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If you start noticing a few more messages in your Facebook inbox in the coming weeks from people you don't know, here's why. Facebook announced Thursday that it is testing a new option to charge users a one-time fee of $1 to send a message to another user's inbox on the network who they aren't friends with. Currently, if you send a Facebook message to someone you're not connected to, it may end up in the Other tab, an oft-overlooked subsection of the inbox that basically serves as a spam folder, depending on whether you have mutual connections.
A Facebook rep told Mashable that users will have the option to mark the incoming message as spam and move it to the Other tab, which means the sender will be unable to reach their inbox afterwards.
Facebook is billing the change as an attempt to crack down on spam by seeing if "imposing a financial cost on the sender" serves as a deterrent to sending unwanted messages. For Facebook, the move appears to be a thinly veiled attempt at testing out a potential new revenue source.
The new pay-to-message option was announced as part of a larger set of changes to Facebook Messages, including new filtering options to determine whether you mostly see messages from friends or from friends and related contacts you may know. Marvel seems to have balked at Wright's original vision, which made Ant-Man into a criminal.
Well, the thing is that what we want to do, the idea that we have for the adaptation is to actually involve both. I talked to Kevin Feige about that a while back where we just discussed about whether he would be in The Avengers.
As late as 2013, he insisted that Ant-Man would be a standalone film with no connection to the MCU.
With Wright gone, that probably means Marvel is free to pursue their vision instead of his.
If you enjoyed this, then please use the buttons below to tell your friends about this post! Is Marvel killing the Fantastic Four comic books to stop promoting 20th Century Fox movies? We know an Avatar Land is in the works for Walt Disney World’s Animal Kingdom and now Cameron is teaming up with Cirque du Soleil to create a live-action, touring show based on the film. Given his history with The Flash, Andrew [Kreisberg], Geoff [Johns] and I could only think of one person we wanted to play Barry's father and that was John Wesley Shipp," Flash executive producer Greg Berlanti said in a statement. LeVar Burton blew the internet away yesterday when he published a Kickstarter for a relaunched Reading Rainbow. Official Synopsis: From the Golden Age of the comic book era comes an unrivalled collection of terrifying tales that thrilled readers and appalled a nation!
Available from Titan books, this 320 page hardcover reminds us that the dynamic duo of Simon and Kirby dominated comics on all levels. When George Lucas created Star Wars, he famously borrowed elements from 1940's sci-fi movie serials like Flash Gordon.
Come back next week for the bi-weekly caption contest and comes back in two weeks for the next poll. Isabelle Turner from Printerinks created this expansive chart of books that forecast the future.
How They Did It: Even though it looks like the two scenes were shot overnight, they weren't. The Shot: In one scene, Jared Leto's character approaches a mirror, and the camera zooms in. The Shot: In the dressing room, we see the girls talking in the mirror as they make themselves up.
The Shot: In this scene, the Terminator watches in a mirror as Linda Hamilton's character opens his head and removes delicate circuitry. The Shot: We see the young Jodie Foster character running up the stairs to the bathroom mirror, where she opens it and gets a medicine bottle, all in one smooth shot. The Suburban Jungle - Jenny from the Blog is like comedy crack, but more addictive and less wack. Oh, right, you have a life and you’re busy.  What, you work, you have kids, and they have busy lives too?
Yes, we can cut back on carbs and get in what exercise we can, but this is no small undertaking and I find it pretty discouraging when articles treat major alterations in our daily lives like they’re simple equations and can be casually manipulated at whim.  So, with that in mind, here are some ideas I have about Taming your Tummy.  But before we start, let’s put down the Bear Claw, shall we? To make matters worse, I’m a tank top addict and this whole, “I may take flight” feeling every time I wave, is making me search for a TTA (tank tops anonymous) meeting. Though exercise isn’t hugely effective for spot training, it can tone you up a bit and a bit is better than a droopy pit.
