeply or as systematically as we are. We know that our stepping up to the mic, so to speak, and inviting others to have a voice on these issues really has been a #changemaker.

Often the graphics are available as vector art too, giving the flexibility we require.Alec East"It is hard to justify charging a client for something like a bespoke phone icon or a coffee cup on a table when it costs less to buy one that has professionally created and is probably better quality," he points out.
They say some of the inventory was removed from the stores after recently setting them up differently to keep up with trends. It's great that iStock offers literally millions of images to choose from – but the immense variety can seem overwhelming. Start with the obviousLet's imagine you're creating a marketing brochure for an eco-tourism company. If so, it's time to start expanding your range of keywords to better convey your marketing message.02.
Decide your messageOf course, to do that, the first thing you need to settle on is what that message actually is.Do you want to stress adventure and excitement, or a sense of calm and peacefulness? For example, "travel + backpack + rainforest":Woman with backpack on suspension bridge in rainforest by Fred FroeseBut maybe you want shots without people? Just click the 'No people' box in the left-hand of the screen, to get back human-free shots like this:Tropical rainforest in sunlight by Baona04.
Keep narrowing your searchThat's only the start, of course: there are many ways to narrow down your search further. For instance, as well as the subject, try thinking of the style of image you're looking for, and adding in appropriate keywords. Simply scroll down to the bottom of each image and check out the keywords the photographer has added to it. Chances are, they'll have thought of keywords you haven't considered.You can refine your searches further by checking out the different tick boxes along the side of the page. For example, you can select image by shape (Landscape, Portrait or Square), and there's a handy colour wheel that can help you return images that will fit within your preferred colour scheme.Use the colour wheel to hone your searches05. Keep an open mindWhile we've outlined several ways to hone your searches, don't discount the value of serendipity.
In our increasingly photographed world, looking for a stock image can sometimes be an inspirational journey of discovery."Sign up today!There are millions of images to choose from in iStock's library, which can seem daunting.
But following all these tips, and using the site's brilliant search customisation, will help you find the perfect asset for your marketing material, quickly and easily.

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