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Determining your product’s Manufacture Date: To help you determine the manufacture date of your product, below are several examples of the different manufacture date formats we have shown on product stickers in the past. Everything we do here at Graco is inspired by you so please take a moment to help guide us by providing your suggestions for improvement or feedback.
Originally Posted by RavenAvi Wildon my friend, looks like Hyundai has reverted back to it's 17-character VIN numbers, from the 19-character VINs in recent times.
The L seems to suggest it's a November 2013 manufactured car (Vento TSI), while model year is 2014.

Originally Posted by StarScream Wildon, I'm confused by this one from VW - WVWL14600ET049642. Based on your inputs i have asked SA for 19 digit number however he seems not aware of such a long number. For help locating your model number or date of manufacture, see box at right.For information on the Harness Buckle Recall, click here. I know for a fact that it only arrived at the dealership last week, so it isn't an old car in that sense.

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