If that fails (the toning, not the pillow) you can determine if you want to take further steps in reducing jiggle (those steps are listed here: Wave Bye-Bye to Bye-Bye Arms). Dips are another highly effective exercise that you can do without purchasing a thing (assuming you already own a chair). Also found to be highly beneficial, kickbacks will require weights (or a variation with bands or as I like to use when in need two full bottles of water). The exercises that people commonly do to tone triceps that were not found to be very effective: Triceps Extensions, Triceps Presses, and Rope Pulls!  I’m not gonna teach you how to do those. Raise your arms parallel to the ground and sweep them around like a windmill 25 times forward and then 25 times backwards. Raise your arms to shoulder level bend your elbows at 90 degrees and pretend you’re on a float in a parade. Work these into your routine for a period longer than a week or two and see what kind of residual flab, sag, and jiggle is left over … and buy a sleeveless shirt (you deserve it). This entry was posted in parenting and tagged batwing arms, bye bye arm, triceps workouts, underarm flab on January 26, 2016 by Jenny from the blog. So, you’d like to rub fecal matter of ferrets mixed with the mucus of goldfish on my face? Yes, in this, the second installment of my new “Gen Xers Who Hate the Effects of Aging Series”  I ask if we are bat shit crazy enough to consider disgusting spa treatments like putting bat shit on our faces???
Where: Thailand, Japan … in the US EscarGlow facial (microneedling snail combo) is offered at plastic surgeon Dr. This entry was posted in parenting and tagged bird poop facial, demi moore, disgusting, flesh eating fish, foreskin facial, gail naughton, garra rufa, geisha facial, hydrafacial, leech therapy, pedicure, services, snail slime facial, spa treatments, uguiso no fun on January 11, 2016 by Jenny from the blog.
Lately, I’ve been fascinated by what we Gen Xers are doing to look and feel the way we did when we tied our first flannel button down around our shredded hole ridden Levis. Here’s why I’m kinda obsessed with chemical peels: they’re an alternative to lasers, offer a range of potency and effects and they’re a great place to start. What chemical peels do: Slough off dead skin cells, diminish fine lines, freckles and sun spots, smooth skin texture and help correct skin damage caused by aging, hormones and sun exposure. Tips: Use a daily moisturizer and sunscreen to keep skin moist, help it heal faster and avoid sun damage to the fresh layer of skin, which will be exposed. If you know anyone who looks old or is like me and obsessed with not looking that way please feel free to share this with them. This entry was posted in anti-aging, Gen X, Generation X, how to and tagged aging, alicylic acid, anti-aging, chemical peel, enzyme peels, gen x, generation x, glycolic acid, jessner's peel, lactic acid, light chemical peels, mandelic acid, mandelic acid peels on December 3, 2015 by Jenny from the blog.

Growing up a Gen X ‘er, I can distinctly recall being allowed to do all kinds of things we would find crazy today. This entry was posted in parenting and tagged husbands can't live with em, Jenny from the blog, men are stubborn men are difficult, mom blog, parenting, relationship humor, the suburban jungle.
This entry was posted in parenting and tagged 70s, 80s, gen x, growing up, then and now on July 15, 2014 by Jenny from the blog.
4.  You have some sort of stain on your clothing that you would literally have to taste to place.  What is that latte or spit up? This entry was posted in parenting and tagged columnist, funny things kids do, humor, influencer, Jenny from the blog, mom blog, mommisms, parent if, spokesperson, the suburban jungle, you know you're a mom if on August 7, 2013 by Jenny from the blog.
I was never an incredibly punctual person, but but becoming a parent has put a whole new spin on my excuses for being late to meetings, school drop off, parties and appointments. This entry was posted in parenting and tagged being late, excuses, funny, humor, Jenny from the blog, lame, list, missed appointment, moms are late, parenting, parenting issues, questions answered, reasons, the suburban jungle, top 10, why on June 10, 2013 by Jenny from the blog. Whatever the purpose, the consensus seems to be that your face will be way awesomer when without them. It allows other products to penetrate the skin more easily to ensure they go deeper and may be good to do before a chemical peel or laser treatment. It’s great for people who are sensitive to the chemicals in peels or get broken capillaries from exfoliants (or if you’re pregnant or breastfeeding). Dermaplaning is similar to, but usually more effective than dermabrasion, with the added bonus of removing facial fuzz and no need for abrasives. With the new option, however, you would be able to pay a premium to ensure that the message ends up in the main inbox where it's likely to be seen by the recipient. However, if the recipient doesn't take any action, the sender will be able to continue messaging that user's inbox an unlimited number of times after paying the one-time fee.
Yet, it seems just as likely that it could lead to an increase spam, as anyone from a marketer to your ex-girlfriend could potentially use the option to flood your inbox with unwanted messages.
LinkedIn offers a similar option, which lets users with premium accounts message those outside their network.
Powered by its own proprietary technology, Mashable is the go-to source for tech, digital culture and entertainment content for its dedicated and influential audience around the globe. He's been attached as a director and screenwriter for the movie since he began developing it in 2003, but suddenly announced he was leaving the movie last week.
Most fans of the superhero are familiar with Hank Pym, the troubled but genius scientist who developed the technology for and became Ant-Man.
We've come a long way since Tony Stark first appeared as an alcoholic philanderer in Iron Man.
When he originally started developing the treatment, it was before the success of Iron Man and the rest of the MCU. That's definitely not what Marvel wants with its now standard formula of including references to prior films, cameos from other superheroes, and post-credits teases to other movies.
That means more cameos, and the whole thief aspect will be either played down or could go out the window. Bryan Singer returns to the franchise and creates a massive and multi-leveled film that is so enjoyable you can forgive both X-Men 3 and X-Men Origins: Wolverine. For the first time, all of the stories written and drawn by Joe Simon and Jack Kirby themselves, as well as a selection of rarely seen collaborations, are collected in one huge hardcover edition. While this book of "true life" horror stories has some hokey turns, it's gripping, thrilling and gorgeous.
With so many elements from that era, it made sense for illustrator Russell Walks to design posters based on World War II-era propaganda. Not only did it break new ground in the genre, but it introduced the Western world to foreign animation like never before. With the help of an Indiegogo campaign, a small team of fans produced their own take on what a live-action Akira trailer would look like. But after he's bitten by a genetically engineered spider, he looks in the mirror and discovers he's bursting with muscles.
He then walks away from the mirror and the camera follows him through the glass on the other side. The first shot is of Leto crossing the room and approaching the "mirror." In reality, the mirror was blank, a green screen. The camera pans around the table,and passes through one of the mirrors, where we see them talking to their reflections from the other side. They're sitting in front of empty frames instead of mirrors, copying the movements of the actresses on the other side. I’ve just told you everything weight loss secret you’ll need to get skinny and svelte. Even if your friends think you look like a cross between Where’s Waldo and Richard Lewis, the results will be slimming and if the stripes are tight enough, possibly disorienting. Look, there aren’t that many purple foods, so short of barbecuing Barney, I think this is fool proof. That said, these are the top 3 exercises to tone up your triceps according to a study that used EMG (electromagnetic) electrodes to access which movements had the highest muscle response (Therefore, most effective).
You can be on your knees or toes but the key is to make a diamond or triangle shape with your hands — where your first fingers and thumbs come together directly beneath your chest.
Sit on the edge of said chair or bench with your legs extended  (or knees bent at 90 degrees — based on comfort and strength). While standing and holding a weight in each hand, bend your knees slightly and your torso at the waist to face the ground.
Wave as fast as you can for a minute without moving your arms (only palms turning back and forth). I’ve compiled lists of the most popular procedures both surgical and non-surgical and now I’m on a peel kick. I’m focusing on light peels because they’re quick (can get some otc, at a spa or doctors office) easy on the skin, have some nice effects and leave your skin looking tighter, brighter and refreshed. They come in multiple grades and will give you more noticeable results than the other light peels. They can get a bit deeper than AHA peels and are often used on oily skin to help with breakouts. The strongest of the light peels, they can be extremely drying and not good for those with sensitive skin.
Yes, I assume the person before me at every restaurant, arcade, amusement park, and grocery store shopping cart has picked their nose and wiped it somewhere within reach. After talking to a few friends about poultry, my worst phobia, I realize that I’m a member of a very large crowd. Yuk stickers (which were basically like yellow happy face stickers that had just thrown up) to put on anything that was toxic: chemicals, cleaning supplies, etc. I checked cabinets that I’d never even thought to open before, climbed on the sinks to get to all the medicines.

Thinking the middle seat in the front was the best seat because you could get crushed into the dashboard … I mean, because you got to control the five radio stations. My son decided to wrestle with the dog rather than simply walk out the door, so we had to roll off the fur, but I couldn’t find the lint roller, so I had to fashion one from masking tape and MacGyver it off.
So, in case you don’t know what dermaplaning is, I’ll tell you: It’s a medical exfoliation process where the outermost layers and dead skin cells are (shaved) removed from your face — which includes the peach fuzz hairs we all have. Like to catch deadly skin eating bacteria before they reach your skin or to make fun of the small hairs on your upper-lip that are never as light. You should make sure that someone is highly trained and doesn’t have any grudges against you (that’s a tip). Facebook has tried to monetize anything and everything on the site, recently announcing an option for average users to pay $7 to promote a post on the social network so that more people see it.
Details are sketchy, but what no one is denying is that Wright left Ant-Man because of "creative differences." That means the script. When Avengers was announced, many expressed surprise Ant-Man wasn't in it, since he's been a core member in the comics.
And my film is very much an introduction to that character, and so it wasn't something where it felt right to introduce him in that film. Latino-Review also mentioned the need to "include franchise characters" as another issue Wright balked at.
Also, personally, it was just wonderful to work with him again since my days at Dawson's Creek. He brings out the best performance out of old and new actors to the series and every character hits you in the gut with an emotional punch. Fans have long-awaited a live-action adaptation, and excitement grew when Warner Bros announced their production. After that, they shot other scenes while Tobey Maguire worked out for six months doing weight training and martial arts. In the foreground, they had an animatronic head of Arnold Schwarzenegger with Linda's twin sister (yes, she has one) copying her. Watch this video to see what the X-Men would be like if they were adorable balls of fur instead of men and women in their forties.
Oh, and when it does work, see how many friends jump aboard the “PURPLE PLAN,” look out Atkins… and Barney. Sure, helping the non stomach virus sick people could make you feel good, but ask yourself an important questions: How much time do you really have to help the sick people that WON’T help you lose weight?
Keep your body aligned, inhale and lower as close to the ground as you can get and with your core tight. With your hands gripping the chair on both sides of your body, lower your upper body off the chair and towards the ground until your arms are bent at a 90 degree angle (while inhaling). Your arms should be tucked to your sides with your elbows bent at 90 degrees, then extend your arm backwards until they’re straight but not locked (on the exhale).
Yes, like most Gen Xers I spent the 80s peeling layers of sun-burnt skin from my nose, shoulders and chest and here I am again looking to peel off the dead skin — minus the need for Solarcaine. Then when any redness is tamed and the results are completely apparent those same people will notice how amazing you look and resent you even more. No cell phones, or tracking devices on our backpacks or implanted in our brains (do they have that yet?).
Yes, I’ve experienced the catch 22 where I want all tables wiped down before I’m seated, but have also convinced myself that the germs spread from those over used rags are far worse than the left over food residue that currently contaminates the space. You know the ones that every once in a while catch the light the right way in a mirror and make you feel like some weird albino sasquatch?
Wright's hero would be Scott Lang (played by Paul Rudd), a thief who stole the technology from Pym and adopted the persona of Ant-Man.
Maybe if I do the solo Ant-Man film and maybe there’s a later Avengers then they could draft him in later.
My guess is Wright didn't want Ant-Man walking through a bar and running into Bruce Banner. What’s cooler about it than anything is maybe it opens the door to more movie themed Cirque shows. After all, there are tons of fan-made Wonder Woman costume designs that could be spectacular onscreen.
It's one of those rare ensemble films that manages to allow you to connect with all the characters on some level. Here are five scenes in sci-fi movies that looked good, and were surprisingly complex in the production.
Once they swing through a false wall to the other side, the mirrors are replaced and become real.
By carefully choreographing their movements, it looked like we saw a mirror and the reflection of the Terminator getting his head examined. Then exhale and lift your body back up to chair height using your triceps (don’t let your elbows flair out and make sure to extend your arms until the elbows are straight, but not locked).
Hold the extension for of a couple seconds and then bend your arms back down on the inhale.
To really add a sting, clap your hands when you raise them, while keeping your elbows and wrists together at chest height. I slapped the stickers on all my new found poisons and added one to the vegetable crisper, for good measure. But it didn't work with the kind of the angle that we were going to do with the origin that I'd written. It has a wonderful theme of redemption as every character from Wolverine to Mystique is searching to redeem themselves of past mistakes. Oh, and in case you're wondering, the glasses you see going up and down are a gigantic lens they moved in front of the camera.
Currently, in parts of Asia, snail therapy involves snails being placed on the face and allowed to “slime” you as mosey around your mug.
He rescued the doctor and was relieved when Sondheim was able to save his beloved Cassie's life.
The standout scene is the Quicksilver one which is shows him taking out a room of guards while moving at high-speed and is the most visually stunning scene in the series. By superimposing the second shot on the mirror, the camera seems to go through the looking glass.

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